In a World where buildings have a human manifestation, a man will discover a sad truth.
The destruction is coming...
The strife between the gods will release an ancient power, the earth will crumble.
The one that lost his life will return to deny the inevitable. 
Genres:  Action. Adventure. Drama. Comedy. Original.
Content Warnings: Gore, Profanity and Traumatising Content... As well as two idiotic overpowered characters that only appear to speak dumb things and never actually do anything.
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I am a wanna-be author and have few to no experience in writing novels.
This novel is about a man that was unknowingly raised by gods, and eventually, he enters the society of Gods after an accident.
I try to mix seriousness, emotions, comedy and some action in this novel. But the thing I focus the most in is the story of the decadent and separated family of the protagonist.
The protagonist has a quest of course, but he is almost alone fighting against already established factions of gods, while he is unknowingly on the road to saving the world while looking for revenge.
The grammar will not be very good, as I am not from an English speaking country.
I hope you would give the story a chance, and at least read until chapter ten, which I think is enough for you to judge whether my novel is good or bad.