• World Warriors

    World Warriors

    34 pages by WritersGuild

    Federations rise, civilizations crumble. The eternal cycle of birth, death and rebirth continue. However, an evil long forgotten awaits its return, and when it breaks free of its shackles the world will be doomed. The only beings who can challenge this catastrophe are the world's warriors.

  • Default Reset

    Default Reset

    3 pages by Kuro Yuki


    The MC was playing online games with his friend when he brought up the disappointment of the unforeseen long hiatus that his favorite light novel has been in right at the climax of the story! The MC sighs saying that it has been three years with no signs of the author picking up his pen to continue the story.  The MC recalls the heroics of the fictitious gaming character when he boldly declared to his friend, “If I was that hero I would be able to defeat you at any game!  Even if you were my friend I would make you cry defeat a thousand times at least!”

    Unknowingly that those words would make his friend be playful and changing the MC’s life forever.

    How his friend would put it “that MC would have had an ordinary life, but that would have been boring”.


    “So you were helping the MC have a full happy life of adventure?”

    “Gosh no. By the way your character died.”

    “Noooo. You are a horrible friend!”

    “I don’t believe in having friends, but the MC is an OK guy…”

    “I bet the MC would have been happier if he didn’t have you as a friend..”

    “Your character died again…”

    “What?! You are horrible…”

    “You know best that I never know defeat!”

    “But you failed… as a character and a friend… you aren’t the MC!”

    “Your game character was reset to level one deleting the game data…”


  • Light Bulb: A Hero

    Light Bulb: A Hero

    4 pages by Korst

    I was inspired to write this when my light bulb blew out on me and I had to sit in the dark one night while reading. I suffer from depression so negative thoughts come to me realativly easilly when something goes wrong. Sometimes something as simply as a light going out and sitting in the dark can get me down in the dumps. I decided to write this as a way of self-reflection on how I could have been if I truly had no hope and if I had nothing but my hobby of writing to keep me going through each day.

    (That said... sorry to anyone that read my stuff since I haven't been posting anything lately. I just haven't really been in the mood for anything lately. I am trying though and just got distracted and wanted to write this after my light blew out the little bugger.)

  • Eden Garter, Dragon Anomaly

    Eden Garter, Dragon Anomaly

    60 pages by DarastrixItov

    2002 - Martial Law has been declared only short while after the sinister assault upon the twin towers on September 11, 2001. Eden Garter is a 23-year old mix-racial young man who has been selected to be part of an 4th-dimensional group battling against the infamous "Illuminati". Now that the shadowy organization has begun to take over his universe, he one of the only people who can stop them. With his allies, Hinata Dyne, Opal Kindred and Densetsu Kusanagi, he is determined to use the Dragon Glyph to annihilate the puppets, drive back the Illuminati and in turn avenge the ones he held so dear. Over the course of his first adventure, relationships will form and shift, and the hearts, minds and souls of all involved in the conflict will all be tested.

  • Fragmented Reality

    Fragmented Reality

    26 pages by Wulf

    Fragmented Reality is a collection of various different short stories that I am currently working on in order to improve my technique as an author. The setting ranges from Sci-fi to Fantasy, most stories are self-contained and in different stages of their respective plots.


    I hope you enjoy.

     - Wulf


    Note: Spell Bound is currently on hold as I wish to rewrite it from scratch. This will take a little time as I have to redo a lot of my initial preparation.

  • World of Cascading Realities

    World of Cascading Realities

    4 pages by Imperial Lightning

    In this World of Wonder, this World of Time, this World of Cascading Realities, Wonder awakens and Time stirs as Champions war and Infinites play at protagonist. With Wonder at his side onwards. With Time at his back onwards faster. Stops Time catching up on you, you know. Enter the Cinema and prepare to Act!

  • Tales Of Martial Path

    Tales Of Martial Path

    12 pages by Mr.Chen

    A man betrayed by those his love soul is cast to the winds. A

    boy whom has been cast off by his family and used as a puppet.

    Both are one and the same and with the awakening of this memory

    of the one once called the devil, his journey toward the ultimate

    truth he seeks.



  • Haunted Treasure

    Haunted Treasure

    6 pages by Lrest

    With blessing comes with consequense. With wealth comes with greed.

    "Come my children, gather to me. Let me tell you all how i came to be."

    "Ummm, Uncle? Who are you talking to?"

    "My future fans of course!!"

    "Here we go again, day dreaming his harem."


    Working on it. (seriously)

  • Poor Kids Get Destroyed At Dodgeball

    Poor Kids Get Destroyed At Dodgeball

    0 pages by BoozerA

    You ever have that one athletic kid at school? Yeah, that one? This is what I'd imagine being them is like.

  • Terrans's History

    Terrans's History

    3 pages by TerranImperium


    A humanoid species born in their homeworld Terra. 2 arms , 2 legs , 2 eyes and ears and a nose in the middle of their face below is their mouth , they have fur on their heads and genital parts , wich has a lot of colors from blond , brown , black , red cetera... their average height is to 2.4m to 2.6m of adult male and 2.3 to 2.5 for adult female. They are a xenophobic and sedentary a war-like species , if it don't find a common enemy , then they fight each others.


