4 pages by Kinu456

    It is the eve of the 31st century and humanity had come far from being an uncivilized, backward race to one of the super races that traverse the stars, becoming an Interstellar Race, a rank only given to a select few.

    Humanity had long since forgotten about superstitions, as science had become a dominant part of their lives. In the 31st century, an illiterate person who believes in ghosts or curses could only be found on history books.

    Johan, a young boy who dreamt of one day becoming a Star Fleet commander, woke up to reality when his DNA compatibility to Gene Enhancement came out with a negative result. With a Star Fleet Commander as a father, a scientist as mother and well renown genius Esper elder sister… one could only imagine how high the blow might have been to Johan.

    Read and find out just what fate has in store for the poor boy and where he goes with his life in this advanced age, where a person's future is decided by their DNA compatibility and Gene Enhancement score. 

  • Cin's Tower of Monster Girls

    Cin's Tower of Monster Girls

    4 pages by Bunnygunny

    For time out of mind, bricks stood tall and cast shade over the land. The walls they form still separate magical beasts from the human realm, and many dared venture inside its boundaries with hopes of treasure, only for just as many to learn the structure can take as much as it can give.

    Believed to be trials left by gods, Kingdoms rose around them and created a world that has never seen war. With a stable source of miraculous plants, metals, as well as treasure since the beginning of time, they left humans with no reason for conflict. But not just anyone can fare its dangerous floors, and those who do are held in high regard.

    Its floors are ruled by a different currency than one brings out. Once inside, one's karma is set to zero and its fluctuation decides what an individual will experience, from the difficulty, to the interactions, to death possibilities, as well as obtainable powers. What one should keep in mind, however, is that having too much of it is not always for the best. Especially when they lose everything.

    Outside the tower, there is only one rule— "The tower stands above all, and the one who reaches the highest floor stands just as tall."

  • The Organization

    The Organization

    3 pages by atrere

    All it takes to ruin everything is one well-placed idiot.

    John Iverson is just that idiot. Running out of money and prospects, he took a job for janitorial work, listed at twice minimum wage, with one provision: No questions asked or answered. 

    This job, as to be expected, was something unsavory. In particular, it was for the world's largest secret government agency, a compilation of the subjects of a thousand different conspiracy theories, of the paranormal and unknown, and of the cutting edge of science: The Organization.

    Most people would recognize that such a thing should be kept secret, and that sharing sensitive information obtained in the line of duty would be an extremely terrible and unsafe idea.

    John is not most people.

    In fact, he's more the sort of person to use his newfound knowledge to pedantically correct people on the internet, and then bask in e-fame.


    The consequences of such include, but are not limited to: Assault, demonic summoning, grand theft auto, temporal manipulation, sudden dog ownership, trespassing, being held at gunpoint, a few pleasant dates, dismemberment, grooming, and the apocalypse.

  • Unveiled


    3 pages by sophieewrites

    In this modern fantasy, when Taylor is sent to spy on the future king of the neighboring country, she realizes that everything she knew has been based off lies. With her past quickly catching up on her, can she discern the truth from within those lies, especially when she only has less than six months to before it is too late?

    Episodes uploaded every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Enjoy!

    (This story is also being posted on Tapas)

  • Choice: An Important Thing

    Choice: An Important Thing

    3 pages by Saphalus

    Choice. An important thing is it not?

    We always make choices. Every day of every week of every month (of every year), we do “choices”. I want to show you how important it is and I would gladly welcome the attention. 

    I heard somewhere that the best way to make someone understand is to just let them experience it, so, here’s your first choice.

    CHOICE 01

    Would you play this game, or not?

    Take your time, I’m not waiting for the people who chooses the latter anyways.

  • This Vengeance of Mine

    This Vengeance of Mine

    2 pages by Yhashtur

    From humble beginnings to burning cities,

    Douse the flames with scarlet waves.

  • The Dream Of Magic

    The Dream Of Magic

    1 pages by Wandering_Memo

    Follow along Max's journy to becoming a master magician.



    This is my first try at writing, and also English isn't my mother language; so any comment giving advice would really help alot :).
    hope it doesn't suck too much '-'.

  • Be Okay

    Be Okay

    1 pages by cosmomilk

    Chicken world dominance with a side of girl's love!

