• Dethroned


    9 pages by selfmoort

    Follow our hero Samson as he adventures through a new world.


    Nothing serious just having some fun.

  • A Smile To Remember...

    A Smile To Remember...

    15 pages by Writer-kun

    【 No Matter What Happens, Always Remember — To Smile & Never Cry 】

    An Eternal Promise, Two Childhood Friends, and A Rather "Unexpected" Reunion. 

    Keitaru Hayasu is considered a very lucky guy. Along with his two best friends, Yurii and Fumi, they do whay they could to make the most of their youth. Add another one to the group, what could possibly go wrong?



  • Lullaby of the Phoenix

    Lullaby of the Phoenix

    48 pages by Vincent Audet

    In a land that defies all laws, a war fueled by religion was drawing to a close after 1000 long years. Leaving the old kingdom in ruins and it’s people, still frail from years of endless combat.

     The world found itself in a great famine following the war, which continued over a decade. For this period of time, the common folk were opressed by the monster population which were able to thrive now that the sentient races were so vulnerable. A group of surviving veterans of the war was recruited by the high priest. A terrible battle unfolded at the end of these 10 years, The priest and his men went out and faced the 11 beasts of the apocalypse. With the king of the beasts slain, the remaining 10 beasts fled into the wilderness where they would remain unseen for mant years to come.

     The great priest had gained the people’s trust and most importantly, their ears. He and his disciples helped spreading a new religion, one that told the tales of the phoenix gods. This newly found faith helped raising the moral amongst the country folk and gave them the motivation to build a better future. His ever growing fame contributed in his rise to power and he was promoted as governor. The church of the Phoenix gained total dominance over the land. It was at this moment in time where order was truly restored, and it was only a matter of time until the empire regained its former glory.  

     Years pass, and a beautiful kingdom is born.

     He built 5 new kingdoms over the ruins of the past, 4 which governed the four extremities of the land and the capital being in the middle.

     The years flew by and eventually, the high priest past away of old age. With his passing, it was tradition that decided the heritage of the role, his eldest offspring, who continued the tradition for many years to come..

     200 years later, the 7th high priestess was now in charge of the throne after her father’s recent disappearance. Because of her young age, her followers remained skeptical about the future of the kingdom. This stirred gossip amongst the council and common folk, putting a lot of pressure on the new governor, but behind the scenes corruption was brewing amongst the members of the council.

    Our story begins in the humble town of Maltais in the cold lands of the southern kingdom.

  • Depression


    3 pages by WizardlyCookie2


    I know this is a bit darker than most things on here, but I needed to share this with the public. I know someone will be able to get some degree of use out of this, at least I hope so. Let me know what you think please.

  • Xuan - Mage

    Xuan - Mage

    5 pages by ChocMilkshake

    This is the story of Xuan as he attends the Academy, the most prestigeous and difficult to enter school in the state for magic. Xuan was accepted through a special exception, skipping the usual district rankings. His unusual entrance and unconventional magic and battle techniques will make him stand out and provide a challenge to not only the other students at the Academy but the teachers too.


    This is my first written work ever. Please feel free to comment or message me with any feedback!

    - ChocMilkshake

  • The Lions Pride

    The Lions Pride

    48 pages by Arendal

    4 Things are common knowledge: Never aquire the wrath of a dragon, Never Lust for a demon or mermaid as a mortal man, Never Dissrespect a dwarfs beard and last but not least Never trample upon a Lions Pride. 

    Lets follow the story of William Rosenthal and how his journey will sharpen him from a mortal man into something more. 

    Ps: It will take sometime for the Profanity , Gore , Sexual content and Traumatising content to kick in so I will not tag it untill It's introduced in the story.  I am not perfect so feedback and suggestions will be really appreciated and suggestions will have a big impact on the story as I will have polls for the audience. 

  • Panty-on-Head Retarded: The Daily Struggles of an Isekai Editor

    Panty-on-Head Retarded: The Daily Struggles of an Isekai Editor

    5 pages by Tyizor

    Mr. Editor is convinced that he's seen it all when it comes to Isekai, and he's frankly... tired of it. If he can't get something new, he at least wants something decent.

    "When's the last time a noble has actually been noble? Why can a cityboy fight like a swordsaint all of a sudden, and don't dare say its another bullshit cheat ability. Really? So Villan A decides to be an asshole... just because? Dear lord, I need another shot. I can't do this sober."

