• Dawn of the Phoenix

    Dawn of the Phoenix

    10 pages by as505

    Ravenbourne. A lagre, dry, and ruthless dessert, where only the most wicked of creatures could exist. 300 years ago, cities and comunities started to form there, filled by hunters who wanted to hunt only the deadliest, and most profitable pray. A hunters dream was always the same; to kill a phoenix. The large creature looked like a dead bird, with fire licking it's razor sharp wings. It's blood could provide rapid healing and higtened reflexes, while the bones could make the sharpest, lightest on most durable weapons.  

    Of cource, this golden age of wealth and prosperity could only last so long, and when the last pheonix was slain, and the last drop of blood lost, Ravenbourne crumbled into a pit filled with violence and gangs, where only the strongest would survive.

  • Broken Mind

    Broken Mind

    3 pages by PieWizard

    What happens to cause a broken mind?  How do you deal with it?  Is it possible to become better or are you going to be forced to relive yourself breaking over and over again?  This is a story of an individual that may snap, break, or crumble. They may learn about the world and the atrocities that take place.  The people, good and bad, are in power and some can hold his fate in their hands.

    Reminder for if you ignored the warnings, there may be unsettling content.  This content may go deeper later on and I advise you to keep this in consideration.  This is a story I made for the other ideas I have that don't quite fit for my other story.  Enjoy.

  • Zombie X Rpg World

    Zombie X Rpg World

    15 pages by shinydecapod

    Raziel a normal 23 year old, asian male. Got warp in an alternate post apocalyptic zombie world. Will he be able to survive in a world where everything is in chaos.Where humanities law and policy as well as the government no longer holds. Watch him as he struggles and get accustom to where killing someone for a piece of moldy bread is the norm.

    I got warp in a different world by a scammer who claims to be the God of Entertainment. At least he was nice enough to give me Game like abilities.

  • The Rockbeast

    The Rockbeast

    4 pages by DeepChicken
    A boy is hit by a car one day and is reincarnated as some sort of creature. Join him on his journey as he discovers what he has become and how to survive in this new world; and body.
  • Feirut's One-shots

    Feirut's One-shots

    17 pages by Feirut

    A list of one-shots/ short stories that I made whenever I have the time.


    placed all warning tags just in case.

  • Spatial Aardum

    Spatial Aardum

    8 pages by FoxTrotPvP

    In a small village, an orphan is found to have a unique talent. An old master living by the woods picks him up and shows him the ropes. Once his training is complete, he returns to his village to find it ablaze! Follow our socially awkward MC on his path through world, as he takes on everyone and everything that stands in his path!

  • Twinmage of Xar

    Twinmage of Xar

    12 pages by slowbro243

    Charles is a Twinmage, able to use the two magic systems of the binary planets known as the Twins. He is both a Spellweaver and a Runemage. He is currently part of the space colonization project that is being funded by the Alliance. 

    An accident happens during the testing of the starship he helped design and instead of exploring his own star system he crash lands on a planet in another system. 

  • The Game of Reincarnation

    The Game of Reincarnation

    4 pages by SquareWell

    In many cases; it's living a new life with no regrets. A happy and new journey.


    But what happens when you carry all the sins of your old life?

  • Appetizing Magic

    Appetizing Magic

    0 pages by Killdude


    Zuri Lasher never had a great past. Misfortune seems to be his only friend since the day he came into the world. Thrown out at 2, abused by the cold nature of society, forced to thievery and begging, his future seemed bleak, desolate, and short. One day, from the pity of those above, he meets an old man who takes him in and shows him the real world outside the slums. A world where magic was omnipotent and those who wield it were respected and revered. The old man told him tales of heroes and the wonders of magic.

    Suffering from hunger at the time Zuri earnestly asked, "Magic... Is it..Tasty?"

  • Your future Thoughts

    Your future Thoughts

    0 pages by bluebug

    Who are you?

    You certainly are not you yourself.

    Forget that own man as you read the thoughts you will have to confront.

