I never realized how many chapters have gone missing!!!

That story came around a loooong while after royal road first started.... and now it’s one of the earliest stories you can find and the chapters have gone missing...
There were a couple thousand stories before it too... and 10,000 plus chaps.... 
it’s sad seeing them gone... how many people will remember those stories? How many people were here to remember them?

Royal road staff plz don’t let anymore disappear due to negligence...

Re: I never realized how many chapters have gone missing!!!

Our current infrastructure keeps all content that is deleted. However, anything prior to the swap to this infrastructure (V3) that was deleted was lost.

Quote:Royal road staff plz don’t let anymore disappear due to negligence...

Our users have the right to request anything they want and own be deleted. It's clearly stated in our ToS. We have no rights to preserve and circulate anything against their wishes.

Re: I never realized how many chapters have gone missing!!!

Oh, I just noticed the polls, since apparently, the new forum doesn't show it (something to report higher up).

Answers to "options"
1) We are lazy...
- I'm not sure if this is supposed to be an attack on our administrators. If I recall the circumstances when the older fictions were deleted, the migration between V2 and V3 caused deleted data to be purged (but I could ask for concrete confirmation on which). Do note that this is all data that would probably never be retrieved without breaking our own ToS.
2) Only stories that pay for advertising can stay!
- This is simply untrue. RRL's marketing/advertising services have been separated from our stories. In fact, only a few stories would be marketed (as you can see on the main page). As for advertising, our advertising comes either on all pages or no pages (depending on if you're paying for premium or not). If there's a different question inferred under this, please let me know.
3) They are disappearing!? We didn’t know...
- These are I think 2 separate questions you meant to ask in one.
First, as I said, data that was deleted before the migration cannot be retrieved. Second, we consistently get requests where users would like to remove their fictions from RRL, one way or another. This is their own choice and we cooperate with them on that. As the fictions belong to them, we have no rights to keep them visible against their wishes.
4) Fuck off royal road isn’t the same as back then... we now have links with amazon and our stories are no longer all free! We don’t have time for those free stories!
- First of all, if a staff member responds to you with an expletive, you've probably done something so wrong the entire staff has a list on you somewhere.
Second, our amazon links do not mean that the stories are not free. The stories belong to the authors, not us. How they decide to monetize them is their choice and RRL is there to support both them and our readers in making sure both sides get the best of the deal.
5) It’s just like how we haven’t updated the royal road forums... as long as it looks good on the surface and we get our money we don’t care!
- There's actually a Forum Beta button on the home page for the updated forum we are currently testing. Everyone is free to join in and leave their feedback in our surveys or notify us about bugs.
RRL is always trying to improve, but sometimes, the improvements will not be readily visible to the readers.
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