Re: Looking for stories with viedeogame elements


I'm looking for stories with video game elements like "The Arcane Emperor" or  "Azarinth Healer" 
I also appreciate finished books and stuff i can find on Amazon 

Please only recommend me stuff if the mc is not a white knight saving every pleb he encounters and helping every grandma passing the street, so I want a more selfish/evil mc with lots of plundering/leveling/nice skills and and and :D and pls strong mc!

what I have read so far:

on Quidan:
Reverend Insanity 
Way of the Devil 
The Devils Cage 
Advent of the Archmage
The Strongest System
rest of the stuff on Quidan was too boring/dump(flawed as hell or harem madness)

What I have read on RR:
Arcane Emperor
Azarinth Healer
Idle System
Metaworld Chronicles
The New World
Lia and Lara seek the One Piece

Thank you for your time :)

Re: Looking for stories with viedeogame elements

You want a selfish MC? Someone, who thinks of white knights as self-righteous jerks who thinks of themselves as so good, because they're supposed to be right? Someone who is unpopular by default and is grating to a fault? Someone who uses a game-system just to begin to ask what it even does at the end, while exploring a fantasy world in its... well, dirt? Long traveling times? Erm... food anti-quality?


If not, also not bad, my story has these elements and many more.

Warning, MC is often a jerk. He's so much of a jerk, that even readers starts to hate him. He also might have brainwashing powers as even readers that hated him might become his fans. Second warning. All main characters are flawed. None of them should be left outside. Third warning, story contains a Harem put together by force and explains, why being the only male surrounded by females isn't that great.

Re: Looking for stories with viedeogame elements

My novel has some video game elements, with some power leveling and using terms like 'damage' or something but it's not really that purely video game element, it's a LitRPG actually. So I'm just going to promote my novel here, hahaha

My novel has an Anti-hero MC, that could still be considered evil. Also, he has servants which are non-humans who thinks humans as inferior beings and kills humans without remorse, just to add, the MC himself created the servants. The MC and Servants are Overpowered so yeah... Give it a try if you want.

The link to my novel Dark Lord of Tartarus