Re: Cover Art Request A Jaded Life

As I'm sadly incredibly incompetent when it comes to drawing and painting I need help in creating a cover for my story, A Jaded Life
My personal idea is an asian, emerald green eye, long dark lashes, black eyebrow. Around the eye, with the eye as at the center, first a triangle, then, closely but completely encasing the triangle a pentagon, encasing that a heptagon (7 sides), encasing that an hendekagon (11 sides) and encasing that a tridecagon (13 sides) and encasing that a circle. optional, on each corner a small runic symbol and all around the circle small runic symbols

The second option would be an asian female face with large, green eyes, black hair with a slight smirk. The hair is covering her left eye and the left side of her face and is sprinkeled with small, silver dots. Behind her billowing, white mist