  • Lys [Español]

    Lys [Español]

    47 pages by Cane Twentynine


    En este mundo de fantasía y magia, donde el alma es la fuente de todo poder sobrenatural, y aquellos con una afinidad distinta deben luchar contra sus propios sentimientos a medida que su alma crece en poder. Mientras algunos encuentran fortaleza en la religión, otros lo hacen en sus propios instintos.

    Sigue la historia de una mujer con un pasado problemático que busca alcanzarle nuevamente para quitarle toda paz que pueda encontrar. Revive su historia pasada y lo que le llevo a terminar como viajera por el mundo mientras lucha contra sus propios sentimientos y deseos, intentando encontrar un equilibrio y una solución para su caótica vida.



    In this world of fantasy and magic, where the soul is the source of all supernatural power, and those with a different affinity must fight against their own feelings as their soul grows in power. While some find strength in religion, others do so in their own instincts.

    Follow the story of a woman with a troublesome past that seeks to reach her again to take away any peaceful moment she might find. Relive her past history and what led her to end up as a traveler in the world while fighting against her own feelings and wishes, trying to find a balance and a solution for her chaotic life.


  • The Element's Plane

    The Element's Plane

    16 pages by InsaneManDan
    This is my first real story on this site so hopefully it is to your liking.

    The story starts in the continent, Esdule, which lies in between the Earth and Fire capitals. Nenos, the main character, is part of the arena battle to begin. Both combatants must use the limited time they have before their paper plane hits the ground. This is where the story begins.
  • School Dreams

    School Dreams

    2 pages by bludvein

    Looking back, Christian Grady has always regretted his wasted school years that were totally without dreams. When a fatal car accident strikes him, he wakes up 20 years in the past with no clue what to do. How would he change things?

  • Nameless


    1 pages by Jumbo

    A legendary thief. Stealing numerous countries treasures and robbing in the hundreds. A thief, pickpocket, burgler, bandit. Due to discriptions of him never matching each other, his face is unknown. His name was never reported or heard of. Some say he is a ghost, a devil, a legendary thief. Some say he doesn't exist. Some say he has wings. Some say he is a normal man. Some say he is silent as a grave and unassuming as a shadow. Some say his aura itself exudes fear. He is the bringer of plague, famine, poverty, strife. He is ransacker of cities, bane of armies.

    He is Nameless

  • The incidents of a loser

    The incidents of a loser

    20 pages by deussonata

    Just a little more effort, and maybe you could have finished it. Just a slight push from behind, and maybe you could have arrived at the finish line. Just a tad bit of this or that, and maybe the end result would have been different. There's a lot of things that you could have done, but will it even matter? At the end of the day, I will still be the one on top. A young man had told them that, as he nonchalantly stares at them. Because...

    He is the oddity that can never lose.

    (On hold in the meantime)

  • the true king novel

    the true king novel

    3 pages by sultanevil

    In the world of wisdom, three different factions had lead the dominance. The Humans, The monsters, and The Djinn . Each species had their own form and charm.

  • Battle Of The Gods

    Battle Of The Gods

    6 pages by ApolloEclipz

    a young lazy boy who cares about nothing and is sick to the bone of life and sick of everything but what awaits him will open his eyes

  • The Beast Of Nightmare

    The Beast Of Nightmare

    3 pages by 216581

    What happens when a young soul born of nature sweet embrace sees what has happened to his mothers world  What happens when this young soul is given a craving of power. what happens when Mother nature refuses to change her way of life. When other gods choose to change nature what happens if nature can't be changed what would happen when this young soul becomes something that should never exist when something so ferocious so powerful that it challenges the way of life. What should not have been done has been done what shall be will be what shall come will come when the beast is awake there is no escape the only option is to close your eyes and pray to whatever being you pray to and hope the beast is full.

  • A legend of Jean Roseblood Saga: The grave digger

    A legend of Jean Roseblood Saga: The grave digger

    6 pages by Mojito

    A story constantly changing between future and present tenses, the story starts off with the mc talking about a time before he/she took control. Before they became an ultimate power in all of space and time. 

  • Escape


    2 pages by thane5001
    Its a one shot coz i have no idea how to continue this so any sort of description/summary would just give away the entire thing.

    Most simply put, its a short story of a man running for his life.

    Mature tag for violence
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