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I don't mind stories where MC struggles, where world is not sunshine and rainbows, but I'm looking at something that, all in all, has positive feeling, hope and happiness, and MC that has a srong moral core, no matter what setting he finds himself in. For example, I'll say Ciaphas Cain fits my criteria, despite being set in W40K grimdarkness. 

No LitRPG, or at least fiction which doesn't focus on boring level-skill-number progression (The Wandering Inn for example has classes and levels but they're not a defining feature), no harems for the sake of harems, no or minimum sexual content.

If you link anything that may fit but clashes with said preferences, please include a little description. 

Re: Looking for positive, overall happy reading

I don't know if you saw the other thread three or so weeks ago, so I'll repost the replies.

Threadbare (complete)

Fantasia (ongoing)

Half a Step Away From Love (hiatus)

How Do You QA Test a Tsundere Android? (complete)

God Vessel Online (hiatus)

I can vouch for Threadbare (It is a LitRPG though), but I have not read any of the other stories.

I also have a few suggestions:

The Voice of The World (ongoing)

The Good Necromancer (ongoing)

The Daily Grind (ongoing)

There Is No Epic Loot Here, Only Puns (ongoing)
(LitRPG dungeon novel)

Necromancer and CO. (complete)

Paladin (complete)

Sacrifice (complete)
(while not super "happy," the MC has a good heart. It is also one of my favorite short stories)

Re: Looking for positive, overall happy reading

Well, it's a recommendation as old as they come, but: "you can always try one of Andurs fictions" lol

I'm just saying this, because your account is relatively new and you might not have seen it yet. From what I know, all of his fictions have a happy end, well it's always an OP MC, usually not too dark, but with some dark elements here and there. It's enjoyable to read, I'd say they are pretty solid in writing, pacing, characters and all that. Some of his MCs might be a bit of an asshole, but with a sweet centre.
My personal favourite is Law of Shadows:

And I think what fits your description right on is There is no Epic Loot here, only Puns. It's no hidden secret fiction and probably still pretty high up in trending, but very enjoyable to read. Delta, our MC, is made into a dungeon core and should be trying to kill as many humans as possible to get strong and protect the physical core of the dungeon. But her moral compass is as strong as they get, along with her punnyness, so she shakes things up a bit, making for one of the weirdest and probably most entertaining dungeons in the realm.

I should also include my favourite fiction at the moment, The Masks of Under:
It's dark, it's twisted and it is not for mortals, but Lydia is stuck in Under anyways, keeping to her motto of "panic later" and coping like she always does: with humor.
A little backstory: Lydia works as a medical examiner (i.e. doing autopsies) after finishing med school, having also worked as a paramedic, she is not easily shaken, but Under will challenge that. She is both strong and soft, empathetic, but true to herself, not optimistic, but not one to give up either.
I almost feel bad, because I think I might have been spamming this a bit recently...
It does fit the whole enjoyable read (incredible writing, vivid characters) thing, our MC is both realistic and mentally strong, not one to break and throw her morals out of the window. Warnings about gore and sexual content should be taken notice of (most explicit sexual content can be skipped and it is just a few chapters, with warnings at the beginning).

Re: Looking for positive, overall happy reading

Oy! @AndrewIsntCool, QA Test a Tsundere Android is more bitter-sweet at best than a good ending... Not gonna give spoilers, but i'm not sure we read the same thing.

Anyways, @OP, I suggest you try Continue Online by Frustrated Ego. (Completed series & officially published. Recently re-upped on RR).

And here's some more completed works:
IMProvised Combat (NaNoWriMo story)
Trapped the GM (NaNoWriMo story)
Arch INC (Full novel unless it got pulled for publishing. I haven't checked)
The Worst was Approved

I'd recommend more, but it's been a while since I read them and they're probably bitter-sweet rather than have a clear happy ending. Feel free to check them out in my 100+ things to read list linked in my forum signature.

Re: Looking for positive, overall happy reading

Not on royalroad, but on novelupdates. There is a fluffy happy fiction called Nigotta hitomi no lilianne that I adore. If you want overflowing fluffy happiness, check it out. It's by no means a masterpiece, and it's also a translation so the writing quality isn't excellent, but it's like an antidote to negative feelings. Kind of. I don't want to big it up too much either lol, since it has plenty of problems.