Re: Edge of your seat page-turners?

I'm looking for an exciting Action/ Adventure/ Mystery type book.
Here are some that I have read:

The Madman's Clock (complete)

Save Point - A Science Fiction LitRPG

Sacrifice (complete)
(although not mystery nor action nor adventure, it was a riveting read that I finished in one sitting)

The HOPE Engine
(mystery is a sub-plot)

Jovan's Gaze (complete)
(slower paced)


Re: Edge of your seat page-turners?

I had a look at the fictions you list there and I'm not sure if it fits (but I did bookmark most of the fictions from your list, thank you, they sound really interesting).
I might be a bit biased, because I just binged this recently until I caught up with the releases and I tend to recommend whatever fiction I'm liking most at the moment. Anyways, it was a real page turner.
The masks of Under:

Why it might fit:

  • Mystery elements with a few twists here and there: what is Under? Why is what happening? What is the big plan of the ancients? Who are the bad guys and who can be trusted?

  • Some action and adventure, with great world building (NO INFODUMPS)

  • It's written really well and the characters are so vivid, that it pulls you in

  • It was a page turner

Why it might not fit:

  • It might be darker than the fictions you listed and has quite a bit of gore

  • Not scifi, but modern world MC going into a twisted fantasy world

  • Female MC. While written really well and not at all female readers exclusive, but your list was mainly male MCs, plus, there's "romance". At least the relationship between the MC and Male lead is an important thing in the story. Even though he's positively insane... well, everyone in Under is a bit insane.

  • It has sexual content, which your list doesn't have or at least not in the warnings

See what I mean? Some stuff might fit, but a lot doesn't :P just really wanted to bring this one into the conversation, because I finished the first book in two days and still wasn't bored.

Re: Edge of your seat page-turners?

I've been following Battle is An Art for the last few months now and I got to say the stories rather good at making you want to see what happens next. It has some pretty great fight scenes (my favorites being the one that occurs in Chapter 10 and 6), the characters are well thought and interesting, dialogue has a good flow and is snappy, the plot always seems to be moving, and the stories a unique read. The only real point of contention I have with the story is that updates can be slow and a bit sporadic and the writing style could use some improvement, but other than that, its something I think anyone willing to give it a chance could learn to love.