Re: Regarding Blasty

Good day,

I just want to give feedback regarding the "performance" of Blasty.

To give a bit of background, I am already selling Volume 1 and Volume 2 of my story as an ebook through various platforms. Seeing you push Blasty as a good option for catching copyright infringement, I thought I'd try out the free version to see how good it detect copies of my ebook elsewhere.

I registered as you should and linked by amazon author profile so they can detect my book(s). After 24 hours, they only detected 1 copy on the whole internet. It detected a copy over at scribd. But I posted that through draft2digital. So, I'll call that a false positive.

But that's the thing, it only detected 1 website for 1 volume, when I have 2 volumes already.

To inform, not only do I sell through Amazon, I also post on other platforms, ibooks, kobo, smashwords (Aggregator), streetlib (Aggregator) and draft2digital (Aggregator).

So you kind of sort to start to see how many it didn't detect. And this is just for the ebook versions. What about the free versions?

I never registered RRL copy of my novel as a legit copy, yet it didn't detect it. Nor did it detect the copy over at WN.

Sad to say it was disappointing.

What was worse is that I did a simple google search with the following format "(Title of my work)" and I managed to catch a copy of KissLibrary and was the one who personally emailed KissLibrary to take down that copy.

This also didn't catch the illegal duplication over at GGNovel. The 2 other sites I found illegal copies have already been taken down completely as I have not been able to access them since yesterday, but that wasn't due to blasty. FYI.

So I guess, they need to change their search algorithm because it is definitely weak/poor. It stated that the search was the same from free to premium so if they are doing worse than a good old google search, then that's kind of sad.

Just my observation.

Re: Regarding Blasty

I've used Blasty quite a bit and while I think it's far from perfect, your experiences with it aren't really representative. 24 hours isn't really long enough, and not catching legit versions isn't really a fault. Actually, I think people complaining about false positives was one of the bigger issues reported during the beta. It does still occasionally tag legit sites, but not so often as it used to, which is a good thing.

There are two paid versions, one that finds stuff, which you then decide to DMCA or not, and one that finds and orders takedown by itself (which costs more). I think the fully auto one is a bit iffy — it's supposed to ask you if the site is possibly legit, but sometimes just does it anyway, which can be awkward if it's a legit site that gets taken off google searches. 

The other version, where it just tells you about a site and you have to manually give the ok to blast it has been very useful for me. I do agree that the search and find function is a bit inconsistent. It misses stuff, and reports false positives, but you can manually tag stuff as well. It's more accurate if you have a more popular book that gets stolen a lot, of course, but the main advantage (for me at least) is not the search function, it's that once you find a site with your story on it you can easily DMCA it.

These sites know they're stealing but they put up a disclaimer and say they're acting in good faith, but here's a place to send a DMCA takedown request... which turns out to be a hugely convoluted process requiring id and proof it's your story etc. - they've made sure it will waste a lot of your time so you don't bother. Blasty will take care of that for you. One click and they send the takedown request and get google to remove it from their search engine. That's the real advantage of it. It's not always successful, some sites ignore the takedown, and it can take several weeks to get done, but I'd say I've got rid of 80% of the copies that were out there (and I had a lot of illegal copies).

It won't really be that useful for people who have a couple of copies in random places around the net, but if you have a book getting downloaded for free on aggregators, it makes the process a lot lot easier.

Re: Regarding Blasty

I'm still observing.

Reason why I thought to post about blasty is that I am comparing it to, which is not automated as well. Registration is free to file your manuscript etc as a literary and digital work.
But for a DMCA takedown, you pay per request.

I'm checking the automation element of blasty. And if it's search algorithm is basically weaker than a google search, then it brings up the issue of the search function of blasty. I understand I have given it less than 48 hours at present (around 36 hours now). But at 36 hours, it has still only detected the scribd page for volume 1 only.

The automation is a convenience/feature being marketed which is something I found lacking. The pricing, well, it's fine for the manual takedown premium. Since the copyrighted feature for takedown, is 100usd per takedown request. You can add as much links or sites as you find for each request though. It's not 1 is to 1. But you have to save up all you find.

With the automated search function of blasty (currently observed) being weaker, it is practically the same as me manually requesting a takedown everytime. I am technically able to save on year end for the manual takedown via the monthly payment which comes close to around 75usd per year.

I will be waiting still if blasty does find a hit on my book(s) and see in a week's time before I give them my feedback of personal experience as well.