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Hey, so I'm a university editing student. I'm looking for some experience/project material for my editing class. I am willing to edit your story for free, but I can only guarantee ten pages worth of editing (2,500 words). Any more than that will be just a bonus, so I can't really say for now if I'll actually end up doing more. This will be in-depth editing (substantive) and not just proofreading or copy editing. 

My preferences: someone who is willing to take a lot of constructive criticism, is polite, and is excited about their work. I am not willing to edit anything mature or with excessive language. Preference may go to non-native English speakers because I want to get a feel for editing for translations. 

If you're interested, PM me. 

Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this. 

Re: Free editor here

Hey there. Are you still willing to edit writings for free? I'm a beginer, a very very inexperienced writing enthusiast. I got into writing in the randomest way possible, but now I'm so hooked on it i wanna improve so bad. If you have the time or the kindness to spare, please help me out with my novel. I would be extremely grateful if you agree to take a look at my work. Please reply if you are interested. Thanks a lot. 
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