• Sentinel : Book 2.5

    Sentinel : Book 2.5

    75 pages by Oscardela45

    Book two. the Continuation of broken. This is a kinda filler but still has content I consider realavant but it's not super important. I'll also be posting what is meame to be book two but will just be called book three soon. This book is just kinda more intro and story background on how things end up later. But yeah expect me just bleasting chapers at random or almost always Friday and sorry for the big wait my Bros computer died so I couldn't update but yeah back at it again. 

  • Anno Domini

    Anno Domini

    13 pages by LVL. 1 SUBSIDY

    (first time writing, please go easy on me.)

    About a guy who goes to war represtening his family. 

    Past members of the family are respected, and have somewhat of an infuence.

    He goes to war, something bad happens. (that'll be far in the story before that happens btw.)

    Read At Your Own Risk:



  • Before the Blessings

    Before the Blessings

    2 pages by Thomas Davidsmeier

    This is a prequel novella for Blessings and Trials, the Christian Fantasy novel, but you don't have to have read that first.

    Wyddol is an assassin with magical powers, but he has second thoughts about his next assignment.

    The Eater of the Unwanted is a fallen angel on a mission. But, these pesky natives aren't cooperating.

    Laeto and Lythia have just met. They're from different parts of Imperial society, but they seem to make a perfect match.

    Haliel is a faithful angel. He just wants to do what his Lord has commanded. But, the world is an evil place, and doing God's will isn't as easy as it might seem.

    Vanlig and his family are on the run. No place is safe for Sojourners now. Will he be able to guide his wife and children to a haven in this stormy world?

    These stories explore how these characters got into the places you'll find them at the beginning of Blessings and Trials.


  • House of Omen: The Sheriff Of Langerhans

    House of Omen: The Sheriff Of Langerhans

    25 pages by theonionjunktion

    Our world is big, theirs is unfathomable. In Phios be it kings or emperors, all have to bow down to the might of the World Army. Its influence stretches across the entire continent and is virtually unmatched, due to the existence of a certain group of beings; Sheriffs.They can smite armies, split mountains and dry up seas with but a wave of their hand.

    The path to becoming a Sheriff in nigh impossible; filled with constant bloodshed, but if completed then one opens the door to become a god amongst men.

    Luc Wood intends to be the first person to take the safe route and succeed. Starting in the corrupt city of Langerhans based deep within the remote southern rainforests, Luc intends to forge a destiny that others would be forced to accept regardless of the methods he takes.

    The reluctant Forever Flowering King had no idea how long this nickname would plague him and his story would become one of the greatest legends in Langerhans, Phios and beyond.

  • Nyon


    2 pages by moonfangx2

    Nyon has always wanted to be a Superhero , unfortunately he didnt get his chance with his past life

    peharps this time will be different.......

  • Lost Days

    Lost Days

    4 pages by LVL. 1 SUBSIDY

    (This story is just me testing the waters so dont expect too much. Critisism is accepted. In moderaion.)

    A man named Raziel is troubled. He feels different. The same but different. Like wearing the same shirt, only with a different color. He tries to find out what it is that is wrong.

  • The Crow Girl

    The Crow Girl

    6 pages by Aprikose

    Short story.

    A zombie girl awakens in a forest and is greeted by a hungry crow. But before being devoured, there is still something that she must do.

  • Tainted Ashes

    Tainted Ashes

    0 pages by Richard S. O'Day

    On the small island kingdom of Dreven, magic and danger go hand in hand. For a group of sellswords, a run-of-the-mill job turns out to be something far more sinister. Sometimes while questing to pay the bills, you accidentally save the world. 

  • Currently Living in My White Binder, With Constitution Paper Dividers

    Currently Living in My White Binder, With Constitution Paper Dividers

    0 pages by Sidney_F_Nightingale

    A collection of not so short stories, set in a series of neighboring countries. With a habit of introducing questions that won't be answered for more then a little of the characters lives. Seriously, It's been over a year and they are not getting anywhere with the whole eyes thing (that'll be the black divider's series). So welcome, the cast can form their own opinions of you. 

  • The Felix Story

    The Felix Story

    18 pages by KittyGee
    Your name is Felix MacDonald, and to be honest you're kind of an absolute train wreck right now. Your story starts with you curled up on your apartment floor, too anxious to make it out the door to work, still reeling from your most recent breakup with not one but two boyfriends, barely making rent, barely functioning at all, and realizing that after a lifetime of poor decisions and bad luck, you have finally hit rock bottom.


    For the first time in your life, you decide you should probably do something about that.


