Re: Story with System, and Power Levelling (Like the MC, justs shoots up into the realm of OP)

Look no further:

LitRPG fun.  While the main character isn't god tier right off the bat, you will be able to tell that there are abilities he have that others don't. 


Clyde gets thrown into the anime world. He's the Stone, the main character. One day he must defeat the Viper. Until then, he gets to deal with anime tropes, wacky anime situations, so on. Yep there's nothing like random anime girls falling in love with you...over anything. He'd better avoid the Yandre situation... Or what about the girl with the maxed charisma. 

A new humorous LitRPG. Maybe you're familiar with Overlord, Log Horizon, sword art online, Ready Player One, or other works that uses game logic and stats mixed with story telling.