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The misadventures of a forgetful sorcerer

The misadventures of a forgetful sorcerer

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Contemporary Harem Slice of Life Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

‘Sorcerer’s log.  Multiverse date . . . I don’t know, point one?


I don’t know what a “log entry” is, but I’m making one anyway.


I killed a man.  Admittedly he attacked me doing his best impression of a saber toothed tiger what with the big old fangs and claws.  I still killed him. With fire. Heatless fire.


The thing is, I don’t really know how.  Well . . . that isn’t true, exactly. I do know how.  I just have no idea how I know that or what the heck “magic” or “Reality Flame” is.


Two days ago I was just a college prep school student minding my own business.  I went to class. I went home. Normal.


Yesterday I was attacked by some refugee from a men’s modeling agency that decided eating went out of style last year but then chose to make me his cheat meal.  I then incinerated him . . . to death. There wasn’t even ash left.


None of this makes sense.  The worst part is that I’m not freaking out. I should be freaking out, but I’m fine.  Peachy even.


I’m honestly more freaked out by this whole “College Prep School” I’m in.  It just feels weird to have a school between secondary school and college. Yet I have no idea why I find that odd.  It might just be the people who I’m pretty sure aren’t people in the classic sense of the word. At least not human.


Beyond all of this I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve somehow forgotten something, something important, a lot of somethings actually.  Whatever happened when Mr. Saber Toothed Human attacked me, has started changing me. My poor ceiling didn’t deserve to be barbequed. Rest in peace my friend.  


At least I now know for sure that my apartment has spiders.  Big hairy ones. With eyes. So many eyes.


End log.’

Author’s note.  Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but a living planet destroyer loses his memory and walks into a bar . . . and you pretty much have the plot right there.  You can go home now.


This story is probably going to end up sort of slice of life but it will get mature rather fast.  A dude gets incinerated in the prologue.

10 Rules for Surviving The Cultivation World

10 Rules for Surviving The Cultivation World

Original Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Magic Wuxia Satire

When your typical muscular, strong, non-webnovel-addicted teen is possessed by a soul from the cultivation world, he somehow survives and uses the knowledge he absorbed to begin cultivating. Too bad Earth has almost no spiritual qi. Thus he begins his plan to send his soul over to the cultivation world where his adventueres truly begin, of course, that is after he makes sure to follow the sacred 10 rules.

Beware, for no young master like actions are tolerated. 

The 10 Rules for Surviving the Cultivation World

  1. Stay away from silk pants young masters
  2. Don’t let pride only get in the way.
  3. Don’t act like an MC.
  4. Don’t accept troublesome inheritances.
  5. Don’t fight over life changing treasures, just steal it.
  6. Don’t let people know who you are when you steal things.
  7. Never assume a person’s strength based on their cultivation
  8. Don’t sell unknown and probably super OP items at auction. You will die.
  9. Never kill anyone who will have an endless stream of family who will hunt you down.
  10. If (9) doesn’t work, just don’t get caught.
Humanity's Ruin

Humanity's Ruin

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic High Fantasy

Humanity has managed to cook up the perfect storm for mayhem: war, murder, rape, poverty, slavery, destruction, carnage, abandonment. The list only seems to grow with time. Tensions rise across country borders, while morality plummets to an all-time low. There seems to be no hope left in this world as humans begin to lose faith in the Gods. After receiving a troubling prophecy from the future, the Gods have thought of one last way to save their creation. Not only do two young humans have to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, but they also have to clean and care for it too. On the journey to create paradise on earth, they meet many friends, enemies, and comrades along the way. 

Author's Note

I will most likely update this summary later when I find the words that reflect my vision of this story more precisely. This is meant to just be a foundation for a refined version later on. I don't claim to be a writer, much less a phenomenal narrative one, but I wanted to practice a bit more of my hobby on this website. I tried to write a story a few years ago, but I didn't love it, so I eventually abandoned it. Hopefully, I can try again and develop something I enjoy.

The Game:  Dragons & Demons

The Game: Dragons & Demons

Fan Fiction Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Profanity Gore Fan Fiction

Anybody like the fantasy world genre?

