• The Vermilion Bloodline

    The Vermilion Bloodline

    25 pages by TheAncientEdge

    After a dark era of villains the world ushers in an era of heroes. Kuroyami Kage aims to become like the heroes from his childhood, however his forgotten past begins to resurface. Will he be able to handle his painful memories or will the ensuing chaos be the end of his childhood dream?

  • Centra - The Guardian

    Centra - The Guardian

    24 pages by OzzyMozzy

    Cel has spent the better and worse parts of her days trying to put New York's human trafficker behind bars.  She was inches away from achieving her goal when life sent her giant set back in the form of 24-hour amnesia and the terrifying delusion that she can hear people thoughts.

    Being struck in the head and stabbed in the chest she miraculously wakes up in a hospital room with her entire case ruined by her new partner, Rick Monroe. Unable to control the voices in her head, she battles with her own mind to

    figure out what transpired in those missing 24 hours.


  • I don’t want to be the Love Rival!

    I don’t want to be the Love Rival!

    22 pages by GeriatricTools

    Written purely to keep myself entertained. Read at your own risk.

    Ace had always been an arrogant prick. Even though he was the captain of the tennis club and set to go to enter the youth Olympics team, no one wanted to date him because the moment he opened his mouth, his conceited and bossy attitude would make people stay away from him within a three meter radius.

    In this alternate universe, the Gods of this world gives all the people ‘roles’ to play that are similar to that of roles characters fall under in video games or movies. People know about the details of the game through game menus that only the people involved can see. Completing that role well is rumored to give amazing benefits and even eternal happiness.

    Apparently at the age of 17, Ace finally received a role, of Love Rival to make the main protagonist unable to romance any of the love interests in the dating sim. For once in his life, Ace decided to not be a dick and interfere with the love of other people, choosing to support the main protagonist and the love interests as much as possible. For the first time in his life, he thought, wow it actually doesn’t feel bad to be a good guy for once.

    System Announcement: Congratulations, Ace! You have just completed your role as ‘Love Rival’ and managed to break up their relationship! You have earned 100 000 points!


    Image from: https://s1.zerochan.net/Okita.Souji.%28Hakuouki%29.600.308420.jpg

    This is also cross posted to Scribble hub, under the same username. Link here: https://www.scribblehub.com/series/67287/i-dont-want-to-be-the-love-rival/

  • Sophia Against the World

    Sophia Against the World

    20 pages by Isla Marsh

    High school is coming to an end for Sophia and with it the last semblance of stability in her life. Her relationship with her mother has always been troubled, but when her mom falls sick, Sophia learns that the world is not always your friend. Shy and a bit of a loner, Sophia will make a decision- stand and face life and everything it throws at her, or fall into despair. Lost, alone and worn down by her job, Sophia one day finds herself standing on a rainy platform as a train approaches. If she boards that train, the course of her life will change forever and take her to places she never expected.

    This is not your classic love story. This girl doesn't need a prince charming to take on life and everything it has to offer.  A world awaits for her; from the hot sun of Africa to the chilly, snowcapped mountains of central Europe. There will be accidents, pain and a whole lot of heartache, but there will also be warmth and dancing and late nights under the stars.

    The world will quickly find it has nothing to compare to the strength and courage of one girl and her newfound sense of purpose.



    20 pages by boriz13

    2113, the Earth has finally solved the climate change issue caused by the loss of forests and technology entering a new era. A world of virtual reality is created by a genius scientist in a VRMMORPG game called "BORNEO", taken from the 3rd biggest island in the world famous for it's forest and wildlife.

    An orphan stumble across the game during military service, not forgetting his roots and experience in the world he starts to create his own legend in the game. He is not alone though, billions of other people are also trying to do the same.

    This is my first ever novel after so many years as a reader. I hope it would bring the same feeling like the other novels bring to me in this site, I also take inspiration from various novels so you might notice some similarities. Please bear with me during my new journey as an author here.

    I won't set a schedule for releasing the new chapter yet, I might try to do so after a few chapters in and I started to get the feeling of how things work.

  • Chaos


    20 pages by flyer324

    A young lady awakens in a desert wasteland not knowing her name or how she got there join her on her jouney as she discovers the wonders of magic while she trys to find here way home


  • The psychedelic adventures of Dr. Cham

    The psychedelic adventures of Dr. Cham

    18 pages by chairofmanygreens


    Our story follows Dr Cham on a journey from mediocre middle manager to intergalactic hero.

    Unsure about reality and unaware he is under the influence of mind altering substances. Dr Cham escapes his burning office from the 13th floor all the way to the deepest recesses of his psyche.

    Pursued by demonic secretaries, psychopathic co-workers and Myriam from HR. Dr Cham and his psychedelic adventures will keep you asking "what am I reading?" long into the second chapter.


    This story is an ongoing effort and will be updated at least once a week.

    I have never written anything like this before so please leave me some feedback. 

    Thankyou for reading!

  • Two Before Dark

    Two Before Dark

    17 pages by xDuskx

    Once upon a time, in our beautifully modern world there lived a charming young lad. Oh yes, dear reader, he was truly a magnimoniusly cynical existentialist of gentlemen who spent his time taking long walks on the white sands of a nearby beach with an ice cream cone in hand (lickidy lick). One day he upon a... wait that's not right, I think?... Let's start over shall we!

    He was a gentleman yes, in a sense, sorta... okay fine he was slightly unusual and a bit different from the rest. I mean he is kinda special... Due to certain circumstances, which you'll find out for yourself in a bit, he winds up... forget It, just read me already...

