Saga of the lustful king
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Warning: may contain Mature content that is inappropriate for the pureness of young children, children, make sure you read this fiction under the supervision of your parent... like seriously how do people usually read this kind of content while being supervised by their parents? Watching porn while your parent watching you is seriously werid.
Sypnosis: The Dice has been cast.

The Great Game began and the Gods laughed.

All is fair and all is foul.

There shall be no fairness, no comfort nor remorse.

The land shall be torn asunder in ruin and chaos.

The bones of the innocence shall form mountains.

Their blood will course like rivers.

The strongest shall fall like insects.

The wisest shall succumb to ignorance.

The rich and powerful shall know true suffering.

This chaos shall birth true heroes.

Their legends will rise and fall.

Strength shall be tested,

The willful shall be broken.

May your faith be your only shield.

One will rise with passionate silence.

He shall be the guardian and the despoiler.

The Final Hope, and Wretched Nightmare.

The Game Begins.


The wet and crudely-made binding coiled around Maria’s wrists like it had a will of its own, a real sentient being or a sea serpent, but she knew it was just her imagination. Her head felt light, a drop of sweat rolled down from her square shaped chin and fell on the baking sand, soon, another one followed.

How many hours has she been forced to kneel like this under this blazing sun and this scorching beach? Maria gulped to wet her parched throat. A strand of Maria’s disheveled golden hair carried by a sudden gust and came into her view. Her once glossy hair, soft and shiny, prize, as beautiful as molten gold, now badly burned and damaged, not by the sun, never the sun. It was that terrible fire. That abominable blazing inferno that devoured everything Maria has tried to build for almost a decade, her greatest creation, her fortress, her only safe haven and treasures. Another scorching wind blew by, this time, carrying with it the occasional painful moans of two thousand men and women who were bounded, gagged and forced to kneel on this sandy beach. Maria could not care less about them, her subordinates and seadogs they were, badly burned and wounded, in a worse shape than she was, she could not care less about them. That hastily erected execution platform and that chopping block at the edge of her sight, she could not help but to keep glancing at it. She felt terribly ill at ease, a gripping fear that she had not tasted for over a decade overwhelmed her entire body.

Suddenly the sand before Maria kicked up, a sofa has just landed from the sky. Regal red cushion with gilded crest rails and arm-tops adorned the sofa, making it looked like a throne worthy of a foreign king. Ten women in strange looking red and white costume alighted the sandy beach with birdlike gracefulness, descending from the sky with their equally strange looking broom in hands. Witches they were, these devils in white were there when those devils in black apprehended Maria and her seadogs, but they stood from afar, watching with their lord. The witches fixed the sofa’s posture, clamping its four golden legs into the sand utnil it looked neat and even. They lightly nodded their heads in satisfaction the moment they finished their job and quickly formed two rows on both sides of that golden throne.

And winter came, winter has descended to this scorching southern beach in form of a deceptively delightful flirtatious laughter. If a laughter could bring forth winter and storm to this southern land, it’s this one.

Maria unconsciously bended her neck, nobody told her to but she just did. Her eyes became transfixed at her own trembling shade and the skin of her entire body crawled whilst the ten women before her stood in attention.

The sand beneath that ornate throne shifted, that’s how Maria realized that the lord of winter and storm himself has sit on his throne. The laughter suddenly stopped, only to be replaced with wet smacking sounds, reminded Maria of the sounds she heard when her seadogs kissed the whores they captured.

She dared not look up. She could only wait within that suffocating atmosphere and that sweltering heat. Eventually, those wet smacking sounds came to an end, substituted with playful gigles between loverbirds.

Maria held her breath, how could such playful giggles could sound so terribly terrifying? But that long silence followed after that made Maria wanted to run out of this strange place. It was as if there was a thousand of million of red ants crawled beneath her skin at the moment. That long silence was suffocating and dreadful.

“So, you are Maria the Black Storm of Skull Island?”

Suddenly that suspenseful silence was snapped by a deep and penetrating male voice.