    Earth has been completely dominated by humans. Dogs are held by the leash, birds are held in cages, and chickens are thrown into ovens with every passing second. They all have big dreams for the future, and new inventions are made all the time, trusting that they will forever be the kings of the world. 

    But not for long. Chickens, the previous rulers of the earth, are slowy preparing for their revenge. They plot in the shadows. And for some strange reason, they have a way with making friends with gay high school girls.

    Follow the story of Firefly, the leader of the Alien Research Club with a really bad stammer as she forms a small harem of chicken-worshippers (mostly gay high school girls) and chickens alike to go against the toxic reign of the humans. Down with anthropocentrism!

  • Thieves' Race

    Thieves' Race

    191 pages by Isaac Padgett

    A young thief thinks there's nothing more to life than proving his love for a girl who doesn't seem to feel the same. All that changes, however, when he journeys to purgatory and starts a war. All of a sudden, he's thrown into a race against demons to get his hands on a weapon that can change history forever. But who can he trust, when those closest to him seem to have a knack for betrayal? Jack must push through and beat his enemies, all the while trying to protect those he loves.

  • Flawed Teeth (SCREENPLAY)

    Flawed Teeth (SCREENPLAY)

    126 pages by KeshaDEly

    Elliot Knox, the son of a renowned geneticist, suddenly has to deal with an alien apocalypse, while learning the truth of why it has happened, and taking on the burden of saving as much of humanity as he can.

  • Roman: Dead or Alive

    Roman: Dead or Alive

    77 pages by LDClaudius

    Civilization has entered a new era. They had reached to a peaking point where civilization was overpopulated. No longer they settled in their home planet. They made their expansion to civilization outside the galaxy. They believed that they would settle a new frontier inside pitch darkness. There always a new opportunity to explore the uncharted territory. Rumors suggest that there were habitat planets where civilization would begin to establish a colony and began to settle a new life. Thanks to technological advancement, many bigger ships can now travel faster than the speed of light and it would take a few minutes to reach to Mars from Earth. With the new opportunity for migration in space… Comes an inevitable.

    New threats lurk every corner. Bandits, Pirates and Terrorist would prowl the galaxy to find its prey. Law enforcement tried to stop the outlaw in developing colonies. The outlaw would perform guerilla tactics on supply convoys, and they ambush Law enforcement in order to cut down their reinforcements.

    As a response of these underwhelming assaults, a small group of mercenaries would band together to form a guild called Artia. Artia is a Bounty Hunting guild where their job is to find the most wanted criminal and ensure that they enforce the law. Each criminal has a price in their head. The only want to make a fortune is to identify the wanted target and they need to either execute the target or capture it alive.

    Jake was an orphanage who lost his parents when pirates raided a ship called Prince Belmont. With nothing to lose, he withdrawal from school and served his time in the United Galactic Front Marine Corps. After nine weeks of intense training, he would latter join the 1313th Marine Corps. Few years later, he was discharged from his division and would latter end up being selected to be one of the most feared Bounty Hunter in the galaxy.

    His first test came when he was forced to track down one of the most wanted criminal in the galaxy; Roman Ellis. He is responsible for shipping illegal product, financial fraud, and bringing in live specimen without any approval from the counselor. Somewhere, somehow. He still out there. He needs to be either brought back dead or alive.

  • Power Fighters

    Power Fighters

    57 pages by Bladerulez

    The world is filled with people who have powers. They are called 'Power Fighters'. They compete with each other in friendly fights and tournaments and 'Power Fighting' has become an international sport.

    Join a band of power fighters as they navigate their way through the world of strong fighters to reach to the top.

  • When He's Down: a Freaky Fred x Barbara fic, aka a Bread fic

    When He's Down: a Freaky Fred x Barbara fic, aka a Bread fic

    54 pages by Palt

    Yeah you heard me - a fanfic? On RRL?? Proposterous! 

    But hey if I post this, I'll have exactly as many fictions on here as times I've seen Little Shop of Horrors, and that trade is just far too tanalizing. So, I implore you to enjoy this scientifically and canonically inaccurate portrayal of Fred getting super sad and Barbara taking care of him, and maybe he also gets a little naughty? Who know?? 

