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Because the world needs more fantasy LitRPG, and so I am here to deliver.

"A girls death forms the foundation for a plan centuries in the making. But when she shakes off their control, and forces the plans of beings millenia old to change, can she avoid being tied up as a loose end? With only what she could take with her in her mind, and a new body with surprising depths, she begins her new life in a world unlike her own."
This is my first writing project in almost a decade, so there is going to be a lot of improvements from me as I shake off the rust. And of course, as the world I'm creating comes to life! So if you like the concept, please bear with me, and hopefully I'll reach the high standards I know you have.

Tags: Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead LitRPG Magic Reincarnation Strong Lead


  • Gore

  • Profanity

Thanks for taking a look, and enjoy!