• Not a hero nor a villain, just a town guard.

    Not a hero nor a villain, just a town guard.

    6 pages by AonEuse

    I know too much about heroes and villains, kings and queens, dungeons and countries to make the mistake of becoming famous. I also know that if someone becomes strong and tries to hide the truth that it becomes more of a superhero/vigilante story. I don't want to touch that. I am not going to make a huge farm to feed the country, nor am I going to become wealthy. I instead plan on doing one thing: become a guard in a town and have a steady job and not stick out at all.


    it might work, who knows?

  • Turtles Without Time

    Turtles Without Time

    0 pages by captaindoge

    A man in his path to pursue hell for his enemies falls to hell itself and now pursues beyond what he is entitled to.

    The Synopsis and the tags might be updated as the story goes on.

    Hello, traveller. Thank you for stopping by to take a look at my story. Though I'll probably screw up much more times than this, I hope I can give you the satisfaction of reading a story I always hoped to read. .

    The build up might be slow as I figure out more about storytelling since this is my first time writing something like this. 

    I would love to hear your opinion and anything more so I can improve just a little bit enough to make it interesting. Seriously thank you. And if you want to suggest anything please PM me. I would appreciate it a lot.
  • I love Shounen

    I love Shounen

    8 pages by KO-2

    Senichi Kato is the victim of school bullying at the hands of everyone (girls mostly), and has given up on ever trying to find joy his life. Well that all changes when his class gets a new student. Endo Yutaka is the new pretty face boy that all the girls love and some of the guy want to be around. Everyone tries to get his attention, everyone except Kato. Yutaka quickly takes an interest in Kato making the boy feel a little uneasy. Why Kato, and for what reason? (LGBTQ)

  • The Unsanctioned Existence

    The Unsanctioned Existence

    2 pages by shanesaw54
    What if somebody not supposed to had existed, never born, a glitch or mistake in the fabric of reality?

    This story follows a man who has woken up in the countryside of an unknown area with no recollection of who he is or how he got there.
  • The Facility

    The Facility

    14 pages by jsvogar

    A young paladin has been dispatched to a derelict facility to take care of a creature that haunts it. What she finds there will lead her on a path to enlightenment, if she can survive the encounter.

  • Report file 2785: Galactic Unravel

    Report file 2785: Galactic Unravel

    25 pages by TheSadBear

    Obervers, Beings created for a single purpose, the Observation and Conservation of the Multi-Omni-Xenoverse. Observer of multiverse 2785 has been terminated due to Rogue Elements, and degeneration of galactic life has sped up to absurd rates. Immediate decryption of Report files has been authoriezed by High Observer 001. 



    Author here, just wanted to say that I do have permission to use the Observers, I asked so it is canon, and I do wish that you enjoy the story.

  • Big Bird In Sky Go Boom

    Big Bird In Sky Go Boom

    14 pages by UntimelyReleases

    A big boss returns to the world after a long time and finds out shit happened. So the big boss has to do some stuff and like achieve some goals that the boss has in order to like make it all better. In short this is a story about a badass doing stupid things.

  • Bacon the race pig

    Bacon the race pig

    1 pages by Forgottensage
    This is a story about a man who reincarnated into a pig and in a game like world, and forced to race by a goblin. So.... Come expecting that

    This is dedicated to Zanderkoala who gave me the inspiration in a review in another of my novels.

    "You can't turn a pig into a racehorse, but you can make a very fast pig" - Zanderkoala
  • Pokemon: Plumeria's Arc

    Pokemon: Plumeria's Arc

    5 pages by Always

    The first, undefeated Champion of Alola makes a statement by barging into Plumeria's life without so much as a warning. She cleans up their home in Po Town, earns a living by thrashing Challengers like they were the next best thing since sand bags, and Plumeria is clueless as to how Luna finds the time to be reportedly seen at three apparel shops simultaneously. 

    A/N: Contains Yuri, simply put.

    The inner workings of the world may differ from the manga and anime. Although I am trying to follow an apporximate timeline according to the Pokemon: Ultra Moon/ Sun game- but with my own interpretation and imagination as to how the 'logic' may work. 


  • Whether I want to or not, I will survive.

    Whether I want to or not, I will survive.

    3 pages by TigersAreYellow

    Our story takes place in an alternate world. where magic exists.  Our protagonist, however, does not know magic, nor is he a fantasy creature.  He and his family are normals humans, living a peaceful life.  Truth be told, magic in this world was small and more lifestyle oriented - magicians were able to wash themselves easily or heat up food - more stronger magicians were able to make objects invisible.  If you expect a happy go lucky protagonist, with girls at his side destroying monsters left and right, this is not the story for you.  This is a darker tale, one in which the world struggles to survive, with death appearing at every corner.  Our protagonist is just a little luckier than the others…

    If this gets popular, I'd be willing to do lots of updates as well as hire an illustrator for a cover/illustrations.  Let me know what you think!

