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Main: Original Story, Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Sub Genres: Tragedy, Anti-Hero Lead, Magic, Male Lead, Reincarnation(No, not another 'Gamer Reincarnates into Fantasy'), Secret Identity, Strong Lead

Warning This fiction contains:

  • Gore

  • Profanity


Meeting his fate at the hands of seven great heroes, the wicked drake now stands in Death's hall. Met with the Grim Reaper itself.
Defeated and its pride broken, the drake doesn’t beg or grovel, it simply awaits judgement. It waits for the God of the afterlife to send it on its way, to either the heights of bliss and peace or where it knew it would be sent. The depths of agony and torture, the halls of Tartarus, the father of monsters.
Grim looks up from its oaken desk, and down at the creature that would otherwise, if grown wiser and older would have matched the reaper itself in power. Its faceless guise, hidden by a black hood and whirling shadows, stares at the drake briefly.
“You are unfit for the sky yet also too fit for the abyss,” Grim spoke, its voice a cracking whisper.
“Your time came too soon, the actions you have taken will lead your world to ruin…Be reborn, pitiful serpent. Yet remember what you have done, see what your actions have made that realm into. Let me show you, how your greed and gluttony have warped such a wonderful place and time.”
Grim raised his black-feathered pen towards the beast “Be reborn, as the weak pitiful creature you should have been born as. Take this both as a punishment and…a learning experience. For failure, can be the best teacher.”
The drake took a step back, hoping to escape this cruel fate. Yet none escaped Death, less so its embodiment. Screaming shadows engulfed his form, ripping away at his body and shape. Fangs of darkness sinking deep into his draconic flesh, warping it, changing him into something else…
Opening his eyes, the wicked drake felt none of its power, none of its magic and none of its might. As it stood at the edge of a cliff, looking down upon a ruined valley of rot and miasma. It glanced down at itself, seeing none of its sturdy scales or sharp claws.
The drake had been reborn as Human.

Your general fantasy setting with Humans, Elves, Dwarves and such...
But with a personalized Magic system, highly thought-out world, loveable AND detestable characters, along with a plotline that is sure to keep you interested throughout and leave you hungering for more :D

50 chapters released as of this post, each containing at least 3,000+ words. Several chapters contain many more and were divided into parts for the reader's ease ^^

I do not have an exact posting schedule but I do try to post at least three chapters a week :3

Hope you enjoy!

~ The Sly Wolf