• Choice of life

    Choice of life

    0 pages by ebradl2

    More of a poem than a story. No specific prose.

  • Concord's Estate Disaster

    Concord's Estate Disaster

    16 pages by Freddy
    A man aged and scarred by his eye's of his past chases after the Jewel Killer that started all of this,
    little did he know he would have to go back to where it all started and relieve his horrors if he want's answers he has been chasing for nearly 20 years.
    and this time, he is determined to let those around him not die like the first time.

    This is my first try at something like this (I’m so knew at this I don’t even know what you call it) but anyways besides the point, I am making a story just because I need some experience on story telling to help further progress my understanding in speech, emotion, and overall more knowledge upon the subject of my words can convey to a reader.

    so any constructive criticism is helpful and welcome.
  • World Of The Strong

    World Of The Strong

    0 pages by Cerberos

    Young man living on Ernius world of the strong trying to survive with all his might.

    Spening all his days scavenging for food he developed a greed for power and wealth so he would never again have to bow his head or go hungry.

    He steps outside of the safety of city walls to experience the world.

    Towards endless adventures.

  • The Carnomacer Series

    The Carnomacer Series

    1 pages by Talented Mustard
    I'm an amateur author; so lay it on me. I love them Criticisms.

    a Series of Books regarding the Life of Gerod, a seemingly normal 17-year old who had been thrown to the world of Magic.

    The Carnomancer Book 1: The Art of Flesh

    The Carnomancer Book 2: The Art of Blood

    The Carnomancer Book 3: The Art of Un-death

    The Carnomancer Book 4: (Pending)
  • Forsaken


    12 pages by The_Lost_Void

    I was just a normal man, who had a normal life, and had just endured a normal, boring day of work. I had heard somewhere back in my old world that good things never last, even if I didn’t think that day was good. Looking back now though, I would have prefered these normal days where I worked with my girlfriend. Back when I was still ignorant about my future. Back when everyone I knew was alive. Back when I wasn’t forced into this world of horrors. 


    Author’s Note:

    Hello everybody, all yalls, home slices, or even tater tots if I’m feeling generous. Anyways, this will be my first story and will pretty much be a pallet that I can use to paint my ideas upon. Meaning its not about you, unless enough people want more chapters. I’ll try what another author did in Forever After and make the 18+ chapters side stories. Welp, thats it, I hope all yall home slice tater tots will love my story.

  • Pantheos


    5 pages by Xanxos
    Pantheons bless the few who shall inherit their gifts, at 18 years of age they are sent to the Pantheos campus in the North Atlantic to temper their gifts and set their future in motion.

    When this year someone not blessed by a God is sent an invitation breaking years of tradition.

    Updates are sporadic and pretty much when the desire to write hits me
  • Abomination's Ambition

    Abomination's Ambition

    1 pages by whereami

    Peace, an ideal sought by many but hard to acquire, payment of blood and flesh must be paid.

    Over a 100years of wars reigned on the world of Kalimdor and peace was finally achieved, a great hero, summoned forth from a world on a distant star, sacrificed their life to defeat the great demon lord.

    And peace had arrived.


    Centuries passed and one being cursed this everlasting peace, Death was unsatisfied, it needed the souls of the deceased to empower itself, and this peace angered it. It had once been an almighty God but now it's powers where waining, sensing this the other gods chose to eliminate it and take over the cycle of death and rebirth themselves.

    But Death did not want to give them the satisfaction, it fashioned a vessel using the blood and flesh of many magical creatures, and filled the vessel with its own power. All it needed now was a soul, which was called from the depths of the void, the blackest of souls, and dropped the vessel down to Kalimdor.

    "I have set in motion that which may bring the end ...... Go forth abomination, even the gods can't stop you ...... What you do is up to you, but be warned your existence will not be welcome in this world, so fight and take what you desire ..... Leave and bloody trail behind you and never look back"


    Don't know how often I will update.

  • Legend of the Reincarnator

    Legend of the Reincarnator

    30 pages by Mapan



  • Zaldizko


    0 pages by Veronica Purcell

    "I'll find a way to save my brother. Do whatever the hell you want. I'm stealing your guns."

    Famine is a man determined to save his three brothers after they were tragically separated when a magical fire destroyed their monastery home. He finds himself in a foreign city called Apocalypse. There he falls in with the Evadale Knight Order security group, which guards the Hell's Labyrinth prison facility. The prison's system goes haywire upon his arrival.

    Amongst prison chaos, Famine learns that his missing brothers are somewhere within the area. He'd do anything to reunite his family, even if it meant fighting malignant redback spiders and a mind-sucking demon. The fights he faces may be more than he can handle.

    This is volume one of the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles.

    It begins.

  • A Vorrgistadt Shard - Shaeullyn: A Child Lost to Time

    A Vorrgistadt Shard - Shaeullyn: A Child Lost to Time

    0 pages by SovereignofAshes

    Set in the not-too-distant past of the Vorrgistadt Saga.

    New synopsis on its way.

  • Deus Vult

    Deus Vult

    5 pages by TheScreamingBacon

    Jon de Payens, a young knight of the New Order of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem, an organisation that deals with more than it looks, dies fighting a vampire that threats to destroy the city of Philadelphia. But for Jon, his death may be another opportunity, a opportunity to being the grand knight that he always dreamed on becoming.


    A.N: This is my first time writhing, and English is not my first language so please help me to make this story better.

  • God's World - Interactive Story

    God's World - Interactive Story

    1 pages by AppleSoda
    You have been brought from a far away world. You are one of the chosen ones. Spin on the wheel, and watch if destiny shines back at you.


    Interactive story - You will choose how the story will play out: Your choices can lead to riches, glory, and success. But it can also lead to failure, despair, and death.