“Yes, my lord,” Maria replied. She bit into the inner part of her lips as she gave her reply to mask her own clattering teeth. Not like that it would help, her entire body was trembling from her own cold sweats.

“Oh, it’s my Lord this time and not son of bitch? Why the sudden change of heart?”

The voice cracked, playfully and innocently, like that of a spoiled child who has just received his favorite gift from his own parents.

“This lowly person did not know any better back then, please be merciful my lord,” Maria gritted her teeth to conquer her inner fear. Her finger nails dug into her palm to remind her that she should not falter here. As long as she kept her wit, she could survive through this ordeal to turn things around.

“Okay, I can forgive you for that. I have a soft spot for beautiful women like you,”

“You are mag…”

Maria never have the chance to thank that man and used that opportunity to turn this conversation around in the direction she desired. She was cut off, he meant to cut her off, purposely.

“My dear Maria, why did you insist on picking a fight with me? Was you drunk when you made that statement?”

Ah, so it’s finally here, Maria thought. She has prepared a fitting answer to this question. And yet, the way this man asked her in his playful and frivolous made his question felt almost bizarre to her.

“No, my lord, I…”

“It’s fine. Anyone can make that kind of mistake. In fact, I do all the time. The last time I was drunk, I declared war against the Great temple and when I woke up with a horrible hangover, I was horrified to find that I have burned alive five hundred paladins and another three hundred inquisitors of the Great temple,” he cackled in a cheerful voice just like he was trying to tell a joke.

Maria could not gave a reply. Her body went stiff. She would not mind if he was talking to her in a condescending manner of a captor to a captive, or threatening or mocking or sarcastic voice. It was this overwhelming playfulness and cheerfulness in his voice that made everything about him so dreadful.


Of course, Maria had heard of that rumor, that this man earned his title the Witch King by setting fire on the very headquarter of the Inquisitors and paladins, the Great temple of Sinintee on Lake Shore Isle. But she had dismissed that as some nonsense.

“I ask again. Was you drunk when you declare your intention to fight me, or was you sober and awake when you make that statement?” the man readdressed the question, this time less playful and more somber, as if he was genuinely confused.

What was she thinking when she picked this fight? Why did she even think that she could win? Why did she believe that she would be safe from someone like this? Why did she pick a fight with this man? Why did she declare that she would fight such a terrifying devil? The man seemed to ask and Maria could only agree, only insane people would pick a fight with this great insanity of a man.

“Forgive me my lord, I was drunk,” Maria replied, not an answer she wanted to give, not a smart answer either given her situation, but what choice did she have? If she replied that she was sober, burned by the stake for sure. Would he tolerate her if she try to change the frame of this question, picking another answer instead of the yes and no she was given? No, he has cut her off twice, showing his unwillingness for her to do that. What choice did she have? None.

“It’s fine. I understand. I can’t blame you for being drunk. Shit happens when we are drunk. Suddenly, I feel like we can become friends with each other,” that mismatching playfulness returned to his voice.

“This lowly person would not dare,” Maria inadvertently prostrated.

“Don’t talk like that. Raise your head, my dear,”

“My lord, I would not dare,”

“Raise your head. Show me your face,” his voice carried no cheerfulness and frivolousness this time. A commanding and resolute voice befitting to that of a king compelled Maria to raise her head.

There sat a man whose appearance was the very darkness itself in this scorch of high noon. His hair was dark and long, tied backward into a pony tail. His hair made Maria wondered if this man was even human, only a dark elf would possess such lustrous black hair, or perhaps he came from a rare union between a man and a dark elf.

His sharpened wolfy eyes were like the very reflection of a starless night, dark and hypnotic. Those dark orbs made Maria felt like she could lose herself within their hypnotic allure just like when she stared into a moonless night sea. Chiseled jawline on a regal feline face, his face was terrifyingly beautiful for him to be a man, and yet, too handsome to be a woman. Maria had seen a real prince once, charming and allure he was, but completely pale in comparison to this man. This person was a charming prince among even the most charming princes and princesses, and yet Maria was completely terrified. His skewed lips curved into an inviting smile, never Maria has seen a smile so beautiful, something to sigh over and yet equally crawlingly terrifying.

