Ghost Writing?

Okay so this isn't a request/question of mine. This is something a close friend/neighbor/etc. had that he wanted me to address before he made an account here. He wanted to know if their is something akin to a Ghost Writing presence here? You know, someone who is unable or unwilling to write the story, has someone else write the story. Using the creator's ideas, notes, and just basically telling them what to write or whatever, the ghost writer would then well...write it. I'm not sure about the finer/exact details but he apparently isn't the best writer and is unwilling to put in the time and effort to improve and wants someone else to write it for him following his guideline.

I'm pretty sure most people here are aware of what a ghost writer is, I was just clarifying for the minority presence that may or may not know. Anyway, he asked me to write but I declined and so I brought the request here. His story, from what little he was willing to share with me, is the stuck in a VRMMORPG type thing, but with NPC's being real and death in-game is real life death. There's more to it then that I'm sure but he wasn't budging/forthcoming on details. He wanted me to see if anyone accepted the offer before he made his account. Anyway, I was just tossing a line out there for him. 

Do with it what you will. I didn't really believe there was any presence of ghost writer's here but he was adamant about me asking and I couldn't say with complete sincerity that there were none at all so eh...

Anyway. Awaiting anyone's responses/suggestions. Later dudes.

RE: Ghost Writing?

Yeah, I don't think that's really a thing. Just about every author I know has more ideas than time, and very little inclination to write other people's ideas. He might be able to find someone if he begs, but I doubt he'll have talented authors jumping at the chance to write a story someone else is telling. Especially considering issues with cooperation, creative control, and copyright.

Well, it might be different if he's paying. Some of my friends do commissions on occasion... but there are probably better sites for that. Textbroker or fiverr or something. You can get words for moderately cheap.

RE: Ghost Writing?

What you're asking for can be done, but the amount of money that, say a patreon, would make you will never be enough to pay for the ghostwriter.


Because ghostwriters can simply write their own story to make that much. And then they don't have to deal with you telling them what to do. You'd be hefting at least some financial burden in order to make your story become a reality.

I have ghostwritten before. Several years ago I charged $5 per 500 words. This was a fairly cheap rate as far as they go, especially considering I was willing and able to write a full-length story. At my current level of skill I would charge significantly higher for ghostwriting work, though it is unlikely I would accept any work like that again unless the price was very high. My time is simply spent better elsewhere these days.

However, if you can find an up-and-coming writer from a country where your currency has more buying power, it might be possible to get a decent length story written for under $1000. Just understand that you are going to have to spend significant time proofreading and editing it yourself.

RE: Ghost Writing?

Hello guys I'm new here and I'm very excited to be part of this community. Like I said I'm new here also to novel writing and stuff but it is always my dream that I write something but due to various reasons mainly studies and english grammar  I can't write in this community or other sites such as this so I'm sorry, but I want few of my stories to adopted here so if any one is willing to write the few of my ideas I'll be thankful to you. I'm from India and most of my storis will be related on history or religion and you can contact on my email [email protected] I want no credits and no payment related to if by some Buddha is willing to listen my request thank you royal road. And I'm still not adapted to this website completly so I can't say I haven't offended anyone so plz forgive me all of my senpais. Thank you
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