• Rise Of The Ancient Evils Part1

    Rise Of The Ancient Evils Part1

    189 pages by The_Almighty_Ren
    A forgotten Celestial Star Spirit named Uzal The Annihilator who was sealed away in Dark Space since the end of the Generation War is now free. During his absence 7 of his Avatars were spread across the Stars preparing for his arrival. Draven Avatar of Uzal The Annihilator was the first Avatar to have come active. He reawakened humanity most dreadful evils and started an organization called Keys Of The End. The last remaining Gods of Earth vanished after head hearing about the reappearance for their old foes, leaving humanity to their own resources apparently their doom.

    Indra creates the High Heavens and recruits Amaterasu, Quetzalcoatl, Gluskabe, Gitche Manitou The Great Spirit, and Guabancex. Together they formed the Heavenly Alliance, but even with their might combine it won't be enough. Things change when three kids join the fray.
  • IWH Bonus Chapter: Birthday Party

    IWH Bonus Chapter: Birthday Party

    0 pages by Ktrain29

    A Standalone story taking place 7 years before the start of IWH. A tale of two sisters that sets the course of events for the main story.



    3 pages by Mulog

    every three hundred and twenty years, passage between two planets that share the same atmosphere becomes possible and war breaks out between the the inhabitants of the two worlds because the injesting the blood of a sentient being of a different world is a short cut to gaining massive magical power. 

  • Lingua Terra

    Lingua Terra

    13 pages by Sufficiently_Insane

    A man experiences an uncouth death and makes his way to the afterlife. His death had been caused by being summoned into a fantasy world. He is reborn into a new world and given a journey he's not quite sure he wants to fulfill. 

  • Nagareboshi (Shooting Star)

    Nagareboshi (Shooting Star)

    13 pages by KafuuLatte

    A rumor can only become a rumor if it's not certain. Once it is certain, it stops becoming a rumor.

    But a rumor that fulfills a wish becomes a legend.

    And that legend is just what Ryou and Mayu needs to support them in their current state.

  • An Epoch Of Sullen Dreams

    An Epoch Of Sullen Dreams

    7 pages by Dan96

    A tale about the summers and winters of an adolescent.

  • Fairy Tale Romance

    Fairy Tale Romance

    1 pages by Rachel Schmidt

    Anastasia is in love with none other than popular boy Jacob Williams who actually has a perfect life. Well, now you know a little about who Anya is… So do you want to know more? Then dive into Anastasia’s world by reading “A Fairy Tale Romance”

  • Wonderland Secrets

    Wonderland Secrets

    34 pages by Scarlet55

     This is a sequel to Adventures in Wonderland and it's told by Sapphires perspective again. About a year has passed, everything was going fine  but  what happens when they receive terrible news? 

  • The Tower Defender

    The Tower Defender

    12 pages by DownSyndromeShadowAssassin

    A unique idea for a novel!. Check it out! RPG, Blue Screens, Level Up, Skills, Magic, Monsters, Questing,

    and most of all, Tower Defending.

  • How To Lie

    How To Lie

    1 pages by gumiho

    You start down a path because you just aren't drawn to any others. Even if your current path isn't ideal, you continue it for a sense of purpose.

    She plasters a cheerful smile on her face not to mask the pain but to disguise the fact that she barely feels the pain.

    He acts outrageously not because he's larger than life but because he feels he'd disappear if his presence was any smaller. 

    They continuously court death but it's a pity that death is not interested.

  • UNDR Online: Fever Dream (LitRPG)

    UNDR Online: Fever Dream (LitRPG)

    75 pages by LowRentChef

    Being blackmailed is never pleasant, but it’s even worse when you’re not sure you did anything wrong. Harry Deveau, Editor in Chief, spends his nights in a digital reality called UNDR Online. On some of those nights, he partakes in dalliances that his wife tolerates because, in her eyes, they aren’t real. The women he meets all look to be attractive and of legal age, but in a virtual world, appearances can be deceiving.

