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Stand outside the homepage with a sign saying “I’ll give you a hand-job if you read my fiction”

On a more serious note.  Probably the best ways are the old standbys

1) update your fiction frequently 
2) have a good cover, have an interesting synopsis
3) proofread your work 

You can also 

4) offer to swap reviews in the forum
5) make a lot of posts or wite good reviews that people might like hoping that readers follow your posts back to your work
6) mention your fiction in places outside of Royalroadl

The most important way to promote your fiction though

7) Write something worth reading

Re: Best way to promote your story?

Leverage social media to your advantage. In a way, you're not really promoting your story but creating a brand centered around yourself - or at least a relatable persona you've created. With that persona: Go out there. Interact with people. The possibilities are endless. Do as obran wrote and swap reviews (especially early on, they've got a lot of impact), talk to people and have something important to say.

You can also cross-link your content. Don't limit yourself to one website. If you write short stories, share them with people and link to RR - and back. Maybe you enjoy video essays about topics, post them on youtube, then link back here. Could be you like paintings, cross-link them. You get the idea. One option a reader pointed out to me was to use the various top lists. Just be aware they take a lot of time to get your story on there.

Oh and be aware that websites will crawl your cover/story/tags etc. I made the mistake of having a meh synopsis at first with a mediocre cover. Now that cover is forever burned into dozens of crawling sites while the new and improved goes unnoticed.

Last but not least, if you want the nuclear option you grab money and pay for it. Could be a twitch streamer as Durrendal wrote - it's actually an option. Even more so if your hero has a voluptuous harem of girls falling for them at every corner, like this, you're directly talking to your target audience. In that genre case, you really want to go for the CAS (cloth adjustment streamers).
Oh well, put up ads? Maybe on Reddit for a writing community or in unrelated places and watch the hatred seep through.

But really: Become a brand. Feed that brand any way you can. Having a good conduct and a good story can help, but that only carries you so far. 

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Also be aware that people will still try to read your fiction even if you don’t want them to.  When I first started my current project I actively tried to keep people away.  My title was “Standard Reincarnation Story” I had no cover and my synopsis read “This is nor a harem or juvenike masturbatory power fantasy where the main Character is overpowered and never suffers any setback.  If you want that kind of work please fuck off.”  I got a lot of driveby .5’s but somehow also made it to the trending fiction anyway

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Radagast Wrote: Best way to promote your stories is to leave this site and post it on webnovel. Let's be honest RR still hasn't even release a mobile app and all the other sites have on lol talk about old school.

I don't see this as an apt argument for promoting content.

We already have an app in the works, and have had for a while. Development does take time, and we're working on providing the level of user experience that is expected of us.

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Lol, some funny comments.  ^_^7 I've only been on RR for about 16 days now, but from what I've seen, constant uploads and a decent story does a good job.  You need to hit all the categories.  In addition, here are some steps to consider:

1:  A reader will normally look at the first three paragraphs to see if it's worth their time (setting is important to catch the glint in someone's eye).

2:  A reader will then go through a chapter and there needs to be a hook, bite-sized and full of protein!  They have to connect or latch onto something.  For my book, A Tail's Misfortune, it's bullying, depression, and desperation.

3:  Once a reader bites onto the hook, you have to lead them, guide them.  You can't let the line snap, you have to lure them in for the sinker in the 3rd chapter.

4:  Sinking them in, immerse the reader in the lives/world you've created.  I enjoy character-driven stories, but everyone has a preference.  Everything should be built toward the sinker because if you can sink them here, they'll likely continue on, they've committed (the majority of people, there are always exceptions).  Unless you really mess up then usually it's chill.

5:  Look up the Conflict Cycle and learn to use it regularly.  You need to build the tension, ripen your audience up for the climax and fall, before bringing them back up again!  Know what you want to create, develop a framework of your universe and stick with it!  Don't try to break your own rules ... unless that is the goal of the entire novel and usually they need to be written well to catch on!

I  hope I offered some helpful advice.  ^_^7  Happy writing!
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