    Wish to learn more?

    Then read chapter one...


    May contains gore, sex, and mature language. You have been warned.
  • Yeo-na and the Fox god

    Yeo-na and the Fox god

    5 pages by lolahrunda

    Taiki is a powerful aristocratic creature from the demon realm, known for countless ruthless acts. He swore within himself to avoid having a shared fate with humans which he considers as inferior beings.....

  • A Tale of Ashes and Gods

    A Tale of Ashes and Gods

    15 pages by Gimba
    Our good goblin fellow was just born and it was as if he just woke up from a hazy weird dream. He doesn't understand the life around him and why he is so different from his kin, even though they look the same.

    He is not the strongest or the fastest, but he is quick-witted and smart, much different from everyone else. To make things worse, he has filled with weird dreams and a strong desire to accomplish great things that even him doesn't what it is.

    Accompany our nameless little goblin in his journey to understand himself and explore the world around him that seems so interesting and exciting. To him at least, everyone else just seems to want to eat, shit and mate.
  • Primordial Abyss

    Primordial Abyss

    0 pages by Imperial Lightning

    For aeons those with true power ruled, but one day everything changed. Thousands of years later we find Adam Osyrys beginning to awaken his true self. Will Adam lead humanity into the future and reclaim lost secrets of the past, or fall into the abyss of nothingness. 

    Only Time will tell.

  • Kane's Journey

    Kane's Journey

    3 pages by AppleSoda
    This story is about Kane. He has lived thousands of years, protecting his people at all times. At the present, he is bored. It was more than hundreds of years ago since there were any wars or conflicts.

    Luckily, something happens. A group of humans tries to invade the country. They are easily subdued, but it still wakes the curiosity of Kane. A few hundreds of years ago, Humans were extremely weak and could barely survive.

    A war-comrade successfully convinces Kane to take a break and explore the world for the first time. This is the journey of Kane, The Lord.
  • Twilight's Anthem ( TTAM )

    Twilight's Anthem ( TTAM )

    9 pages by Koeji Sllycc

    Upon hearing its name, they shuddered. Finally, they regretted messing with him. They laughed at him, snorted, underestimated him, filled with disdain, contempt, and scorn. By the century of talents, The Forbidden Anthem was played once again. The day that happened, [ The Heaven Supreme ] was ripped apart. That day, everyone, even the gods, realized just how much they have neglected...

    That so-called 'Insect' they have been playing with. Never had they thought, that another of Erudite Primrosse's children would topple the world down once again. Neither have they thought that it would be [ The Twilight Anthem ] being featured in the premieres.

    The whole story, however, started then...

    To put it bluntly, Riku Yamato's life was sh*t. Why might you ask? His mother's a whore and his father was a drunk. While his father kept beating him up, his mother was out with a rich lackey. Sadly, Riku 'did' have friends. His only friends had dumped him already, and apparently, their friendship was fake. Depressingly, on the very same day, Riku Yamato had been run over by a truck, therefore, ending his pitiful life. Then how did it 'started' if he died?

    Riku Yamato, an 18-year-old 'Japanese Student', a loser at school, a bipolar wimp, is about to embark on a journey across death. A journey, he had unintentionally wished for. A journey, he had never asked for. A journey of remembrance. Reliving the pain of losing someone, the suffering of being toyed by others, hundreds-of-times more dreadful. Transporting him into a fantasy-like world, as an enslaved monster, a [ Beeman Slave ].

    In other words, reincarnation... Crépuscule No.99 Opus 144...

    [ Unloading Memory... ]

    [ Memory Successfully Unloaded! ]


    1 Chapter / Day or 4 - 8 Chapters / Week | 1 - 5 ( Edited ) Chapters / Day | 1 - 4 ( Extra ) Chapters / Sunday
    { LE } is for ( Lightly Edited ), { E } is for ( Edited ) Chapters, { CE } is for ( Closely Edited ). Please keep watch of the signs people!
    Average of 3000 Words / Chapter
    I will also be posting on Webnovel, so say hi to me if you happen to pass by!
    <=>11/09/18 - Birth of Koeji Sllycc's beloved novel, 'The Legend of The Lightning Emperor ( TLLE )'


    Please read my other novels! - Crown of Sin ( COS ) - https://www.webnovel.com/book/12086163005903005/Crown-of-Sin

  • Vamport: Classics

    Vamport: Classics

    5 pages by Tagraman
    What happens when you face a series of vampire which are dedicated to a particular game. Will you place yourself before others to take up these vampires challenge? Raiku Hotaru, a highschool kid with a false criminal charges, with the help of his friends takes up these challenges to protect his contractors.
    (P.S. ~ I am new to writing, so if you guys can tell me on what to improve please do so - Thanks)
  • The Chrononaut's Dilemma

    The Chrononaut's Dilemma

    3 pages by AccelIndie

    All he ever wanted to be was something more than mundane but that never truly happened.

    All he ever did was wait but it never helped.

    Then his future seemed to disappear as his fate seemed sealed.

    Then the gate opened and he fell from the sky.

    Everything was different here even him but that was the worst part.

  • Ragnarok Cycle

    Ragnarok Cycle

    111 pages by shimonickaiser66
    This story's about basically in a way humans possessing powers of all the mythological gods across various mythologies. Its just like mix of all gods across various mythologies, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse etc. It's like my first story I guess, so let me know how it goes.

    P.S. This is not a synopsis so you don't have to treat it as such. I will write a synopsis later but currently I feel this is an apt description of what I've written so yeah.

    P.P.S. So ok I've actually decided to split this into arcs. We're in the first arc now currently actually and I'm basically doing some world development and character development which I find is vital for this story. Anyhow the real show will start fairly soon.
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