Looking for Critical Feedback (Happy to Return the Favour!)


I'm relatively new here, and I've just started uploading chapters for my novel. I'm looking for some critical feedback to help me improve my writing in general and the novel as a whole.

If you do check it out, just note it is a light novel so the writing style may be a bit unusual to your typical western novel. As well it does content profanity, gore, sexual content and traumatising content so you have been warned. Below is a link to my novel.


Upon leaving your review if you wish for me to check one of your stories out leave a comment in your review on what you want me to read and which chapter, just to make it easier.

Thank you, and I wish you all the best!

Re: Looking for Critical Feedback (Happy to Return the Favour!)

Volume One of Essence is nearly coming to an end and work is already being done on Volume Two. So please check out the next chapter called Aftermath. Link is below to both the fictionpage and new chapter!

Essence fictionpage - https://royalroadl.com/fiction/17678/essence 

New chapter - https://royalroadl.com/fiction/17678/essence/chapter/220054/volume-one-chapter-aftermath-part-one

Re: Looking for Critical Feedback (Happy to Return the Favour!)

Looking for some feedback on my story, currently have finished one volume at the moment working on some manga drawing and volume two of my story. Make sure it's constructive feedback, instead of hateful or disdainful comments if you write anything remotely the latter I'll just out right ignore you. So please if you want to leave something make sure it's constructive or if you simple don't like something please explain the reason behind it.

Link below to my story!

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