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Divinity series, has an abundance of RP elements, non-linear campaign, and a very tactical combat system that requires you to plan beforehand. You can even play with a friend (I play couch co-op with only one copy of the game, but you can also play it over the internet with two copies)
Haven't played the second one, but I've heard you could play it with up to four players.

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Well, most of the turn-based RPGs are oldschool as hell. Lucky you, I'm an oldschool wiz.

If you haven't played Chrono Trigger yet, I will have to smack you. Chrono Cross is good as well, but gets a bad rap since it's a "good" game that was meant to be a sequel to "arguably the most perfect RPG ever made"... so, y'know, temper expectations for Cross.

Most of the SaGa games.

Dragon Warrior/Quest (depending on side of the ocean you're on) series.

Umm... Radiant Historia is something of a blended system, but mostly fits. Also relatively recent and amazing. The only time-travel game other than Trigger that's any good.

Septera Core if you can tolerate a lot of fundamental gameplay flaws and are a bit desperate. I actually loved the character design and interactions, but damn were the mechanics a fail.

Legend of Dragoon remains my underdog favorite game.

Speaking of legends... Legend of Legaia... pretty decent game.

Grandia is another great pick.

Suikoden... I hear good things and keep meaning to go back and play those games, never seem to find the time to make it happen...

Ar Tonelico and the peripherals like Nosurge vary in degrees of quality. Ar Tonelico 1 was quite good. 2 was... eh, pretty solid, some definite cringe moments but generally pretty solid. I like to pretend 3 never happened. Amazing music, every last one of them is an orchestral masterpiece.

I think that's a good start. Some of these games are the equals of oldschool Final Fantasy in terms of playable hours, so I'll see you in a few months when you get back.

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The most awesome Dragon Quest Monster Theme I played is Dragon Quest Joker 3 Professional. You can modify everything you want from just breading-monsters. And their AI is so so, which give you 50 percent accurate combo in automatic.

It is sad to be told, their end-game and post-game bosses are so weak. I'd beaten them in automatic. I hope they watch Etrian Odyssey 5, their bosses there will ulti XD with no mercy. :V specially the star devourer, it will throw 16x+ attacks in your team, I think in 30+ accuracy? but most hits can deal 1 hit.

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Hey! What about WOW? A large selection of characters and a variety of classes and options for pumping. You can create several completely different characters and get the maximum level in different ways. Thousands of fans constantly come up with different types of pumping, as well as constant updates from the developers make them change their character again and again. I have been playing WOW for 5 years and I have never been bored, as constant communication and a variety of events help me to constantly enjoy the game. Sometimes I use additional leveling services such as to keep up with my guild while I'm working. I am sure that if you try to play once, you will not be able to stop for a long time.