• The Beast Of Nightmare

    The Beast Of Nightmare

    3 pages by 216581

    What happens when a young soul born of nature sweet embrace sees what has happened to his mothers world  What happens when this young soul is given a craving of power. what happens when Mother nature refuses to change her way of life. When other gods choose to change nature what happens if nature can't be changed what would happen when this young soul becomes something that should never exist when something so ferocious so powerful that it challenges the way of life. What should not have been done has been done what shall be will be what shall come will come when the beast is awake there is no escape the only option is to close your eyes and pray to whatever being you pray to and hope the beast is full.

  • Curse of the Immortal

    Curse of the Immortal

    28 pages by Skye_Empress

    "You can't tell me what pain is and what it's not. I've lived for thousands of years searching for her, longing for her smile, her touch. Waking up each morning not knowing where to go, where to look, but still holding on to that hope. That someday I will find her again, to make her happy and protect her from harm." Tears started to well up in his eyes as his voice became coarse. "Only to find out that in the end, I've already found her and yet I've caused her death... again."

    He knew that she died to protect the people she cared about... He wasn't powerful enough to break the chains that bound his life...

    "I may not be her nor will I ever be her, but you are the reason why I am still living." she was just a normal girl of the 21st century, but due to her soul, she was tasked to maintain the balance of the realms. Will she be able to fulfill her duty even if it means putting an end to the immortal?

  • Dominion in the Cerulean Sky

    Dominion in the Cerulean Sky

    10 pages by Judapeno


    In 2028 the planet earth is subjected to 'The Announcement' a message from beyond earth, one that heralds the dawn of an interstellar age and humanity's ticket to the cosmos and all it offers. There is a catch however, value must be earned in a game and humanity does not even know what it is yet.


    22 years later and the reverse engineering of the probe has grown earth's technology by leaps and bounds. Resource consumption is not the problem it once was and new innovations in learning and management have allowed the population to stabilize leading to earth's golden age.


    And yet the package delivered by the messenger probe still has not given up its secrets. By this point the people of earth have begun to wonder if they should even bother trying to join the intergalactic community, their protection was assured and things are fine as they are now. The package which in the beginning was fawned over by the scientists recruited by the United Countries of Earth is now studied when time allows by the professors at Unity University, the higher learning center attached to Edu a small city filled with schools built for the children of those who work for the world government.


    It was on a chilly August saturday that one of the professors did something no one had thought to do in the 22 years since the announcement, a seemingly inconsequential action culminating in humanity's first introduction to 'Dominion', the galaxies platform for its economy, politics and culture. Humanity thought they were on the cusp of a golden age... they were not even close. The game rewards they would find were far beyond anything they could have ever imagined. And all because one professor brought his son to work.


    Join Zen Tanaka as he and other pioneers like him unlock the secrets of Dominion.


    (Didn't make image)



  • Flesh and Soul

    Flesh and Soul

    6 pages by BetweenVoidAndAbyss

    Plucked out of detention by a mysterious force Lux finds himself stuck in a strange new body. He can’t see, can’t hear, and can’t smell. A strange voice tells him that he has unique skills like in some game, but Lux isn’t at all excited. He is more concerned that he has no idea where the hell he is and why everything feels so strange all of a sudden, almost like he doesn’t have any limbs…

  • Ascendancy


    12 pages by septiman


    A man who rose from nothing and was climbing his way to the top finds himself at the bottom of the pit once again. Becoming an orphan at six, after his father was shot and his mother committed suicide, he rose from poverty and broke through limits the world had set on him. And yet fate is a cruel one, teaching a lesson to those who do not know their place in the world. Dethroned from his rightful position and abandoned by those he cared for, he had hit rock like he had twenty seven years ago.

    Being thrown back to square one, he condemns the world for his misgivings, questioning why he was the victim of such unfortunate events.

    But  at the moment he was about to achieve his vengeance, the world stopped as he found himself enshrouded in white light and transported to foreign realm far different from the one he knew.

