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I have dozens of ideas I will most likely never get off the ground if you're interested. Here's a couple off the top of my head:
1. MC gets reincarnated/transported to another world, where he is blessed with an incredible aptitude for... healing magic. At first, it seems kind of lame, but he later discovers that he can not only heal, but manipulate physical abilities/appearances/etc. He is able to use this power to enhance his own body, or (if you want some kind of antihero MC) completely destroy his enemies from the inside out.
2. The story begins (if you want) with an orphanage being shut down for "unethical experimentation" on it's residents. One of these is the MC, a dark, brooding character with the ability that is greaty coveted by man of this world: immortality. He never gets older, he never dies from his wounds, or feels the fear that humans live with daily, however, he views this as a curse, rather than a gift. He is not the only one with abilities, in fact, just about all the other children have some kind of mutation, or enhancement, but none that come close to his caliber. Once people start hearing about him from the other children, he becomes wanted, and has to hide to keep away from a fate worse than death. (I haven't really put much thought into that one, but you get the idea)
3. In a world of superheroes and supervillains, where the world is saved from destruction on a daily basis, one must wonder, how does this never end poorly? Never has a villain successfully outwitted the hero, no matter the villain's capability, or the hero's naivety, so what is influencing these outcomes? Fate? Destiny? God? No, it's actually a lot simpler than that. Leaders want more control, so they create a fake threat, then snuff it out, projecting the message that they are the only ones capable of keeping you safe from the terrifying world outside. But, if the battles are staged, what would happen if something bad happened to one of the off-duty heroes? Of course, the government can't have that, so they hire the MC, a bodyguard for superheroes with abilities far surpassing those of the overrated puppets around him.
Just a couple of suggestions, hope it helps!

Re: Ideas For Novels

Here's three free ideas cuz I have way too many:

A grim-dark sci-fantasy story where the MC is in one of the last communities of humans in the world. (Ie, where magical stuff exists, but science and the world are at futuristic levels.) And they gradually die out.

A mystery fantasy story where it's otherwise contemporary, but whenever the MC sleeps, they start being sent to a dream-realm where they have to race time solving puzzles or get trapped in a coma forever.

A fluffy fantasy story where the MC has only one goal - peace and quiet. And actually achieves it, hiding their abilities well enough to not be forced into random events and taking up a non-fighting job and a family as they watch the craziness of the world from the peaceful town they inhabit.

Re: Ideas For Novels

Okay you can have a few. I've got hundreds in my dropbox folder anyway lol. Most are just lines but some are more fleshed out and brain-stormed. I will often just write down random stray thoughts and save them. Sometimes also phrases or word-plays that come to mind. If you want to use any of this for a story, be my guest. I'd love to seem them actualized as stories.


Line: Romance, chasing a dead girl made of uploaded code through various game worlds.


Line: Guy from fantasy world reincarnates in real world.

5 min brainstorm: Child in the forest of giants (jungle maybe)

Rimworld inspired survival.
Slowly growing stronger, better at magic and other things.
Eats giant magic monster meat to strengthen body.
Poisonous plants as food too to develop immunity?

Base building?
low awkward social skills.
Research magic instead of tech.
Giant insects? Giant mushrooms?
insect jelly?
slowly mutate?
Encounter civilization slowly, shyly observe maybe meet students from a remote magic academy on the outskirts of jungle.


The last one doesn't have a central throughline or anything. It just started as 'hey this is cool' and I brainstormed a few ideas of what could happen in a story, so it serves as an example of something different.  it is also an unfinished idea but perhaps with 20 min put into it instead of 5.

The line is only Fantasy Magic assassin?

And this is in the brainstorm doc.

*Boy picked up by old lady, maybe nursed back to health after wound or sickness or smth, maybe after being attacked. Make boy special somehow, maybe an ancient very strange rare species of elf??? Something that catches the old lady archmage's attention. Some immortally longlived race, primordial or rare mutation.

*Old lady poses as apothecary, healer, alchemist, bandage village wisewoman but used to be an archmage. She had to leave her position because a young man accused her of raping him. No proof was presented, and she was acquitted in the end, but with her reputation tarnished she could no longer stand at the head of the country as its representative archmage.

*Old lady starts teaching him to read, write and help in the lab to mix potions and salves, pick herbs and stuff. He goes on house visits in her place once he gets good enough to heal, apply salve bandage set a cast for broken arm etc.

*One day he see's a soldier with a sword and is fascinated? Wants to learn swords.

*Old lady takes him out in her back yard and starts teaching him magic slowly but surely. She says he has to learn magic and once she judges him ready, she will acquiesce to sending him to 'knight' school in the big city.

*Old lady secretly teaches him everything she knows and makes him an insanely overpowered mage prodigy. His talent for magic is very high, and his mana pool is nearly endless due to her secretly developed ascetic training methods, some of which require two people? Perhaps he has to drink various dangerous potions that would kill normal people, suffering, fevers, and weakness. Nosebleeds? Fainting? Also drinks poisons to build resistances. Small doses of special anti magic, mana blocking potion drink all the time as part of his training to expand his mana pool and make him immune? Sort of like the mana restriction/sucking ring in the eva apprentice story.

*Add some childhood friend(s) in the village. Girls and boys and maybe older girls boys too like teenagers who go to knight school when he is still a child?

*In any case, boy is trained in secret for many years and maybe around 13 he goes to city to enroll in a prestigious school for the uber rich and nobles. He is allowed because of the old lady's connections and money. Typical bullying at school, looked down on as country bumpkin, ignorance about every day things and social norms leading to certain situations like a meeting with a girl who he offends or something. Also maybe a challenge to a duel from a noble who seeks to humiliate him? Or something. Possibility for many small conflicts.

*Meanwhile, struggle in the shadows due to him being the old lady's heir and powerful prodigy. Corrupt system and top, conflicts pertaining to that arising in teh shadows and affecting his school life? They want to rope him into their mage organization and they are willing to use any means necessary? Kidnap friends?, threaten to kill friends?

*Young teacher from magic academy in trouble, looked down on by noble students, about to be hustled into an alley for rape. MC appears and helps her without knowing she is a magic teacher and they are noble magic students of a high level. (Later goes to the school and finds out these are some of his upperclassmen?), happens when he first arrives in big city maybe. Is treated to a meal by the young female magic teacher.

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