Re: Bored Reader/Writer Looking to Proofread

Title says it all. I have too much free time and I love RR and the people who write here so I want to give back.

I don't have much written on the site (blame poor planning and emotional issues) but I left up what I did write. So, you can see samples of my technical skills. I'm particularly good at catching tense errors, passive voice (when not wanted), and homonyms as well as proper use of quotations and commas.

I can't help much with tables, unfortunately. The way RR implements them is frustrating.

I'm available all days of the week though not usually between 8:00-15:00 GMT.

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Re: Bored Reader/Writer Looking to Proofread

Could you check out my novel please I'm very new to writing but my story has gotten a lot of good feedback from viewers with 55 followers, 10 ratings with each being above 4 stars, and 1000 views in only 3 chapters but I would like to improve on what I have and create a solid foundation for my work.
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