The man wrapped himself in a strange looking tanned leathery fabric, dark and glossy just like his own hair. Intricate words of unknown language were embroidered on his left chest in golden thread, a strange symbol that resembled five hands place on each other wove just above those strange letter. These detailed embroidery were vivid and seamless like nothing else Maria has seen. His costume added a mysterious alluring substance on this princely man. In his left hand, a contrasting white feathered fan to elegantly fan himself.

Standing next to him were two beautiful women in red and white costume of the witches. One was as beautiful as a treasured sword of an ancient hero, adorned but sharp and deadly while the other was like a flower on a treacherous mountain top, gentle, elegant and dignified. Even for someone who took great pride in her beauty, Maria felt insecure being in the presence of these women. They were without a doubt the most gorgeous looking women she had ever seen in her entire life. They both had a large canopy in their hand to shield that princely person from the scorch of high noon.

“You are indeed as beautiful as the rumor said, my dear. Perhaps, even more beautiful than my companions here,” he joked, and all of a sudden, his own treasured sword slapped him soundingly.

Maria forgot to breathe in that instance. She just stared at the surreal scene before her in suspenseful silence. It’s not like that woman slapped that hard… but… What did that insane woman just do? A bead of sweat rolled down Maria’s cheek.

The Witch king turned his sight on his treasured sword, his eyes rolled in disbelief, his hand palmed where he was slapped. And suddenly, his just giggled as the rest of his witches in red and white costume broke into an infectious giggle fit. His treasured sword was the only person who could keep a straight face through that. The Witch king pulled his treasure sword close and planted a playful kiss on her rosy lips, prompted a blushing smile on her face. The surreal scene before Maria unfolded as if it was a part of a play that was rehearsed by these actors and actresses over and over again until they were used to it.

“Now back to you, my dear Maria, I gave you the opportunity to surrender, did I not?” the man held himself back from his own giggle, fanning himself and his two ladies with his white feather fan.

“My Lord, you did,” Maria admitted.

“Twice, I had sent my envoys to give you the chance to surrender. Each time, you sent back their heads. Was you really that drunk when my men dropped off your island?” he asked, still smiling and weathering through his own incessant giggle.

“No, my lord…” Maria tried to reason and immediately, she was cut off again, however this time, the Witch king did not make so much of a noise. The smile on his face vanished without a trace, and so did his giggle, like a handful of sand dissipated within a strong wind. That prompted Maria to rescind her answer, “Yes, my lord.”

“You are such a bad girl, getting drunk all day long. I can forgive you for being drunk like that. I feel like you would do just fine in my company. However, those two lives that you took were my men. I could not let that crime go unpunished. My dear Maria, there is nothing I want more in this moment than put your pretty head on a stick and make an example out of that. The people of this southern continent would sing my name for a century for doing so. And even the kings and queens who you angered, they would soon send me letters and gifts to praise me for this achievement.” He declared the most dreadful thing with the most charming smile on his face. His voice was soft and sultry just like he was welcoming Maria into his own court, and yet he has just announced his attention to behead her.

Maria has finally understood what’s so terrifying about this man. It was this mismatching smile and voice he employed in this situation. Maria stared at the man while silently gulping. Her own head and the two thousands heads of her seadogs were resting on her shoulders.

Maria, the Black Storm. She gained a notoriety for becoming a pirate lord that commanded the Black Mast- a raiding force of over two thousands pirates and regularly leaded them into many large raids across the eastern coastal area of the southern continent. She struck fear into the heart of every man and woman of the seven kingdoms of the southern continents, especially those who live in the coastal area.

