Re: Assistance required for productivity, basically a collab or a good editor

I was once an editor for the story Those Who Aspired to Become Gods, if any of you guys were wondering. VanZans still hasn't contacted me despite the months.

During his silence, I am writing a story, a very original one with some concepts in a fantasy world.

The story is called The Story of Life and Death.

It is about a boy who just died from a heart attack who just became one of many victims of a mass hero summoning to another world, his spirit summoned and reincarnated as a powerful dragon.

But, the body he occupies was caged and under transport, while his body’s kidnappers were under attack by assassins.

Escaping the conflict, he came into contact with a ancient, but unique undead that took him in and prepared him for the world.

From there, the story begins.

What do you guys think? Anyone wanna give it a try? 

Mostly I am posting this since the last guy that wrote with me required leave to finish his IRL obligations. In short, I want to write a story with someone, mostly because I find it fun and less stressful. Anyone game?