    A world where swords are used to vanquish enemies and where magic permeates everything, from the air people breathe to the water they drink.

    And now armed with only the clothes on his back, an odd looking status screen, and an unyielding resolve, that man will seek to defy fate once again.

    This is his story, as he does anything and everything in order to rise to top.

    This is the story of his Ascendancy.

  • Your future Thoughts

    Your future Thoughts

    0 pages by bluebug

    Who are you?

    You certainly are not you yourself.

    Forget that own man as you read the thoughts you will have to confront.

  • Nameless


    1 pages by Jumbo

    A legendary thief. Stealing numerous countries treasures and robbing in the hundreds. A thief, pickpocket, burgler, bandit. Due to discriptions of him never matching each other, his face is unknown. His name was never reported or heard of. Some say he is a ghost, a devil, a legendary thief. Some say he doesn't exist. Some say he has wings. Some say he is a normal man. Some say he is silent as a grave and unassuming as a shadow. Some say his aura itself exudes fear. He is the bringer of plague, famine, poverty, strife. He is ransacker of cities, bane of armies.

    He is Nameless

  • Limitless World: Revere Strength

    Limitless World: Revere Strength

    0 pages by wardragon

    Due to the evolution of the world, the universe was a huge place. Besides the one's other people knew about, there were a lot more. They was divided into "Five Great Realm's" which was catergorized into different grades. First, was the earthly realm. Second, was the heavenly realm. Third, was the divine realm. Fourth, was the god realm. Fifth, was the ancestor realm. Each was boundless and countless. Many experts emerged and strength was the right to speak. They cultivated not just heaven's dao. There was the rule and law to it, including stages beyond that. These were divine, grand, true, world, celestial, genesis, deva, star, and primal. The later level's was the principal, order, etc. After, that it was completely new stage. The essence of the world is comprehended. Every level has different corresponding energy that is tyrannical. A boy named Sei was abandoned by the clan swear to get stronger and stand at the pinnacle of the all realms. No one was going to control his life. So, he decided to take a chance. Even though he was born with a very powerful mind and strong, but without a suitable body it was all in vain. With that, he took his luck in a place called "Sky Blood Mountain Range". He actually found a incomparable rare medincial plant that transformed his body into the toppest talent. Being reborn, he wasn't going to waste it.l



  • The chains of Insanity

    The chains of Insanity

    2 pages by Mr.Stuffleskins

    Hello my name is steve, Steve Mallard. Now you're probably thinking something along the lines of "Steve Mallard? What kind of crappy name is that?" Well it's my name and I too think that it's a crappy name. But its what im stuck with so...yea.......what? you want to know what my story is about? Oh well why didn't you say so earlier?.....because i was telling you about my crappy name? I dont recall doing something like that...well whatever lets get to the story shall we?

    (please forgive me for any and all trash i toss into this story because it's my first time actually writing a story)


    Essentially my story is about me, and my ever so comfortable descent into madness.

  • The Impossible Magician

    The Impossible Magician

    10 pages by I Can Spell!

    In the Kingdom of Alderan there are Wizards, Knights, Monsters, Evil Mages and Great Heroes. This is a thriving country which is both respected as one of the powerhouses of the world. One of the reasons it is one of the strongest countries is that it has national magic tests where government officials will come to each town or homestead and test the newborn children's magical power. If their score is high enough they will be given a scholarship to the academy, but if not they will have to train and make it their on their own.

    This is a story about the son of the greatest weaponsmith of the past few centuries. This is the story of the boy who scored a 0 on his magic aptitude test. This is the story of the boy who became one of the creulest mages to ever be known. This is the story of the boy who would put his own soul on the line to become the stongest. This is the story of the Impossible Mage.

    Action, Drama, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance and Tragedy all rolled up into my first story. Unlike seemingly everyone else on this site english IS indeed my first language so if I royally goof up please someone point it out. I swear I Can Spell though... (GET IT BECAUSE OF MY NAME???)