A great many times, the kings and queens of the seven kingdoms have formed a coalition, uniting their navy forces to assault Maria and her Black Mast in their main base at the Black Skull island, not once they were anywhere near achieving it. The geography of Black Skull Island made it so that it was extremely easier to defend than assault and those who weren’t familiar with the water would have their ship sunk by the shallow shoal and natural reef that surround the island. The mist that constantly surrounded the island also played a large role to its natural defensive prowess. The entire island was a natural fortress for Maria and her pirates. The coalition tried to change their approach and decided to ambush Maria on many occasions, but she outsmarted them every time.

She was invincible. Her Black Mast was undefeatable, that was until this man whose appearance was darkness and whose voice was winter came. He came with his army of witches, flying above the Black Skull Island on their brooms, and turning the island itself into a raging inferno. The shallow shoal and the reef did nothing against things that flew like birds. And the Skull fortress built out wood and stone, it did little to stop things that breathe fire like dragons.

Maria and her crews abandoned their burning fortress and ran for the beach, hoping that they could reach their boats in time and that was where they were routed. A thousand pike-men and bowmen waited for them at the beach along with a hundred of witches hovering above the sky in their strange looking brooms. Maria and her crew had to make their choice, to die in the flame or die at the pike or surrender, and most of them chose surrender wisely.

“So this is Fearless…” Maria bitted her lips and swallowed the frustration of her shameful defeat.

A man who dared to openly challenge the Great temple and fought for the witches. A heretic among heretics, the slayers of paladins and priests and the witch king himself. Fearless was his name, the appointed Pacifying General of Blue Moon kingdom.

Maria has faced brave knights and nobles in battle before, she had fought against terrifying pirate lords whose faces disfigured with scars before to stand where she stood today, but none terrified her like this man. Even though, she was so sure that he would not kill her like he said. If he wanted to make an example of Maria, he would have done it by now. Maria knew she still had her uses.

“You would not kill me, wise lord,” Maria spoke adamantly. She could not afford to be dawdled in his mind game.

“Oh, I would not be so sure about that,” the man smiled innocently and prompted her to continue.

“Nobody know the water of this entire southern continent better than me. If you allow me to live, you will gain a… “

“Naval commander? I have already had one. Why and how do you think that I have succeeded in locate your fortress and fell it this morning?” the man interrupted. His hypnotic eyes half closed. His lips curved into a wicked smile for the first time, “I have already had one excellent naval commander. I don’t need another, especially one with the level of infamy as you my dear.”

“Wise lord, surely you…” Maria shuddered and immediately tried to reason.

“Maria, my sweet Maria, I will let you know that I am an impatient person. Make it fast so that I can go home and have my afternoon nap,” the man once again interrupted Maria.

“My Black Mast would only listen to my command. Let me live and you will have two thousands men at your service,” Maria sweated and bit into her lips to stop her teeth from clattering. She did not expect the man to not even considering making her his naval commander. She was the woman who commanded a bunch of lowlife uneducated foolish seadogs to outwit and outfight even the navy coalition of the seven kingdoms and yet he did not even consider adding her to his service.

"Those seadogs you mean," the man pointed his fan at the 2000 tied pirates, “I don’t need that many untrustworthy men under my belt. In fact, what I am about to do after I’m done with you is culling their numbers. I will make them fight among themselves, killing themselves and cutting their size into a number that I see fit.” The man chuckled in his frosty voice as he waved his fan, “Surely, I can’t expect to control 2000 rowdy and undisciplined seadogs by myself all at once. But, I can easily do that with a three hundred or so, don’t you think? And for the other 1700, I will put their head on a pike to appease the anger of all men and women of whom you people plundered, robbed, raped and killed.” The witch king said, his voice was still as inviting and alluring as ever, and yet, he had declared Maria useless for his cause, sealing her fate.

A tear inadvertently rolled down her cheek when the realization that her ambition and quest for revenge has come to an end hit her.

