Re: Favorite hidden gems?

What are some good fictions on this site that are not super popular? (200 or less followers)

Here are some that I have read:
72 Hours - [complete]
A Good Man - [complete]
Jovan's Gaze - [complete]
Pursuing The Demon Lord - [complete]
Sacrifice - [complete]
Ruin (series) - [ongoing]
The HOPE Engine - [ongoing]
Displaced - [ongoing]
Infigeas Online - [ongoing]
Void Legion: GameBorn - [ongoing]
Kingdom Shattered - [hiatus]

Re: Favorite hidden gems?

Well, I've got a good portion of my 70+ things to read list (now 100+ things) which I'm pretty sure never hit it off, but for an actual title I need to check the fic stats.

I'm sort of an Expert on Ghosts
IMProvised Combat
Trapped: the GM
How do you QA Test a Tsundere Android (technically it hit 222 follows)
Arch Inc.
Cracked Earth by CrystalDemon ( / CrystalSquirrel (RRL)
49 & One Hero
Verbundener Geist
Magic is Overrated
The Immortal Witness. Seems to be pulled though. Might still be up on the author's blog.
Where Muses go to Die (and potato of darkness's other fics)
Over and Over

^ here ya go. Took me a few minutes to comb through likely candidates on my list. There's undoubtedly more that I have missed.

Re: Favorite hidden gems?

Honestly, I have to put a recent novel I found as a hidden gem:

Catching all the Girlfriends

It's basically a parody of Pokemon but with actual plot. Sure, this type of parody has been used in the past, but this author brings about an interesting story with suspense and plot that you wouldn't expect from something like this. Although there are the typical "Harem" moments in a way, there's plenty of struggles, drama, and plot basically that you wouldn't have expected without reading it.

Trust me. This story had me hooked.

Re: Favorite hidden gems?


700+ pages
The masks of Under
not a lot of followers, but a whopping 70% of those followers have it tagged as a favourite :P I'm a sucker for well written characters and well written female characters, sooo I love this. Does have gore and is a bit dark for some people, I'd say. Completely devoid of the usual RRL tropes and a really high level of writing. Not RRL high level, but like real high level, better than most RRL fictions after editing. Consistent in characters and their growth/relationships, world building, its lore, no weird inconsistencies or shifts in tone.

200+ pages
Cleaning up the Future
very entertaining and almost no RRL tropes and even if, they are done in a different and unique way. Apocalypse SciFi with mytery. Very nice and I like the MC.


400+ pages, author had to deal with IRL stuff and take a break
Mystic Ink
Really, really dark and the only thing that kept me going was that I really wanted to see the MC grow and free herself. which unfortunately will have to wait until it is picked up again... Writing is really good though and that does pull you in. The author has a few other, less dark (?) fictions that might be worth trying as well.