Hello, I'm looking for a digital/manga artist. I'm particular about the style and quality of the art so if I don't contact you, it just wasn't what I was looking for. 

The art I need to be commissioned is going to be a book cover (for now). And later OC's.

If you're interested, message or email me your work. LF> Free Commissionhowever, we can discuss pricing if I'm interested. It's better if you're willing to discuss the pricing. 

Also! Manga panelists are welcome to message me as well.

Work info: it's a ninja, seinen manga. w/ heavy crisp/clean fights. looking for really detailed and colorful work.

Style: looking for mushoku tensei x magi x naruto (i know) x children of the wales. type or something close. 

I'm really looking for high-quality artwork, focused on face, eyes, hair, and body as well as the outfit. BGR is a tad less important.

If we move on. I require that you read the work in order to develop a better idea of what the characters should look like.

email: [email protected]
light-novel: royalroadl.com/fiction/17329/a…

Thank You! I really hope you like the story as well!