The man sighed unwillingly. He rose from his adorned chair and approached Maria. His witches alarmed and tried to prevent him from doing so but he casually shrugged them off, waving his fan,

“Maria, oh sweet Maria,” he gently brushed away the tears welled up in her eye corners with his thumb. His whisper gave Maria chill. Her body suddenly felt cold like she has just been tossed into the night sea of the Northern realm despite the scorch of high noon she felt until recently. Her knees went soft like jelly-fishes and she weakly crumbled into the burning sand before her, or so she thought she would but instead found herself in the cold alluring embrace of winter and darkness.

“This is your last chance,” whispered the man into Maria’s ear as he slowly combed her damaged and burned golden hair with his slim fingers, “Tell me, why else should I keep you alive?” and then he whispered sweet nothing into her ears.

His two ladies quickly dragged him back to his luxurious chair and sat him down. They admonished him and then stared at Maria with angry eyes. The man broke into a childlike laughter, playfully pulled the witches toward him and sat them down on his laps. He coltishly kissed the witches as they giggled, and flirtatiously planted a kiss on his cheeks in respond.

And Maria, she knew the answer to save herself, a wind of winter has whispered to her.


Maria, the very Black Storm herself, she was one of the sixty three playable warlords in the tactical roleplaying war game Reign of Chaos. She can be also recruited as a vassal upon defeating her pirate group, at a great cost of raising the ire of all the seven rulers of the Southern continent of whom kingdoms she constantly raided.

Why would someone go through such trouble of recruiting her? Recruiting her meant going to war with the other six kingdoms of the Southern Continent at the same time. Why should I recruit such a character? One might ask such a question and I can only answer to such question with a question of my own, “Why not?” This is no longer the game, the game has become a reality.

Surely, recruiting her meant declaring war against roughly half of the kingdoms in the southern continent and her loyalty rating is atrociously low in the 30s which meant she could easily turn against you at any crucial moment. Also, despite Maria being a very capable naval commander, making the top 40 best naval commander in a colossal roster of over 300 naval commanders in the game, there were many other characters with better stats and skills that can be recruited for that position. She was not even that smart, like seriously, what make her think that I would spare her in the first place? Her Majesty the Queen gave me an Imperial decree to publicly execute Maria the Black Storm upon captured.

But look at her, the gods can be damned, seeing her in real life, she was drop-dead gorgeous, a thousand times prettier than her in-game pixels rendered self. Her tan skin was glossy and soft like honey, stirring the desire to lick and savor every bit of flesh on her body. That cascaded golden hair even when disheveled and damaged by fire and ash did nothing to diminish her beauty if not erecting the perverted desire of a man to own and dominate her.

My god. It was as if a goddess had descended from the Heaven. This woman possessed a beauty that worth waging war against the world. This woman’s beauty could even contest Her Majesty the Queen’s and my own lovers’ in term of raw power.

I meant who care if she was a psycho bitch who commanded 2000 pirates that looted, plundered, killed and terrorized an entire seven kingdoms. Who care if she was the psycho bitch that slit the throat of her own husband in their wedding night to steal his troops? Who care if she had a terrible personality? Who care if she would later stab me in the back or slit my throat? I’m sure that she would do that at the first chance she had. But she's worth it. L’oreal should seriously hire this woman to recast their “Because I’m worth it” commercial. Her beauty would make even the Helen of Troy in the Iliad hung her head in shame. Standing in front of such beauty, even the like of DiaoChan of the three kingdoms era would hung herself to dead out of jealousy.

“My Lord, calm down and put those coins away,” that husky voice came to me in a quiet whisper. I looked at my right hand, it was holding my magic coins since gods knew when. This is bad, my long time habit is resurfacing. I made a fist with the coins inside my right palms and reopened my fist afterward, the coins have disappeared.

“When I told you put them away, I did not mean for you to do it in that manner, my lord. It looks freaky, I have told you many time. And I have bought you that fan for this purpose,” Louise’s admonishing voice rang inside my ears.

“My bad, old habit die hard,” I raised my white feathered fan to cover my mouth and whispered right back to Louise. She used the spell “Phantom echo” just in time to remind me to not lose my head over my own crotch. That was dangerous.

