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I have started writing a novel that is set in a cultivation universe. My character is female and she was born in England, she dies and is reincarnated with a system in a world resembling an ancient era china, however, as the realms ascend, the technology used in those realms improved. An example is that the Heavenly Realm has 145245264k Television screens.

I am currently writing the first few chapters and my character has started cultivating, what would you recommend using to show of how much force her casual and serious punches could do?

Newtons, Kilograms, Pounds or Chinese Jins? Or just make one up like Library of Heavens Path and go with 'Dings'.

I've also asked this question on other sites and may tally it up.

Re: What to use for attacking force? N, Kg, Lb and Jin's

You're not going to like the answer: It depends on the story. In some stories it works better to not mention exact numbers, just set a baseline and then compare it to that. Have her throw a few punches against some inanimate object. First, show what happens when is casual about it and then give an over the top example of her at full strength. You can then use it as a baseline for further combats and you can also adapt it as the cultivation story goes on. Personally, that's my favorite option. 

Other than that: Go with in universe units first, if you use a LITRPG system you can also have both. Take in-universe and then give a translation for the main character. Keep in mind that a 1000 kilo punch is a rather abstract concept to grasp. But yeah, first pick: Don't use any units, write the effect and set a baseline. Second pick: In-Universe and if need must, supply an origin universe translation.

Re: What to use for attacking force? N, Kg, Lb and Jin's

Thanks for the suggestion Felias.

After reading your reply and thinking about it more, I'm deciding to go with a basic 'Ding' system. 1000 Newtons of force equals 1 Ding of strength. 2500 Newtons is the force of an average boxer's swing. 5000 Newtons is the force of heavyweight boxers and their serious punches. In this case a heavyweight boxer would have 5 Dings of force. I'm probably going to use this Ding system quite heavily in the first few arc's but when it gets into the hundreds and the thousands of Dings, it is going to get harder to calculate whether or not her punch will destroy what she hits, or if she will deal damage and etc. So I'll probably just guess and use it as a rough guide later, purely to show the differences between characters and how much she roughly improves with each cultivation realm and power up. A bit like comparing status pages of LitRPG characters, "Lily has 100 Dings of strength, while her opponent has 120 Dings, this battle will be a hard battle!"

Re: What to use for attacking force? N, Kg, Lb and Jin's

I wouldn't use any of them personally. I have seen these in Chinese novels that they use a specific number for everything. 5000miles, 74 hours etc etc. The problem I have with that it doesn't quite really capture actual experience. For example, a person can display different amounts of force at different times. Someone who has produced 120 "Dings", might be producing much less depending on situation and position. Peak force canbe exerted only in very specific cases  for biological lifeforms and it disregards battle.

Then, since most of these take place in an alternate dimension... with several fundamental differences in physics like presence of magic/Qi/etc, the physical constants will be different. 100KMS will be very different when the speed of light is different in both dimensions.

For some reason...numbers feel very unexciting to me. Doesn't evoke emotions, doesn't leave space for ambiguity.

Of course, this is entirely personal opinion. I wish you luck in which ever way you want to write.

Re: What to use for attacking force? N, Kg, Lb and Jin's

Joules, a measurement of energy.

Netwons is force , kilogram is mass, pounds is weight along with jin.

You need to use Joules to encapsulate the amount of energy that is contained and from there appropriate application can be had to apply the energy to the scenario of its use.

Plus with proper calculation, one can figure out how many Big Macs of energy it takes to perform a particular spell.

One goofy example I did:
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