    Harry needs to know the truth. Paying the man holding his life ransom is not an option, and he refuses to let a lie ruin him. He brings in his most trusted friend and protege. Casey Tillman, to help him get answers, but those answers can only be found inside UNDR Online. To get them, Casey will need to enter an entirely new world. one where the inhabitants party, kill each other, level up, and return the following night to do it all over again.

  • Define Heartless

    Define Heartless

    18 pages by gumiho

    His depression eats away at him until he could no longer see himself.

    She might be what Sherlock would call "a high functioning sociopath".

    She became his light and he, well, became her dotted on pet.




    Three part story -

    Part I: Seph's POV

    Part II: Vivian's POV

    Part III: Epilogue

  • Upside Down

    Upside Down

    18 pages by dslake

    "Sometimes you have to let life turn you upside down, to learn how to live, right side up."

    Eighteen-year-old Milan Lohmann was a typical teenaged social influencer. With a promising school career ahead already accepted into the best university in the country and right about to make it in freestyle skiing, major brands were in line to sponsor everything he wanted and needed.

    Add Cara, a supportive and loving near-girlfriend, too many friends to keep track of and a nation-wide fanbase to the mix and a seemingly perfect life is created. But the fifteen minutes of fame have downsides to it and while Milan tried to juggle sports, his career and his friends, he didn't have time to appreciate to advantages of his life.

    But sometimes all it takes is the blink of an eye and a very hot-headed jerk to turn everything upside down.

    And maybe another hot-headed jerk, a hyperactive guy without personal boundaries and a bit of luck is all Milan needs to turn his life back around.

  • Legend of Yomi

    Legend of Yomi

    4 pages by Ancient King

    The story of a betrayed God reincarnated as an orphan with no memories of who he once was as he dies his soul was transported into the body of a female imp. On her journey she grows and unlock her sealed memories 

  • Pathogen: Chrysalis of Monsters

    Pathogen: Chrysalis of Monsters

    39 pages by Fadzirul Trithemis

    An unknown pathogen has spread and everyone is currently infected by the inactive form of the pathogen.
    Activated pathogens are prone to various mutations, creating zombies and even monsters that are not supposed to exist in this world.

  • Chooser of the Slain

    Chooser of the Slain

    2 pages by Jacobi Warren

    A death is a terrible thing to waste. And for our hero his death isn't his own to spend. It belongs to the Morrigan the Chooser of the Slain.

  • Experimental Western Novel

    Experimental Western Novel

    24 pages by kgy121

    In which a man goes to claim what he is owed.

  • The Tale of the Alchemist God and his dark master

    The Tale of the Alchemist God and his dark master

    8 pages by PurpleDraught

    Alrow was right. If you wanted to describe Bower's fighting skills, the word pathetic wasn't enough to cover them.

    Thankfully, he was an alchemist. He didn't have to fight, only brew a potion.

    A potion of a rank hitherto unreached. Not even mentioned in myths, it was so high. And use it to defeat an Archdemon Emperor who was billions of times stronger than he was.

    Within a deadline of one year.

    Easy, peasy, farbreasy, parcheesy.

    Now, he could understand the pressure of middle-aged managers in Japan.

    However, seeing his fate, should he fail, he made up his mind.

    He would SUCCEED.


    Or: a very lighthearted novel about a middle-aged taxpaying, itinerant alchemist who finds himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Stupidity ahoy.

  • Divine Responsability (Dropped)

    Divine Responsability (Dropped)

    0 pages by Athicus

    This Fiction Is Dropped


    How it feels to be powerful? To be nearly unstopable? To be able to do almost anything? Awesome, right? But what happens if you add a responsability to you, a big one at that. Would it be still awesome? If you had incredible strenght, but also have to protect many lifes, it would be still awesome? Would you like that?

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


  • Higeki no Hiro

    Higeki no Hiro

    17 pages by Vaan Cruze

    A young man dies in an attempt to save a girl from hoodlums one night, and awakens in a void he assumes to be limbo. A voice speaks out to him in this void, and ask him to destroy a great evil in his next life, offering him a boon to aid him. The boy who has always dreamed of going on such an adventure accepts and is sent on a journey to save the humans from a mad king of evil. 

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