Well Alan dosent.

He hates it.

Killing dragons is terrifying.

And just because he can level up dosent make it any less dangerous.

Reincarnated in cultivation world

Reincarnated in cultivation world

Fan Fiction Action Fantasy Reincarnation Fan Fiction High Fantasy

Dies and gets an offer of 10 wishes from God. He gets reincarnated into a boy who is called a failure as he is still at first lvl of body forging and was 15 where others are at leasr 3rd. See how he reached pina

Our story involves about what wishes he asked and what he does with it.

Pls enjoy fully .

I will try to make it 1k words as I use moblim it is hard to do it with.



Fan Fiction Fantasy Sci-fi Reincarnation Non-Human lead Magic Fan Fiction Villainous Lead
How to make a Multiverse 101

How to make a Multiverse 101

Original Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Supernatural Magic Anti-Hero Lead Mythos Ruling Class

The cover is not mine, all credit goes to the original creator.


What happens when a being creates a multiverse? What happens when he gets bored? Well, why don't we find out?


Hey so umm, my other two 'books' I guess are either on hiatus or dropped, I may pick up BDR at a letter date, but I probably will make a chapter or two for Book Of Chaos (BOC), BDR was mostly an outlet for ideas I had, then I sorta ran out of ideas.... Umm. BOC I was planning on rewriting because I had a plot idea then it sort of went off the rails.

The Dumpling

The Dumpling

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity Gore

Leonard Benzen had a dream, since the day he was born his eyes wandered to places around him. He sought to view all of it within that one life. This is his path!

Image found online


Chapter Length: 500-1500 words 

Chapters Per Week: 1-2

Tetrad Triumph

Tetrad Triumph

Original Adventure Romance Contemporary School Life Male Lead Strong Lead Profanity

Leo was your typical nerd, never did anything, had perfect grades, was on his way to the best high school in his area, and had only one friend. He was pretty contempt with his life, and everything always went in the direction he thought it would. He believed nothing could stop his perfect flow. This all changed due to an unfortunate circumstance which caused him to forcibly be put into a boarding school for "troubled" youth. Now for the next four years of his life, he has to deal with a new environment and things longer going as he thinks they will. He must learn to grow and adapt out of his old mindset to not only face his new school but to eventually face what is life. 

The Trials & Tribulations of Roland Faltyr

The Trials & Tribulations of Roland Faltyr

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Profanity High Fantasy

Follow the adventures of Roland Faltyr as he grows and discovers his place in the magical world of Io!

Expect a full synopsis to come in the near future, for now it's going to be left bare. Keep in mind when critiquing or reviewing that this is my first story, but nonetheless lay it on me. I want to create a grand world of intrigue, wonder, and of course a heavy dose of hard magic. I intend for this story to feel like a somewhat mythical adventure as Roland grows from being a languorous youth, to eventually become known as the Great Sage of the era.

My greatest hope in doing this is just to improve the quality of my writing. Once I've gone far enough into the story I'll most likely pay for a professional edit to help turn the novel into one fluid, cohesive whole and re-upload it here. Expect a couple uploads a week, as I work full time and have several sport club commitments.

Thanks for reading!

Rehabilitation of the Arrogant Young Master

Rehabilitation of the Arrogant Young Master

Original Comedy Drama Psychological Reincarnation Portal Fantasy / Isekai Male Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Wuxia Satire Villainous Lead

In a standard Wuxia world, can the Arrogant Young Master break free of his stereotype? Can he redeem himself in not only the eyes of the woman he has fallen for, but of his family and clan?

His sins are numerous, his enemies as uncountable as the stars

Can he endure the trials?

Or will he once more fall?

This is dropped

This is dropped

Original Psychological Short Story Contemporary


Never mind. I'll come back to this later.

Reborn: Journeyman

Reborn: Journeyman

Original Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Portal Fantasy / Isekai Male Lead Magic Satire GameLit High Fantasy Dungeon

**This title will be pulled down as soon as it publishes on Amazon. It was published in its entirety during its work in progress stage, and only the first chapter will remain after it is published on Amazon. It is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. 