  • The Black Hearted

    The Black Hearted

    1 pages by CharleyEugeneHerrera

    War is the ballad of the brave, the hunger in the night, the power of the mad. The galaxy remains shattered with power struggles clashing within clusters of stars. Here, heroes are born, villains made, nightmares unleashed, cults playing the next messiah, alien intruders conquer, and mankind stands alone.

  • The Void Tower

    The Void Tower

    12 pages by behrjustinb

    tentative description. Young man finds himself suddenly thrown into a new world and has to learn to survive.

  • Banished into Another World ~Carving My Way to the Absolute Peak~

    Banished into Another World ~Carving My Way to the Absolute Peak~

    12 pages by Mabbo

    Dion Aditya, a 27 y.o system engineer, suddenly brought to the Heavenly Court for a crime he never commits. As a form of punishment, he was thrown to an abandoned world, forsaken by the God's mercy.

    Little did he know the new world was similar to the old RPG games he used to play. There were Magics, Status Windows, Item Boxes, and even Monsters.

    As he was struggling with the unfamiliar and harsh environment, a piece of truth came to him. 

  • The Emperor of Destruction

    The Emperor of Destruction

    15 pages by Hidari Shoutarou

    A wicked emperor together with his 10 generals from another world threatens humankind. Brendan, together with some friends are the only ones who can stop them. Join his adventure as he meet many beautiful gals on his way. Well, not just cute but a truly appealing one.

  • the new god of reapers

    the new god of reapers

    5 pages by ethan wolf

    The story is in modern japan in the city of Tokyo, the story centers on a 16-year-old boy named Kazuto Takamoto and all the people around him, in this work of fiction, magic exists but it’s different of what we thought, there are 6 types of magic, human(common) beast (power) angel and demon(morality), reaper(deadly) and god(almighty) our protagonist "Kazuto" is a half mix between reaper and an unclassified soul that no one except him and some few people know. In this work, we will see most of fights and how he tries to find redemption for everyone around him.

  • Game of Edge

    Game of Edge

    26 pages by jo.mic.agur01
    In the World of Edge, Mana is prominent across the world. Ones able to comprehend and alternate the mana become nobles in the kingdoms.

    John, a young adult, became a soldier to protect his family, his love ones, and his home, his kingdom. One night, he was in patrol when suddenly he found a burglar. He was unable to catch the thief but the goods he has retrieve. He went to the guard post to put the goods in search and found section, when one of the Great Generals was inside. He reported to him about what happened, and strangely the General gave him the goods and told him it is his belongings now.

    A Story about a Virtual Reality that represents the Modern World in a Fantasy World. The other way around.

    I also write http://royalroadl.com/fiction/8302.
  • Estrias


    28 pages by Zachary Ospina

    Osiris Jaxton, a nerdy failure of a jock is brought to the new world of Estrias that reminds him about all the fantasy games and books he’s read. He’s told that God has chosen to bring him and others from Earth to this new world because of Earths coming end. He has been selected as a trailblazer for his people along with his two brothers and many others to prepare for the rest to come. He decides to make the most of this new world and opportunity to come out on top and be able to protect himself and those he cares for. He soon learns that not everyone from his old world has the same ideas as him and that this new world already has plenty of enemies.

  • The Lucid Game

    The Lucid Game

    3 pages by Stessy

    Aralia was an ordinary girl.

    Her past shrouded in mystery and her present an uncertainty, her biggest problem was protecting her blind brother, Zach, and her best friend, Johan, from the hardships of living on the streets.

    So, when this ordinary girl finds herself thrust into a seemingly never-ending game designed to test and improve both her physical and mental capabilities, what does she do?

    She cries, of course! And then panics. And then curses her luck, because, apparently she’s in a coma in the real world, and the only way to see her brother again (and to potentially help save the entire world) is to conquer this godforsaken game… without dying or losing her sanity.

    And the worst part is… it’s a Monday.

  • Fantasy Circle Of Life

    Fantasy Circle Of Life

    4 pages by anime_is_life

    we follow the journey of a soul that goes throught the circle of life more than once and each time they get a free skill and keeps there memory's, if there random bouts of amnesia doesn't affect them and hthere status.


    going to say this beforehand, i got very bad anexianty enoth that it causes my memory to fail me sometimes, my aim is to do atleast one chapter a week or more but if i forget please send me a message to remind me.

  • Shadows Cast by Gods

    Shadows Cast by Gods

    12 pages by LizTheRobot

    In a world where every person can summon a weapon bound to their soul exist sky peircing towers set down by the Gods to entice the brave and foolish to seek fame, fortune and the chance to become a Hero. With a bow in his hand Arcus takes on the challenge of the God Towers like countless before him in order to seek his own path to glory. Gathering allies along the way he climbs ever higher as the mystery of these heaven peircing towers unfolds before them.

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