    (This story is not like the stories that you normally find , their is no real MC , we just follow "The Terrans" from the stone age to the space age  or perhaps extinction ? they will be a lot of  characters , to arrogant or wise kings to religious leaders , fanatic sect , scientists , madman , conqueror , dictators or just a simple village woman or man that can change history. I will be writing yes but the ideas , characters , countries will be mainly decided by you the reader , we guide an entire civilization of course their is no magic or any kind of superpowers or surnatural things perhaps psyshic powers but only probably in the early stage of space exploration , their is no god or anything of something similar just science but of course that doesn't mean anything for the early terrans) Enjoy!

  • Number 1do!!! (Number 1 Idol!!)

    Number 1do!!! (Number 1 Idol!!)

    6 pages by Scirno

    StrawberryEunice-chan, a famous cosplayer on the internet. There isn't a single person on Earth who hasn't heard of "her". Everything was okay until "her" crush found out about StrawberryEunice-chan's secret. That he is actually a guy!

    Thus, he was recruited by Mica, a lively/deadly girl who had the hopes of being a somewhat, school idol because she saw it on an anime that she watched.

    After the heart warming confession and spine chilling blackmail, Niko agreed to be both Mica's lover and a member of school idol group.

    Niko's silent life as a crossplayer who earns tons of money is now shattered. Will he enjoy it now that he is spending it with the girl that he loves or will his everyday turns into something much worse?

  • Blade Judgement

    Blade Judgement

    0 pages by RFNeethling

    Jack is sentenced to eternity in an Ever-Jail. That is, if he can keep making the yearly "Living" fee. Jack will learn that money isn't everything. Trust can be returned. Evil is rampant even in a digital world.

    Jack will learn that money isn't everything. Trust can be returned. Evil is rampant even in a digital world.

    Welcome to Everworld!

  • Otherworldly Gladiator: The Bone Pits of Ravenrok

    Otherworldly Gladiator: The Bone Pits of Ravenrok

    5 pages by WitchWhiskey

    A 20 year old NEET with an unhealthy love of historical weapons finds hismelf suddenly transported into a fantasy world of swords and magic. Only instead of apearing near a city or town, he finds himself in the middle of a dessert. Instead of cheat equipment or skills, he finds himself naked and lost. Instead of a beautiful harem, he finds an ugly slaver.

    This Is the story of a NEET that becomes a gladiator, and is swallowed up by a world of blood and sand.


    -Aiming for bi-weekly, sunday updates-

  • I, Narrator

    I, Narrator

    7 pages by michaelhenson

    I'm the narrator, seriously, I'm the one following the 'Main Character' on their adventures, I'm the Deus Ex Machina, the ghost in the machine, the plot excuse, the proverbial 4th wall.

    I bargain with God's and demons, my words reach beings I will never see, are read by eyes I will never meet, and oddest of all, I can never contact the main character. That law is absolute.

    She's also my ex-girlfriend.




    A note about content, Gore will be lighter than some stories on this site, sexual content will exist, but I'll try to keep it tame and not truly explicit, there will be profanity.


    Anyone who has a little time every couple weeks to proofread would be welcome, it always helps to have a second pair of eyes to spell and grammar check. PM me.

  • Dreams of Greatness  *dropped*

    Dreams of Greatness *dropped*

    3 pages by Kdonm7

    This takes place in a world similar to Earth (Imagine Warring-States period China but not so much emphasis on ranks and the like, though there will be some, and maybe a sub-plot there [also there will be a mixed naming sense depending on what I feel].) Follow the journey of bastard orphan Siegfried as he tries to go from nameless peasant to a high-ranking military officer, and maybe even a general.




    So this is my first story and while I am a native English speaker I am by no means a professional. This is not a Historcal fiction nor a Fanfic even if it does have some simmiiarities to the two (i.e. using the term glaive or officer ranks from Kingdom or a name of a former or modern country). At times you may think ' Why didnt he select this tag or genre' and the reason is I wasnt sure if it would fit and didnt want to mislabel

  • An endless cycle?

    An endless cycle?

    13 pages by Treizax



  • The Queen's Lullaby

    The Queen's Lullaby

    2 pages by Jeremiahs2

    The queen has been asleep for a long time.
    The king often wonders what she dreams about, and if she'll ever return to him. 

    This story is a short story based off a dream I had.
    I tried my best to convert it into a story and keep it as close to the actual dream as possible.

    Thanks for reading.

  • The Two Brothers

    The Two Brothers

    0 pages by SakuriTJ

    Two brothers that are twins and are on two different journeys. They both go on dangerous paths and have hard decisions to make. This is also about a ninjas way too.

  • Threads of soul

    Threads of soul

    2 pages by Jess711book

    Threads of soul

    This is story of Maximus his adventures and tragedies follow him as he discovers new Magic and looks for dragons and unknown artifacts and his crazy Misadventures

  • Unknown


    0 pages by 洪大福

    This is just nothing more than a few Sentence or more, since i can't call this a story. This is just a consciousness of thinking. I can't classify this since i lack the knowledge for that, even though i shall try to make it a good paragraph to read, And i would love lots of feed back if theres even a slight chance that someone will read this.

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