“Recompose yourself my lord. Don’t lose yourself in your desires and make irreversible mistakes.”

“Thank you Louise, I don’t know if I can do this without you.”

“Of course you can, my lord, you are my equal. And you can adore me later. Sir Eliot has been very discontented with your recent actions. Please, focus. This is a crucial moment.”

And Louise ended our short discussion like that.

Sir Eliot, the queen’s eyes who silently stood in a corner to detail my every action to the queen disapprovingly raised his eye brows when I approached Maria, and my royal guards had to pull me away from Maria to save me from myself. Of course, I noticed his dissatisfaction. It’s just that my mind was full of Maria that I could not care less about anything else.

Her Majesty the Queen knew my bad habit, that’s why she appointed Sir Eliot to watch me. Sir Eliot would never allow me to let Maria live because that was the queen’s decree. Maria must die.

Maria, you are most unfortunate. The moment you decided to slit the throats of my messengers, your fate has been sealed. Today, you are going to die.

“Wise lord, please allow this humble self to live. I will forever be your slave and possession. I will be your woman, your bodyguard, your animal or whatever you desire me to be. Please spare me,” Maria prostrated flatly on the ground as she shamelessly begged for her life, the way I have told her.

Bang, I inadvertently hit my palm full force against the chair’s arm rest and made the people around me flinched. Even Sir Eliot who stood at the corner of my vision flinched.

I gritted my teeth, clutching my feathered fan tightly to keep my composure. And it turned out that my composure was crumbling at the blinding speed as I spoke in a burst, “Are you for real? You are supposed to appeal to me, but not for your fucking life, it’s the lives of those two thousands seadogs of yours over there. You are their leader. You are supposed to plea to spare the lives of your people. If you at least that minimal amount of dignity, I could have spare you.”

“Lord, but you…”

All the testosterone in my head vanished in this single instance like a popped water balloon only to be replaced by the pure coldness of the mind.

“Maria Black Storm of Skull Island, you keep disappointing me until the very last minute. For your crime of piracy and the crimes you have committed against the people of all seven kingdoms, I sentence you to a most dishonored death. Witches, strip her and take her away. Executioner, get your blade ready” I coldly waved my fan and a row of witches moved forward to grab Maria.

The witches immediately tore Maria’s iconic black robe into shreds and dragged her away, “My Lord, please, no…” Maria desperately begged, could do nothing against the witches.

“General, you can’t kill her here. We have to bring her back to the capital for the queen to arrange her public execution," Sir Eliot ran over and kneeled before me as he advised.

“Sir Eliot. You good sir, I am sick of this woman. She's cruel, shameless and disgusting. Public execution is too good for the like of her, that way, she would appear in another paragraph or two in the future history books. That is undeserving of her. I refuse to allow that to happen.” I waved my fan and coldly stated.

“General, Her Majesty the Queen has decreed that the Black Storm is to be escorted and publicly executed in the capital. That is the royal decree.” Sir Eliot respectfully bowed as he looked back and forth between me and Maria, “You can’t do this General. The Queen would have your head this time. Please listen to me.”

“Sir Eliot. I’m afraid that you will report to Her Majesty the Queen of what transpire today as follow. I, General Fearless has chopped off the Black Storm’s head and put it on a stick despite the order I have received, that's it. I will not argue with you any further about this good sir.”

“But general…” Sir Eliot groaned and had that torn look as he watched Maria being dragged to her execution platform, knowing that he could do nothing to change my mind. The good Eliot was more afraid of me being killed by the Queen afterward than earning the Queen’s displeasure himself.

Maria struggled for her dear life as she was dragged away by the witches. She kept begging me, “Lord Fearless, have mercy,” struggled and struggled as the witches dragged her up to the execution platform and at one point, she won, tumbled over the platform and dragging my witches with her.

“Knock the living out of that shameless woman for me. She keeps getting on my nerve,” I ordered and the witches with their reinforced battle brooms received the order, clubbing the daylight out of Maria Black Storm. The beating went on and on, showed no sign of stopping. Only when Maria became bloody, tattered and completely immobile in a pool of blood, the witches would then resume dragging her naked body and tossing her over the chopping block.

