I have a novel here and I want someone to check this out and give some feedback like comments and especially review, in order to hone my skill as a writer. Now it has 9 chapters.

Here is the liink: http://royalroadl.com/fiction/13047/ethereal-heavens-genesis


 There was an ordinary man living an ordinary life he is known as Farjan Dowter, but there is no something permanent in this world. His ordinary life became extraordinary when he saved a certain person from another world. After that, the person he saved became his master, the one who introduced him to the world of cultivation. The universe is limitless and the world where he came from is small, no one really knows a thing about cultivation whatsoever. Eventually, he will explore the vast universe and dominate all living beings there.

         This is the story of the man who wished to become the most powerful among the Legends, to become the Emperor among all Gods.

Action, Adventure, Comedy

Link again:

I hope there's some fella out there whose kind-hearted to help me.

Advanced thanks to you guys!

If you have questions after reading my novel you can pm me or reply to this thread. Thanks!

Heaven Dream