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Pencil, Scans and Photoshop/Alternatives, mostly. Going with the basics here.  It's mostly my unwillingness to pay big for what is essentially a map generator (if you're lucky) + brushes.

The same effect can be achieved by going the route of either first handpainting the outlines or using tools like Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator. It's quite powerful and incredibly easy to use. One can customize everything and get a decent worldmap going. You can also use rl guy map generator. That last one is a bit of advanced masochism, however. Second, creative commons brushes can do the same as the mapping software - and usually much more.

I'd also like to mention the /r/mapmaking Wiki on Reddit, it's fairly extensive and lists various software to get started.

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obran Wrote: Profantasy looks impressive though I'm not sure I want to lay down the $300 for it without a few reviews.

Campaign Cartographer from Profantasy is a very good program that has a lot of features designed to help with creating good maps. I own it and I plan to use it for the Maps in a dungeon story that is currently pending approval (haven't done the maps yet because the first map will only happen in chapter 5 or so).

You don't need the full package to use it - several of the add-ons are for very specific cases like creating paper-cutout dioramas on your gaming table or creating people pictures instead of maps.
The base program is enough for overland maps, although most people purchase the add-ons for city maps and dungeon-maps directly to make use of the package bonus for lower prizes.

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obran Wrote: Profantasy looks impressive though I'm not sure I want to lay down the $300 for it without a few reviews.

If you're still interested, I was finally able to use Campaign Cartographer to make the first plans and characters for the story I'm writing here on RR.
So here are some examples of what can be done.

First example is of the Character Artist Addon: the entire creation of the Sky Arrows (12 People) took me about two hours - mostly because I hadn't used the program in years and had to look through the catalogues to decide which clothes to use several times. If you know what you want, a single figure could be clicked together in less than five minutes:

The floormaps for dungeons are especially easy to create with the "Dungeon Designer"-add-on, but filling them with furniture and objects can take time - because there are too many symbols available. The free add-ons from (only usable with one of the supported softwares) add several dozens catalogues with a five-digit number of symbols.
Here is part of the floorplan I made:

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I would suggest using Wonderdraft or Inkarnate. I've got a lot of opinions on both as they can achieve different things.

Wonderdraft  is a one time purchase that is constantly being updated and it's pretty great for achieve a Lord of the Rings/ Game of Thrones style map. However, large maps (over 2000 pixels) can cause a lot of load on your GPU as it takes up a lot of memory. Therefore you need a decent computer in order to even run it.

Inkarnate which I use more is a web-hosted map maker with a ton of pre-made assets that you can use from anywhere so long as you have access to a web browser. The great thing about it is that it's subscription-based so you can pay for it when you want to use it, and cancel it when you done. Plus they are also constantly updating it meaning every time you log in there's probably going to be something new.

Heres an example of something I made with Inkarnate.

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