We continue with Ed's journey as he levels up from apprentice to journeyman. When Lord Abraxas wants Ed to be surrendered after seizing the Village of Gilmore, Ed has no choice but to flee. With the help of his father and the companionship of his friends from Draererth, they find themselves in the Enchanted Forest being tracked by bounty hunters. Tasked with gathering items for the obvious battle ahead, the party must find their way. First, they must find the Book with No Name and Ed must master 13 spells in order to defeat the Demon Lord. Second, they're going to need a map to the magi staff. Finally, Ed will need to find the magi staff to elevate his spell level, so he will at least stand a chance with Lord Abraxas. This has all of the adventure and bad jokes from Reborn: Apprentice mixed in with more lore about the Abyss and how the Demon Lord found his way out of it.



Original Adventure Fantasy Psychological Male Lead Anti-Hero Lead


Legend: The Beginning

Legend: The Beginning

Original Adventure Fantasy Horror LitRPG Short Story Male Lead Magic

When Hamon, a curious twelve-year-old experiments with necromancy, what could go wrong? Short answer: a lot! And it involves a lich!

Hamon had a hard time finding his place in the world. Nothing seemed to be going the way he wanted. His good pal, Elliot, in an effort to look out for him introduced him to the path of necromancy. Elliot was the son of a respected necromancer and would become one himself. 

Hamon became entranced by the power necromancers had but did not realize the fine line they must walk not to cross over to the dark side.

Hamon's exploration led him to a life-altering encounter with a Lich and a Banshee, who coincidentally have a complicated past with Hamon's dear friend, Elliot. Will Hamon chose the path of a necromancer?

Find out what Hamon chooses in Legend: The Beginning.

Written Worlds

Written Worlds

Original Action Adventure Psychological Sci-fi
Fallen Alenora

Fallen Alenora

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Multiple Lead Characters Magic Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Once, Alenora was a rich and prosperous land free of conflict and suffering. People of all races lived together in peace, accepting all walks of life.

However that would be their downfall. With no conflicts the magic in the land was never used for violence. And when the very land cracked in half, the people of Alenora had nothing to defend themselves with.

Hundreds of years have passed since the fall of Alenora and the world appeared dire. Much of the land had died off and over half of the entire population was wiped out. Much of the land lost its life and fertility and the eyes of its citizens were dead and lifeless.

Salvation was but a faint dream now.


Note - While not all chapters will have explicit content, it will come up occasionally. The chapters with explicit content will be labeled as such with brackets [].

And Again

And Again

Original Adventure Fantasy Reincarnation Supernatural Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Villainous Lead

Finch is just a regular girl, who sometimes feels the desperate need to go places and has amazing, impossible things happen to her. That's regular, right? Okay, maybe not. Things just get weirder for her when she befriends a fellow named Damh, who is more purple than human.

Dancing On The Knife's Edge

Dancing On The Knife's Edge

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Supernatural Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity Low Fantasy Urban Fantasy Mythos

Heaven vs Hell. Hell is winning. A few brave ones, stand up to the evil and fight, for the good of us all.
In these times of modern day era, people don't believe evil to be represented physically by living creatures and beasts, devils and demons. They are wrong. One guy sees it as it is: Satan is winning. Big time. Being a rather unortodox believer in God, Father Raque battles evil where he finds it, tracks down baddies and try live his life in harmony with the Divine Essence, most refer to as God. His alternative hippie-like approach of life, caused him to be expelled from organized worship of his deity. After years of seeking evil, his band of Brother are now dissolved, him being the sole survivor. Fate then gives him what he needs the most. An apprentice. Trouble is, she's not eager to follow in his footsteps.

The epic battle between good and bad, heaven and hell. People are turning away from the true faith and instead focusing on fame, fashion and luxurious lifestyles. Some are different. Very few choose to do something active about it. They are our last stand.

Throne of Beasts and Blades

Throne of Beasts and Blades

Original Fantasy Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Profanity Gore


This is a story of a goddess of assassins, beasts and mythical creatures.