Re: I'm rating and recommending your stories

Name of the novel: Metalfield 
Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy 

Brief summary: The peaceful Earth was suddenly invaded by unknown creatures. There was no salvation; human weapons doesn't work on them. Electricity died, society regressed-- the world completely changed. A twin, living in the middle of the woods, detached from the world, encounters these creatures. Watch as they uncover the mysteries hidden in this invasion.  

This is a story complete with action, adventure, mystery, and a little bit of romance. 

Here is the link. 

Re: I'm rating and recommending your stories

ok here's the plot!

Utopia The First Journey and The Awakening Volume 1: Green

The heroes legend was a story that was long forgotten, it held the very truth of how our world, along with the realms of many others came to be, and the sacrifice it took to create them. The legend was lost among the memories of man until a village girl named Mayu awakened the secret hidden within her home, the secrets of the legend are unlocked and her life is thrown into a new world. A great curse is awoken and all of the Six Realms of Utopia are threatened. What will she do? Who will she become?

Re: I'm rating and recommending your stories

You seem bored. Have five stories.

Shared Universe (outside of Rehammer) and The Earth Daughter is...pretty bad. First novel I ever wrote and a frankenstien stitching of 14 year old me who had to cramp everyone she ever knew into the book to show how much she cared, and 20 year old me trying to salvage something from it.