Re: What unpopular gaming opinions do you have?


kawaiiCinnamonroll Wrote: * Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the new world is a great game (if you've played it before Tales of Symphonia)
We 100% agree with you, but we played Tales of Symphonia first.

here's one that probably everyone else will disagree with: Latency makes online games more enjoyable if it impacts you in such a way that you need to predict what will happen.

For example, FF14. I move on the client side and it moves just fine, but I don't move for a flat 1 second server side. Meaning I need to move 1 second ahead of when I'm supposed to. It makes all the fights so much harder, and so much better when I win.

Then there's stuff like parsec. I went through part of Cup Head with my friend with a 1 second delay on all my controls, so if I jumped, then a second later I would jump and so on.
The first phase to the bosses actually went rather well, and did nail some of them. The second phases tended to mess me up though.

It has actually gotten to the point where I have been trying to find a way to intentionally get a 1 second delay on my inputs in games simply because we love that prediction aspect. Sadly, multiple people have told us it'd be really difficult.