Re: New Legends V1, The Beginnings Of A Rich, Expansive Fantasy World.

Syn: In the world of Ethel, sahir dominated. Towns, cities, regions, whole countries were engineered for the single purpose of producing mages. The ability to wield sahir was paramount. Those who could wield it the best accomplished unimaginable feats. They shook the mountains, they froze the seas, they stilled the winds. They were legendary.

Today, however, those feats are mere myths. Sahir is losing its luster, losing the limelight. The world is undergoing a revolution, for a new age-an age of industry-is upon them. Sadly, there are many who would never see the benefits of this new age. Caught in between the new and the old, fitting into neither, they are cast aside. Left to wither and die, they begin a revolution of their own.

Enter Kain Basileus, a boy who finds himself caught in the midst of these turbulent times. Ripped from the shadows he found comfort and thrust into the light, what story will he write?


If you like fantasy novels that have rich histories, a world that lives and breaths, and unique cultures, races, and technology then this is the novel for you!

Soft Spoiler: The beginning starts small.