    Author Disclaimer: I'm not here to shit on all of isekai, but I am here to shit on most of isekai. I firmly believe that tropes can be done well in the right hands and under the right conditions. Regardless of personal beliefs. I do hope you enjoy these short stories. No sexual content, but innuendos and jokes are very much present.


  • Lost Day

    Lost Day

    1 pages by d3v1lsblood

    A short poem/story I wrote a while back. Inspired by Neil Gaiman's "The day the saucers came".

  • Short Stories Of Mine

    Short Stories Of Mine

    3 pages by Holy Rest

    Short stories that could range from fantasy to sci-fi and anything between.

    This is mainly to get experience and the habit to write stories that have been rattling in my head.

    First time I'm writing. criticism is welcome and encouraged.

    (If stories fall under tags I will add the tags)

  • Journey across universe

    Journey across universe

    1 pages by cerberuspower

    Group of people are pulled to another universe by energy anomaly, our main character Nova Sumeragi is young 18 years old genetically modified, genius who was researching new energy sources for Earth. The anomaly seemed like it could provide the answers but instead it took her to journey across universe that will bring her suffering, joy, hate and answers many questions she never even asked.

    Authors note:

    "This, this is my firs time" **blush** first time writing story and English is not my first language so sorry for mistakes.



    0 pages by Ryft



  • Woke up on a mountain in my  boxer shorts...got a mission from god.

    Woke up on a mountain in my boxer shorts...got a mission from god.

    2 pages by JosephBernard66

    Slacker wakes up on a mountain after being summoned to another world in his sleep. His faithful chihuahua is his only companion and his quest to either kill a god or unite the world.

  • The Storm

    The Storm

    2 pages by Notsae

    Regret and hate go hand in hand. Sometimes even grudges you settle can haunt you to the grave.

  • The Gurdians of Smoke

    The Gurdians of Smoke

    5 pages by [email protected]

    The Guardians of Smoke was the most sought after position, the position itself was being the personal guard to a God or Goddess. Every God or Goddess gets one guardian until that guardian dies, the God or Goddess can not change or trade their guardian but guardian's not bearing their God or Goddess mark can be requested by other Gods or Goddesses with permission of the guardian's deity. In reality this wasn't a common situation since a guardian without a mark means that they have been rejected by their deity and are worthless.

  • Placebo Effect

    Placebo Effect

    14 pages by CommonScrolls

    It’s was the end of the world and to be honest from what I’ve heard, life wasn’t too different to the world I know today… Besides the fact that we live online, obviously. I’m still in cyber debt, life from what I hear still sucks as much as it did back then, but maybe, just maybe I can scratch beneath the surface of this disillusioned world and disconnect universally; I might have a chance to experience true life in its purest form.

  • Without a reason

    Without a reason

    4 pages by Drybone676

    An Attempt at an rpg lit by a poet trying to make a break to another form of writing

  • Faded Souls

    Faded Souls

    1 pages by Calomy

    Lately Ian has this vague sense that something is out of place in his life. The strongest impression of this is from the time he met his best friend Heather. Bringing this up to her at the park, Ian is only met with a strange look. When Heather suddenly disappears in front of his eyes, memories of their first meeting come flashing back. "That's right Heather had a yonger sister, and she was the one who intrudced Ian to Heather in the first place!"  Why did Ian not remember her until now. What is even stranger is Ian was closer to the sister than Heather.

    But what Ian did not know at the time was Heather had not disappeared, no he was the one who had just been erased from her life.  Ian has been dragged into a game by beings known as the Earsers. If he wins he has two choices return to his life like this never happened, or try and make people remember the other players.

  • Moonlight's Love

    Moonlight's Love

    8 pages by Nut

    A saint was tasked to save the world from the plague of Death. 

    A man whose life was painted with blood was asked to be her shadow.

    Light and darkness intertwine. 

    A story of finding the meaning of a smile.

  • Clarity


    2 pages by Kurini

    A normal guy experiences something abnormal. What does he do? He adapts of course. Except, this situation is a lot more complicated than it seems.

  • Apotheosis


    4 pages by Dwiezal

    “Great Horus… as you are aware, the final harvest is nearly over. Children and men alike are preparing for their migration, and the low tides of lifeblood prove that light will soon abandon our gifted lands… So I ask you… What is your plan this time, everlasting?”

    Hello. My name is dwiezal, author of Apotheosis. I am intermittently writing and adding to this novel, and have plans of beginning uploads someday. As an insane perfectionist, I must be certain each chapter is perfect before release. 

    If the intellectual owner of the cover image wishes for me to remove it, I shall.

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