  • The Irregulars

    The Irregulars

    2 pages by Clozed

    First I want to apologize for the various faults that may appear, since I'm not english. If it bothers you, I'll ask someone to correct it so please say so if it is a real problem.

    Then, the synopsis.


    A boy wake up in an unknow room and realize something : he can't remember anything but some theory on magic. In this room, nothing was there, just a bed and a mysterious hole that appears only at night in the wall from which he can sees two moons outside. There wasn't even a door. Unable to leave the room without a door, he decided to wait for an occasion to present itself to escape. Just one or two days after he woke up, an explosion occur and the boy managed one way or another to free himself from the room and escape. Once outside, he arrived in a forest. There, he encountered a silver wolf who said to him : "I saved you because we are alike. We're both Irregulars."

  • My Dearest Sarah

    My Dearest Sarah

    17 pages by Trav

    My Dearest Sarah is an alternative history short story (just shy of 5,000 words) set shortly after the American Colonies' independence from Great Britain. It focuses on a soldier named Sam Bradford with overtures of the actions that took place to bring about the present situation.


    I originally wrote this for several competitions and am now ready to submit it to this website to get valuable feedback. I have always been inspired by period writing styles and hope that the reader can feel transported to another time in our past.

  • Careless Wish

    Careless Wish

    71 pages by rusticsoldier

    eh another attemp at writing a possible realistic adventure tale.

  • Revant


    14 pages by Fufflybunny

    I am the god of war and also laziness....Wait is that even possible?!

  • Journal of General Frost

    Journal of General Frost

    9 pages by KenBoCole

    Leon Frost, grandson to the famous General Frost of the Adrian Empire, was playing around in his grandfather's study, when he discovered a secret compartment in his grandfather's desk. 

    In that compartment, he found a old, dusty, and worn leather bound journal. Filled with couriosity, he decided to read it. 

    This is what he read.



    16 pages by Saphirathefrostmaiden

    Summary: "When you lose everything you hold dear. When you don't have anything left to fight for. And when you feel the will to live in this world no longer – put this ring on your finger, close your eyes, and everything will be anew."

    Clenching the ring of gold and jade, Little Ming made his decision. He silently pushed the ring onto his finger and closed his eyes. 

    Genres: Magic, Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Martial Arts 


  • Hallowed


    16 pages by OriginalFox17

    Alice Greycraft worked as a waitress for a run down dinner. One night, while experiencing a slow crawl in business, a customer walks into the dinner and orders a cup of coffee. After Alice finishes her shift, she goes back to her crappy apartment and drifts off into a sleep, only to be awoken by a loud banging sound. Alice goes to investigate only to find out that it was the man that she had served in the dinner earlier. Alice now has been dragged into a battle that she didn't realised existed, a battle where she would be the spoils to whoever won.

  • Nobility, the online game

    Nobility, the online game

    22 pages by DamselInDistress

    Lucas has always been a strange kid. He wants nothing to do with anyone or anything, and all he seems to actively do is lay on grassy plains and enjoy the cool afternoon breeze, perhaps taking a nap on a tree's shadow or in his couch back home.

    Alone with no real friends, he wonders if there is something that could make him understand what other people feel and why they do what they do. Following a suggestion, he takes up a game called Nobility, a game that just might wrap a smile on his unexpressive face and change his views on life.



  • My Life as a Dungeon

    My Life as a Dungeon

    5 pages by Hakdort

    A newly born dungeon in a declining kingdom will it help bring the kingdom back from the brink. Will it become a dreaded demon dungeon and send wave after wave of monsters to conquer the world? Perhaps it will be killed and have its core sold only time will tell.

  • My Embarassing Life Story (Kindergarten)

    My Embarassing Life Story (Kindergarten)

    0 pages by Altersies

    My embarassing stories of life. Kindergarden Edition

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