Feedback swap request for Non-Harem LitRPGs

My writers group keeps telling me that giving feedback to other people's work helps a writer improve as much as getting feedback. I believe it too! 

I'm willing to give feedback through an IM on any non-harem GameLit or LitRPG story for up to 6.5k words in exchange I would like you to read the first three chapters of my new non-harem LitRPG Tome of Stealth (the third chapter will be up tomorrow 3-6PM PST) and give me feedback. If you give me feedback first through an IM I will return the feedback with the exact same quality (just make sure you provide a link to your story in the IM or in a comment). If I give you feedback first, I will hope that you give me feedback with the exact same level of detail as well.

I never know when these request posts are written (because the dates listed are always inaccurate on my computer) so I'll say this request was written on 4/3/2018 and is good through 5/15/2018, or until I get so many requests that I can't fulfill them in a timely manner.

Thank you for your time!

Link to my story:

RE: Feedback swap request for Non-Harem LitRPGs

4/4/2018 6:38:18 PMDragonOfRochester Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm. Interesting! It doesn't seem to have the LitRPG tag but it has assassins so I'll give it a shot  :)  I'm too busy today, 4/4/2018 because I have to finish editing my next post and then go to work but I'll give you feedback tomorrow the 5th!

I just realized after reading this post again that you were looking for Lit RPG's, just not one's with harems in them. I apologize since my story is not at all Lit RPG, I simply misread the title. I'm still going to read your story and give some feedback.