Check out my novel: 'Ethereal Hevens'

I'm making a novel that has 11 chapters now, I hope somebody will help me and conduct a review or just give some comments and feedbacks about my work.

Ethereal Heavens:Genesis


 A mediocre young man is walking back home after selling from the market. Unexpectedly, He encounters an injured man and then he treats him with the help of his relatives. The man offered him the chance of being a cultivator as a payment for his help.

But in the world of cultivation, dangers are lurking everywhere, fights are inevitable. Cultivators are struggling to find themselves a way to get even more stronger. 

How will he survive in this merciless, violent and irrational world where conflicts always arose and strenght rules the world. With his passion, dedication and also his capable mind he will try to dominate other beings and reach the place where gods resided. 


My destination? The Etherial Heavens!

Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Enjoy reading! Thanks.