Taking art requests.

Hey guys!

I wanna draw some, and constantly coming up with ideas is a pain in the ass. So, considering that authors like fanart...

Go ahead, and ask me what you want. That being said—I don't draw erotica. And well, hold your breath. I will mostly deviate from what you asked, but it'll still be hopefully cool.

For example-


I wasn't really aiming to do a pirate here. I just wanted to draw a powersuit. I ended up with this. It's cool though, right?

Oh, and do make sure to be clear on what you want! Or hell, just give me a theme, toss some ideas, and get a random (But cool) picture.

If you don't specify, I fill in the gaps. Like, no details on size=whatever I feel like using. That being said, I'm not going to give you a picture the size of a few pixels.

Go here, if you want to know exactly what styles I use.

Oh, and expect delays. Constant delays. 

Here's a few samples for those too lazy to click the link above.


This was for the Dao of Magic.


For a collab I'm working on.


For my own story.

Note that this is completely free, and you don't have to be an author to request stuff. That being said, it is free so...

I can use the pictures just as I like. Not that I'm gonna do something stupid with it, but just as a warning. I'm just gonna put it on my DeviantArt profile or other things.

Any takers?

RE: Taking art requests.

I already have a cover but I do love fanart

1. the Mc is 18 years old with Asian feature, he has a hair short like it has been burned or singed by fire. he wears a light kevlar inside of a hoodie, the hoodie is zip halfway and you can see a gun holster inside, hoodie design: Dark theme

2. the Mc is sitting on the chair inside an abandoned warehouse. with a katana lean on the chair. the katana has a bell tied to the hilt with a string.

3. he is holding a motorcycle helmet, it bulletproof and the visor is a one-way mirror, go crazy with the design, if you want.

4. he is looking at the helmet.
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