    And so begins your so-called journey to recovery, though you're not the type to call it that. You have your one remaining partner RJ supporting you on one side, your metamour Taylor on the other, a thimbleful of hope at your back, and the weight of your world and your unresolved issues pressing in on all sides. You're not even sure if you can change anything at this point in your life, but to be fair, when you've reached rock bottom, the only way you can possibly go is up.
  • Little Tommy

    Little Tommy

    0 pages by Maisoni

    Little Tommy once lived in a peaceful village in harmony, then everyting changed when the Fire Nation Enemies? attacked!

  • The Beginning- Breath of War

    The Beginning- Breath of War

    52 pages by rashed1212

    The Beginning: Breath of War tells the story of young man wandering through a ravaged post-apocalyptic world in search of his younger brother. Faced with brutality, death and pain from both humans and the fantasy creatures that have invaded his world, he changes.

    Togran Ka an Orc Warlord and conqueror of many lands finds himself embroiled in ancient rivalries and blood feuds. His attempts to reunify the Orc clans and adapt to the humans use of technology causes much division and unrest among the clans. But his greatest fear is that the Orcs will lose their ways and become just like the humans they hunt into extinction.

    Cora a spirited ranger with skills in stealth and ambush heads out with her squadron to protect her settlement. Only to learn of an even greater threat to her home...

  • The Watcher's Call

    The Watcher's Call

    37 pages by Heart_Storm

    Joshua Stone, a fourteen year old boy, lives a normal life on a completely normal planet. All of this changed when he hit his fifteenth birthday. There, he was offered a choice all kids his age gets: Either work for the Capitol government, or continue his schooling. Over the decision period, he has to come in terms with what he wants to be when he grows up. Little would he know that his decision would be forever felt by Capitol citizens and his family.

  • His Whispers

    His Whispers

    0 pages by klararaskaj

    There are truths we've brought to light, and there are those that still linger in utter darkness. Only bats may hear their sweet song. Only the blind may learn their secrets.
    Father lived there. In that dark, eerie castle, now shed of its colorful facade, and revealed for what it has always been. I decided to come back after nine years, hoping I could once again lie under the wings of his grace. With open arms, he took me in, and led me through its depths. But this once beautiful place revealed itself to be a festering pit of horrors.
    It was there. There, the truths in the dark hid from the rest of the world. And as I walked amongst dread and wretchedness, I could hear him whisper, guiding my fingers through the blackness.
    For nine years, I dreamt. For nine more years, I slept. That October, Father kissed me awake.
    This story will most likely remain an enigma to many. I dare not shame Father's word with unjust translations.
    But to all, there is one truth to this tale.
    A truth that remains, as it was before.
    It's just a veil.
    Nothing more.

  • Bloody shattering

    Bloody shattering

    5 pages by ShustG

    A young boy is enjoying his daily life while trying some supernatural stuff until someone that shouldn't be there ruins everything.

    This is a very short story with only one chapter.

  • Nagisa's Nee-chan

    Nagisa's Nee-chan

    4 pages by azyvli

    A sibling romantic(?) story with some comedic parts.

    Nagisa is a 16-year-old boy with parents that are never home and an older sister that seems to hate his guts. One day, his relationship with his sister is drastically changed.

  • The Shifting Seas

    The Shifting Seas

    2 pages by creepy_anime

    Follow Alex, a broken soul reborn into a new unfamiliar place.

    I don't update regularaly so don't expect much from me.

    Okay so for clarification this story is told from the point of view of a 6 year old child. Yes Alex is 6 and will stay in that mindset for a decent amount of time. 

  • The Monarchist Manifesto

    The Monarchist Manifesto

    5 pages by Royalist

    In a world where democracy is the only ideology ever made. 

    There will be a revolution. 

    There will be inequality. 

    There will be victory. 

    The One Who Started It All Is 28 y/o Marvellia Pearsen,A Person Who Has A Photographic Memory And A Great Mind And A Beautiful Body.

  • Mechatar


    5 pages by Solphestus

    A spaceship falls from the sky and crashes into a forest and is discovered by a hunter and his aprentice to which only a single survivor is found, a young girl. After taking the young girl home to their vilage they rather quickly welcome her into the comunity, despite her strangeness, and she becomes freinds with the hunter's aprentice and grandson along with many others. Join them as they bond and try to survive the situations the world throws them into as everything around them begins to decend into chaos, for not is as it seems.

  • Psychotic Break

    Psychotic Break

    18 pages by necrosis

    How far would you go to prove a theory? Would you sacrifice your friends, your lovers, or risk your own life all to find an answer to your obsession?

    Dr. Ma is obsessed with finding out the truth to why a seemingly normal person derailed and became a mass murderer. As he delves into finding clues, he consults with his deceased girlfriend's ghost for advice. 

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