“I will leave the remaining matters to your able hands, Sir Eliot. I find no stomach in watching how the head of such a shameless woman would roll. As for those 2000 seadogs, do with them as we have been discussed,” I rose from the chair, “You can have this chair and the canopies. It’s better for your health to work in the shade.”

“I have received my order, general. And I wholeheartedly pray that Her Majesty would not cut your head, general” Sir Eliot respectfully replied and added his concern.

“Good, I will go back to my mansion now and have my afternoon nap. Once you are done, visit me at my mansion for the report.” I walked away as soon as I finished my order.

As I walked to my carriage, I looked at the lifeless and bloody figure of Maria the Black Storm on the chopping block of which retained none of her innate unearthly beauty. I sighed languidly and never looked back at her figure again. At the edge of my vision, the executioner aligned the execution platform with a large execution blade hung over his shoulders. As I was about ten steps away from my carriage, I can hear a clear thudding sound of the execution blade hitting against the chopping block.


“This lowly self has really thought that she was going to die,” gold was her cascading hair, honey was her skin. She dressed in the adorned white and red of the battle dress of Fearless’ royal guards, adding a mysterious allure to her curving body, turning her into a bundle of flame which men would strive to touch even if they know they would be burned to ashes. A drop of crystal rolled over her cheek and a sultry smile spread thinly on her lip as she snuggled into the unfamiliar chest of Fearless.

“Maria the shameless died today,” Fearless replied, “From now on, you are Aria, my naval battle advisor and concubine to be,” he said and wrapped his arms around the woman’s thin waist, playfully kissing on her beautiful nape.

“My lord, you should have killed her, not sparing her like this,” a cold and emotionless voice resounded, making the newborn Aria flinched away with teary eyes, “I can’t believe that you could pull that off.”

Fearless turned and saw an angry girl sitting next to him. The witch battle dress she wore gave off a different vibe compare to the other woman. She looked pretty, like a doll. Her skin was pale and satin like. Her hair was gold, not the gold of molten gold like the other woman but platinum gold like that of sun light. Her sapphire eyes reflected a flame of anger. And Fearless immediately tried to appease her, gently straddled her cheek with his hand, “It’s alright, Louise. The Queen is the only one person in this world who could guess why I did this. It’s fine. Her Majesty will punish me but I bet that all the kings and queens from the east coast area that this mischievous Aria angered will write letter to ask for my pardon,” Fearless said, stroking both Louise’s and Aria’s head at the same time.

“We will be fine,” he said, initiating a kiss on his War Doll’s lips.

“One day, you might be brought down by your lust, my lord,” the girl said her final pieces and resignedly accepted the kiss with all of her lord's affection.

The words of his War Doll spelled like a prophecy for that Fearless.

Even though he understood that, he could not help it, such was his nature, and such was the cursed star he was born into. The fault lied with his star, never him. Even though he knew that the newborn Aria was definitely thinking that she has won this gambit and believe that the only thing she must do for the moment was bidding her time and waited for an opportunity.

Fearless knew that she would stab him when he was most vulnerable. This woman pulled that tricks twice with her fiancée and husband, but Fearless was neither a love-struck noble man nor a stupid pirate. He has made plan to train her properly after this to see just how troublesome she could be. He would be very delighted if she somehow exceed all of his expectation, not that it would happen, Louise would see through her scheme and kill her before that. And Fearless would be very heartbroken if that happened.

He turned and sealed Aria’s lips, her eyes swimming and accepting, but he was sure that inside that head of her, she’s up to no good. If only she has learned her lesson like a good girl and if only she knew what he has planned for her in the future, Fearless secretly laughed, amused by his thought.

He knew that keeping this troublemaker Aria would bring the Queen’s sword to his neck. But he got to do what he got to do. He only need two more cards until he can turn his wishes into a reality.