• A Cruel World

    A Cruel World

    6 pages by Kronos

    A story of an unfortunate child, desperate to cure his bedridden mother.

    Afraid to be alone, this child would do whatever it takes for her mother, for only she protected and loved him while others shun and fear him as a monster birthed from the misfortune of others.

    Will he be able to cure his sickly mother? Or will he fall to despair after failing?

    Can he accept the inevitable fate that he will once again be alone in this unforgiving world?


    The story of a boy's struggle to become a man who can stand on his own two feet against the world and rebel against the fate that it bestowed upon him.

  • Twilight's Anthem ( TTAM )

    Twilight's Anthem ( TTAM )

    9 pages by Koeji Sllycc

    Upon hearing its name, they shuddered. Finally, they regretted messing with him. They laughed at him, snorted, underestimated him, filled with disdain, contempt, and scorn. By the century of talents, The Forbidden Anthem was played once again. The day that happened, [ The Heaven Supreme ] was ripped apart. That day, everyone, even the gods, realized just how much they have neglected...

    That so-called 'Insect' they have been playing with. Never had they thought, that another of Erudite Primrosse's children would topple the world down once again. Neither have they thought that it would be [ The Twilight Anthem ] being featured in the premieres.

    The whole story, however, started then...

    To put it bluntly, Riku Yamato's life was sh*t. Why might you ask? His mother's a whore and his father was a drunk. While his father kept beating him up, his mother was out with a rich lackey. Sadly, Riku 'did' have friends. His only friends had dumped him already, and apparently, their friendship was fake. Depressingly, on the very same day, Riku Yamato had been run over by a truck, therefore, ending his pitiful life. Then how did it 'started' if he died?

    Riku Yamato, an 18-year-old 'Japanese Student', a loser at school, a bipolar wimp, is about to embark on a journey across death. A journey, he had unintentionally wished for. A journey, he had never asked for. A journey of remembrance. Reliving the pain of losing someone, the suffering of being toyed by others, hundreds-of-times more dreadful. Transporting him into a fantasy-like world, as an enslaved monster, a [ Beeman Slave ].

    In other words, reincarnation... Crépuscule No.99 Opus 144...

    [ Unloading Memory... ]

    [ Memory Successfully Unloaded! ]


    1 Chapter / Day or 4 - 8 Chapters / Week | 1 - 5 ( Edited ) Chapters / Day | 1 - 4 ( Extra ) Chapters / Sunday
    { LE } is for ( Lightly Edited ), { E } is for ( Edited ) Chapters, { CE } is for ( Closely Edited ). Please keep watch of the signs people!
    Average of 3000 Words / Chapter
    I will also be posting on Webnovel, so say hi to me if you happen to pass by!
    <=>11/09/18 - Birth of Koeji Sllycc's beloved novel, 'The Legend of The Lightning Emperor ( TLLE )'


    Please read my other novels! - Crown of Sin ( COS ) - https://www.webnovel.com/book/12086163005903005/Crown-of-Sin

  • Strange Dilemma

    Strange Dilemma

    2 pages by Mantrazz

    The story of my birth tells surreal, my existence was blessed and I lived exceptional, even though I was worshipped I don't mind.



    working on proper synopsis.

    cover picture is temp

  • The Monarchist Manifesto

    The Monarchist Manifesto

    5 pages by Royalist

    In a world where democracy is the only ideology ever made. 

    There will be a revolution. 

    There will be inequality. 

    There will be victory. 

    The One Who Started It All Is 28 y/o Marvellia Pearsen,A Person Who Has A Photographic Memory And A Great Mind And A Beautiful Body.

  • Unknown Tapes: Tale of a young Hyacinth

    Unknown Tapes: Tale of a young Hyacinth

    11 pages by Snowdragon

    A room that contains tapes of tales and legends happening in the universe for entertainment. This time a bald old man with a long white fabulously braided beard randomly chose what to watch to cure his boredom. The tape looks like its made of old ordinary wood but its brimming with boundless life energy. Without even reading the tape's description he laid down to his comfy sofa bed and waited the tape to play.

    As the tape plays, the old man's unordinary eyes shines with anticipation of what kind of story will unfold.


  • The hidden truth

    The hidden truth

    32 pages by Scarlet55

    This Is a story about a girl who is from Arizona, but soon has to leave everything behind to go to some school in London. While in London she makes a shocking discovery about her family. What secrets have her parents be keeping from her? 

  • The Duals by Karen Hayes

    The Duals by Karen Hayes

    20 pages by boblak

    Urban fantasy thriller

    A young man and woman regain consciousness almost simultaneously in two different neighborhoods of NYC. They can't remember their own names; they don't recall anything that happened to them. They've no idea why they're being hunted down by "gorillas", as the girl nicknamed their mysterious enemies. But both can sense the primal, inhuman force that courses through their veins. The force that unites the two into a single higher being, making them Duals: the prehistoric forerunners of humanity. The powerful entities who are about to transform our planet.


  • Cult of Cultivation

    Cult of Cultivation

    3 pages by CykaBylatRushB

    Pei Li-er is an aspiring cultivator: He has one wish and one wish alone.

    He simply wants power, and lots of it. Armed with determination and his ridiculous amount of luck, Pei will wade through the deep end of this cesspool of a cult- The cult of cultivation.

