Review exchange

Hey! I'm interested in doing a couple review exchanges. I'm currently writing a conventional fantasy serial about superheroes in a medieval setting, but I will review anything.

In exchange for similar treatment, I will:

-Read at least 10 000 words of your work, and more if it hooks me.

-Leave a review that discusses the strengths and weaknesses of your work in order to be constructive, going into the four sub-categories as provided by the website.

-Not leave a mean or overly negative review, and I will not score your story so low as to hurt it in the rankings. I never want someone's work to be negatively impacted by me reviewing it.

-Be open to further communication in PMs to help both of us along. 

Without further ado, I'll leave a link to my work below. Leave a message if you are interested, and I will review your story. As a warning, mine does contain some mature content. No sex, but some suggestive themes and plenty of profanity/explicit violence. It also deals with fairly dark themes. If that is a problem for you as a reader, I'd suggest giving this post a pass :)

Thanks for your time!

RE: Review exchange

I just read your review, thanks a lot! I will take note of the issues you pointed out, and I may be doing a pass of editing at some point. I can't seem to PM you for some reason, but if you ever need any additional help/clarification of my review or you just want to talk something over, feel free to shoot me a message. 

Good luck with everything, man.

RE: Review exchange

Your writing is good but your title is terrible. Super! gives you no hint as to what kind of story you are getting into. There are people who would probably like to read your type of story but they don't realize that your story is something that they'd like because the title doesn't tell them.