Re: Looking for OP female leads

Hi all,

I'm looking for some bad ass female lead driven stories. Three of my favorite stories on here that exemplify my interests are:
Azarinth Healer
Lament of the Fallen
Metaworld chronicals

I highly prefer stories with a lot of pages.

Bonus points:
- Leveling up and litRPG systems
- Character progression/she "gets gud"
- Not too dark

I'm open to books and off site recommendations too, this site just seems to have some of the best of litRPG!


Re: Looking for OP female leads

Hmmmmmm, I have a few female badass/strong/growing strong MCs in my bookmarks, but tbh they don't really fit the criteria. The stories def are driven by them, well, have a look at the synopsis or read the first chapter to see if you like them.

Cery/Cerys (I'm not too sure actually) from Deck of Souls, it has VRMMO litRPG elements. She isn't really OP atm, but she's a champion chosen by the gods, so I'd say it's only a matter of time. It can be a bit dark, but tbh it's really not that bad. Has more lighthearted elements than dark ones, kinda like Azarinth healer, except that there is a male lead and romance is definitely a part of the story.

Sia from Cleaning up the Future is kinda OP, in that she has a nanobot computer (I.e. limitless knowledge, survival and fighting skills and instant wound healing) in an apocalyptic future where (almost) everyone else is just normal and it is kinda light hearted, but it doesn't quite fit the tag OP. Anyways, in case you are interested:

Lydia from The masks of Under... another one, I don't think I should recommend, because it's really dark and twisted and has a lot of gore and quite explicit sex scenes (like, a few, that can be skipped tho, the rest isn't so explicit) and I can't say more without spoilers, but it's written soo well and Lydia is such a strong and vivid character that I can't help it! Actually all the characters are done so well and I love well written (side) characters. It is only lighthearted in the sense that the MC copes with humor, dry humor. She does autopsies for a living, sooo... dry and sometimes morbid humor :)

Re: Looking for OP female leads

I have a female MC that is (going to be) both physically strong, but also mentally strong as well. She doesn't like to rely on anyone especially men in the past because of her troubles with them, but that doesn't mean that she hates them.

There are going to be both action and romance elements in this story, however, right now I am righting a slowly progressing story to focus on character development. So these are not the main focus right now and it's a bit slow, apologies.

But if you're interested, thanks for showing interest. The concept can be cliche, but if you'll still stick with me, I'd be very grateful for it.

Ok, do not panic, calm down and assess the [email protected]# THAT. This would be a perfectly normal situation where I should panic...even though if I don't know if this qualifies as a NORMAL situation.
Ok, here's what I know (which isn't much)
1. I died and got killed by Truck-kun (anime meme, look it up)
2. I got reincarnated (Yay! Cool, another shot at life...but)
3. In a reverse harem manga I was reading before I died (Awesome, handsome bishounens here I come!....but)
4. BUT AS THE F$%@$#% RIVAL-CHAN!!!!
Before I died the manga I was reading called Cupid Lover: First Shot Ai or just First Shot Ai, finally updated its last few chapters. The story circles around the cute, cupid angel in training Usagi Hana-chan being assigned to pair cool;rebellious Kitsune Daiki. Eventually they fall in love after many obstacles and finally defeat me, the final boss, the anti-cupid who's sole goal is to ruin all relationships for god knows what reason, Amaya Raz(aline)-chan. (Name literally means mysterious night rain).
But Amaya just got booted from both the heavens and the human world and sent into exile in the Split between worlds...but...wait...a character died there..
NO.NO.NO. I don't wanna be exiled and die!!! I mean, uh..redemption right? The other characters got it!! I STILL HAVE TWO MORE CHAPTERS, C'MON GOODIE TWO SHOES USAGI OPEN YOUR DAMN HEART!!!! Two chapters...I still have hope....
No, I gotta take this into my own hands, like hell I'm going to get exiled and die. Go ahead and be lovey dovey on your own I'm going to go and travel the world or something!