    If you have no idea who/what I'm talking about you can read it anyways since the man on the roof told me it was good and I trust him ever since he stole my voice so yes try it out will you uwu

  • Art of Betrayal

    Art of Betrayal

    50 pages by CreeperDoodle

    After an attack on the enemy capital reveals a larger conspiracy, Arcturian commander Varia finds himself in the company of his nemesis, Maddox. A forbidden and tenuous relationship blossoms between the two, threatened by the truth of Arcturus' betrayal and a dark secret. Two men plagued by war must put aside their hostilities in order to find peace. But can peace be found?

  • Chasing the Hurricane

    Chasing the Hurricane

    50 pages by Moranite

    There was once an Empire that stood here. The Clawscar Empire. For centuries they were the dominating power of the lands of the west. However, during the reign of Emperor Rahl, the people of the Empire became complacent and lazy, giving themselves to debauchery and degeneracy, ignoring the problems the nation faced. As time passed, the land started to die, relationships with other nations worsened, and Clawscar was slowly becoming a miserable place to live.

    However, one night, suddenly, the old, rotting order was swept away by a mysterious storm that left as quickly as it came. The people who lived to see it called it the Ghost Hurricane.

    Years have passed since the hurricane's rampage. Now, a young man prepares to make his trek across the Empire's Corpse, hoping to learn the truth of things...

    Note: Has nothing to do with the ongoing Magic Knight Saga, also written by me.

  • Let the Record Show

    Let the Record Show

    46 pages by Ophelia Willow-Brook

    One year after facing the most difficult defeats of his life, Dick Grayson is forced to relive the event that toppled him hardest of all. With Blockbuster dead, Blüdhaven demolished, and his pride left in ruins, Nightwing is reminded that the very thing that empties you may be the only thing to make you whole. Based after the events of Nightwing #93 to provided closure to the infamous Devin Grayson arc. Re-Edited!

  • The Shattered Spear

    The Shattered Spear

    44 pages by broodingantihero

    A LANCER Fanfic. There are mechs. Play it here: https://massif-press.itch.io/

    These Tenets of Azure Banner

    of gentle dunes and heavens torn

    Honor begets Honor

    Scorn begets boundless Scorn

    — Excerpt from the Sainno, sacred text of Khagat, dt. 4632u

    Jegu awoke, bewildered after centuries of slumber, amidst strangers in foreign soil.

    Below, unlikely allies gather as the revolution rouses once more.

    Above, industry booms as the Copied Folk strive to bring everlasting glory to the Hallowed House.

    Higher still, conflict looms as plots and machinations beyond his understanding are set in motion.

    Can a grain of sand abate the coming tide?

  • Aces From Hell

    Aces From Hell

    36 pages by Crusader Ace24

    Aces from hell follows a group of Mercenary Pilots fighting around the world as they leave behind their lives at home. Every pilot is here for his own set of reasons, Some are too addicted to war having spent too much time on the edge of life and death. Some just want to escape the boredom of the civilian world. Some just want the thrill of an adrenaline rush but the most important reason is money. How far are these pilots willing to push themselves with regards to right and wrong? Has that line been blurred? Every decision has it's own set of consequences!

    (I would like to dedicate this story to my friend Sachin Kamanth for helping me out a lot. Without him, this story would not have been possible. Also credits to Peter Van Stigt and Deviant Art user Dantestarr for the pics)

  • The Flower That Bloomed Nowhere

    The Flower That Bloomed Nowhere

    35 pages by Lurina

    A conclave of arcanists meets as part of their ongoing ambition to unlock the secret of eternal life, but one of their guests, Utsushikome of Fusai, is skeptical of their chances of success. Soon, however, the unexpected happens, and a tragedy unfolds at their hidden refuge.

    A time loop mystery, from a different perspective.

  • Dispatch Work

    Dispatch Work

    33 pages by PuzzleRaven

    In an infinite multiverse, even powers deemed to destructive to be safe can have somewhere they aren't just useful, but necessary or even essential. Which is the only reason certain teens are still alive, and learning to love their work.

    "All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension. Transuranic heavy elements may only be used where there is no life. Heavy atomic weights are available: Arsenic, Caesium, Francium, Lead, Mercury, Plutonium, Radon, and Uranium. Radon and Plutonium have been assigned."

    Based loosely on Sapphire and Steel, with three main characters from Hunter/Killer, Ultimate X-man, and Worm.

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