Re: Immortal Mage - OP MC in a LitRPG/GameLit setting, plus Wuxia/Xianxia elements


Action - Adventure - Fantasy - LitRPG - Magic - Male Lead - Martial Arts - Reincarnation - Secret Identity - Strategy - Strong Lead

Formerly an Origin Immortal, Aaron Ironblood went to a foreign universe, conquered a world in it, and went for the next challenge.

Now reborn in a place where magic reigns supreme, he must once again rise to the peak to save first the world and then, the universe itself.

Follow Aaron as he employs eons of experience to master magic, crush all opposition, and conquer all in his path.

- The main character has some morals
- Wuxia/Xianxia elements (including flashy martial arts later in the story)
LitRPG/GameLit world with game-like windows and game-like skills (e.g. Check Level skill)

This fiction will never be removed from Royal Road.
Even if I decide to sell it as a book or something, all chapters shall remain available here for free, and keep being released until the story is complete.
Pauses might happen if needed, but I will finish the story.

Current release schedule: 1 chapter per day until chapter 10, then 1 chapter per week

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