Re: Looking for crafting novels.

 Hey guys looking for some novels that fall into the same category as tec mage and master of all jack of none for those that have not read these they are both heavily crafting based with a combination of professions like alchemy, blacksmithing, leatherworking, tailoring, carpentry and enchanting. Anything with the artificer profession most likely falls under the crafting catagory as well!

 I would prefer a virtual reality mmo novel but transfered / reincarnated (in)to another world works too (no city building or modernization unless it falls under another category as well please)


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Re: Looking for crafting novels.

MrXerios Wrote: All i can think of right now would be dungean heart

Mc is a dungean, and makes it a work of art. Dunno if you'd like it, but it's a damned fine novel

While it is a really good novel, I'm looking more for item crafting of cool new stuff (good example is the alchemists gauntlet from tec mage that was built to directly dispense potions to the user without having to drink them)