Is there a game these Chinese light novels are referencing?

I just noticed that many of them talk about a beast tide, have a part in the story where the hero goes from a huge continent to a part of the world with a vast ocean with smaller islands and vicious monstrous aquatic life. It's almost like they are self inserting their character into a game I've never played. Is it just that these are typical xianxia or wuxia concepts like you see elves and dwarves in western fantasy or is there a game that they are all referencing?

RE: Is there a game these Chinese light novels are referencing?

as i don't read xianxia/wuxia so i can't say for sure, but my idea is that, in the typical xianxia/wuxia story, u'd always see the story rather focus on MC's powering and becoming king, god, or something along the line, and there're all those "godly", "emperorly", "heavenly" techniques, bloodlines, etc. and well, such stories need some kind of challenges, and it'dnt be a suprise to see fictions of same genres, sub-genres, tropes, etc. to resemble each other, may not actually have some kind of referencing like elf+dwarf with LoTR, just authors playing copycat

if really a reference is needed, i'd say just the all-so-normal animal migrations u can see every right season in real world
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