  • The Life of a Sadist~Torture

    The Life of a Sadist~Torture

    12 pages by LibraLuxz

    There is a world called Urt, it is inhabited by people; who are selfish and desire power~, in a modern day era, where magic exists. There is a boy. Who is abused by his parents. Everyday he suffers again and again. And even when in pain, the boy smiled. He tried to keep his mentality straight. But one day the boy named Leo was broken~. A 'demon' was let loose and wreak'd havoc~ wherever he went.

    After taking care of 'their' buisness he disappeared into the darkness waiting to appear once again...

  • Big City Fight

    Big City Fight

    1 pages by MPDLMS

    After the apocalypse what would happen?

    What if I said Aliens? A young boy named Caesar will have to discover the real truth behind the Octavians. With his brother Zu tagging along after their mother’s death, they will face many twists and turns. In this "Utopia" of this post apocalyptic world ruled by the Octavians, can they survive or will they be consumed by what they cannot comprehend?

  • The Forgotten World

    The Forgotten World

    1 pages by Fay-of-lostland

    Jason has always like Fantasy but as we all know it just fiction right?


    Ps. Writing of this story is for fun and will likely have grammer errors or stop at anytime, you have been given warning

  • Black Sun, Devil's Curse: Reloaded

    Black Sun, Devil's Curse: Reloaded

    8 pages by Bhu_gunner

    I created a civilization that would change the future forever.  I destroyed old traditions so that the humans could survive.  I wanted to see them grow.  Despite my upbringing, I did what I could.  I did so much, sacrificed so much, all so that the people may finally be set onto a path of greatness.  Betrayed.  I was betrayed by the very people I worked to help.  I climbed out of hell to help!  Now? Humans shall exist no more.  


    For those who know of this story, I wasn't exactly happy with the previous version, so I started with a clean slate but the same premise still exists.  

  • Lich Lord - Trapped In My Favourite VRMMORPG

    Lich Lord - Trapped In My Favourite VRMMORPG

    0 pages by Sir Storm

    Lord TouchMe, a veteran World Of Aetherius player recieved a mysterious item from a 10 year anniversary box. After opening the box he received the item called  Key to another World. Upon using the item both Lord TouchMe and Cyst, a guild member are engulfed in a flash of blue light awakening to the Guardians exhibiting life like emotions. How will Lord TouchMe and Cyst react to being thrown into this new world?

  • Tridante


    1 pages by azykeli

    Hello, my name is Tridante and I am a clownfish. You all may be wondering about how a clownfish could talk, but let me tell you, I myself do not know.

    The story I am about to tell you is obviously about myself, a fork in the ocean and how we met two weeks ago.


  • Short thoughts

    Short thoughts

    1 pages by wiselibrarian

    A mouse, a narrator and and author, all wrapped up into a story that just doesn't make sense. Will you read it?

  • Cirque Du Éternité: A Lucid Dream (Book 1)

    Cirque Du Éternité: A Lucid Dream (Book 1)

    2 pages by Arkanasis

    Major spoilers for Cirque Du Freak. If you haven’t read the series through you probably shouldn’t read this. Or you can. I mean it is sort of a retelling? 


    It was Darren’s fault. He made his choice and damned twice as many people. His was good but naive. He assumed I would be good, like him. That I would make good choices, like him. I wasn’t good. I was cruel. I was bloodthirsty. And I relished in the war. His miscalculation was this worlds undoing. It was Darren’s fault.

  • Tainted Ashes

    Tainted Ashes

    0 pages by Richard S. O'Day

    On the small island kingdom of Dreven, magic and danger go hand in hand. For a group of sellswords, a run-of-the-mill job turns out to be something far more sinister. Sometimes while questing to pay the bills, you accidentally save the world. 

  • Ease & Quiet

    Ease & Quiet

    15 pages by mrdaemonsadi

    What can you have ?

    By strength, action. 

    What can you do?

    By choice, consequence. 

    How can you live? 

    By will, freedom.

    What will it take?

    By nothing, everything.

  • A Greater Game

    A Greater Game

    4 pages by Argus


      The world burnt, it burnt to ashes, the sky turned black and the air was choked, the earth overun in flames. The ancient cities of man crumbled, the forests and the beasts died, the oceans boiled and hell descended; that was how things were meant to end. And where was humanity when this happened? Where were the keepers of earth? Once again humanity chose to do what it did best. When you cannot not fight, when you cannot not run; you hide and you wait and one way or another you survive. 

      They built a new city, like none that had been before, a city that existed in absolute silence; well almost. A gentle hum surfused it all, rising in defiance of the quiet, the last embers of life amid the cold streets of machinery. There they were: the last remnants of humanity, an endless stream of ones and zeroes sequestered in their iron highrises, in endless databanks and supercomputers raging in the ashes of the earth. A digitsed humanity living within a binary world. A world filled with impossible things pulled from the forgotten legends of humanity, monsters and dragons, and treasure, love and war , and of course heroes: Super heroes, to defend the day and drive off the night, symbols of hope and peace and survival. 

      But where there are heroes there must be villains. 

      And then the only question left is who?

  • A Talk with God

    A Talk with God

    6 pages by literallyneongas

    Elaine lived with the everyday miseries of the small town middle-class, until she received a phone call from, quite literally, God. 

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