    Love ya [kiss] 




    So yeah...not really safe for work. Aren't you glad I warned ya? 😜

    Read Me (Pretty Please)

  • House of Witchez

    House of Witchez

    16 pages by authorajh

    Bree Songbird is a shy nervous girl who doesn't have many talents. When she joins the House of Night she meets mysterious and handsome Tessen Avery who ignites more questions than answers. Now, she is torn between her beautiful brooding partner, and her funny geeky best friend Simon Sanchez. When the house of Night is attacked by forsworn darkness that puts the school on lockdown. It's up to Tessen, Bree, and Simon to figure out what's going on before the House of Night is closed down forever. 

  • Dear Diary

    Dear Diary

    14 pages by ylosp

    A place to store your feelings, your life. No one can read it, harboring your deepest secrets.

    That’s a common diary. The Diary isn’t common.


    This is a self-contained short story I made.  Keep in mind (for maximum immersion) you’re reading what’s on the diary apart from the italic part and the protagonist is reading the same thing (when he bothers to read).

  • 1056!!


    13 pages by Yami Sakka

    A single text was all it took to hurl Xavier King(x for short) into a life of chaos. After X's older brother Ben goes missing, X falls into deep cataclysmic depression. The only evidence investigators found regarding the possible abduction of Ben, was his cellphone. He had one text from a suspicious number, "1056." The text states, "Heard you needed some money, meet me 3 miles north of the sun at noon." Ask yourself, what is the extent you would go to avenge a person you love? Is there a line, one should never cross? Should it even be a question?

  • Where The Sky Spills Into The Stars

    Where The Sky Spills Into The Stars

    12 pages by Minerva Malfiere

    Sunila can't sing to save her life. In a family where singing is magic, and magic is life, that's a problem. She yearns for the day that an escape from her suffocating village existence will wash up from the river that feeds the town rice paddies - until one day, it does, in the form of a boy named Aster. A nobleman searching for answers to great mysteries of the universe, he's taken a wrong turn into Sunila's backwaters boondocks and needs her help to get back on his feet. Sunila agrees to travel with him, on one condition: she will never be shamed for her lack of ability to sing magic again. Together, they embark on a whirlwind adventure - complete with dragons, ancient scrolls of untold power, and one wayward princess-in-hiding - and, along the way, discover that the nature of Sunila's supposed lack of magic - and her very existence - may not be as she has always been told...

  • Zero Dark: The Fallen Earth

    Zero Dark: The Fallen Earth

    12 pages by precinctomega

    In the wake of unexpected global disaster, the Earth is broken.  Rescue missions from the independent colonies of Mars and Venus rush to assist the homeworld, but are quickly faced with a greater conundrum: most of the population is mysteriously missing, and the survivors are hostile and untrusting.

    Mars and Venus have their own agendas, and each colony is, itself, riven with petty factions.  Each planet holds its own secrets, but the fight over the Fallen Earth threatens to expose them all. 

  • Friends Family Fame

    Friends Family Fame

    10 pages by Andy Cestello

    A group of ambitious boys find out the road to fame is about more than just the lime light.

    The stories within the story of each member weaves a web of misunderstandings, and drama, that lead to better and worse work relationships between the rising stars.

    ...ok now that I've tried my hand at catching your attention, let me tell you what this is really about. I need to let loose some emotions. I wanna laugh, cry, and get angry over pent up frustrations, but above all I want to think about some gushy light hearted drama that will make my heart flutter with anticipation. So, if your down to read my attempts at pulling some heart strings then read on!

    If you are a critic. I need you. You people are like tiny devils that will push my sadism further into the depths of fire, so please offer your advice on how to tear out hearts even quicker and fuel my rage. Who knows. Maybe you might just push me far enough to break the intended genre.

  • Evolving World

    Evolving World

    9 pages by InmaRandomWriter

    In a contemporary world of progression, Changes must be fulfilled. History says so, for great people have dared to change the world as they see how the world evolves in every second. In this tale, we can see how the world changes as our hero, Blake Wright, Understands and learns more about the world while learning more about himself as well. And as all tales do, he must answer a question. 

    To change the world or to not?

  • I Oppose. You do not stand.

    I Oppose. You do not stand.

    9 pages by Koashi

    The boy has been brought before the vacuum of space and is given the one and only offer the space is willing to ever offer anyone, not because he is special or because its bored. The space is acting magnanimous in the boys eyes and swears to be its True friend. The space has had many similar people say similar words but those people were long gone because it desired its singular superiority but it decided to stop destroying these friends and now honestly gift this person. This is its perminant experiment.

    This takes place on a terra formed world after abandoning earth 500 years later.

    Various beast, fresh technology. Not exactly so much advanced as aliens since its meant to also be fantasy but beyond earth. No magic. Unless some chapters in I cause them to find something which is dark matter but permits magic. This is unlikely for now.

  • The Fifth Prince

    The Fifth Prince

    9 pages by TheShopKeeper

    Just a possibly inconsistent piece of work.

  • The Old Wizard

    The Old Wizard

    8 pages by Nicholas S. Casale

    Just a story I started writing for fun. Don't yet know what I'll do with it. As the title says, it's about an old wizard. It's both darkly philosophical and ridiculous. In future chapters, I may make the main characters action based on readers' votes.

  • The Day the King Died

    The Day the King Died

    8 pages by shattered wings

    In a dark cell, sat chained, a dark man. Foot steps thumped down the spiral stairs leading to his lonely cell. Heavy footsteps that bore the burden of a man who killed his father. A flickering light finally bounced energetically against the far wall beyond the cell bars as the steps approached. Then the man emerged with a torch and a bowl. He placed the pitch covered stick in a holder on the wall. 

    He fished for his key and slid it into the padlock on the iron gate that stood between him and the beast he had created. 

    "How did it come to this old friend?" Said the jailor, gripping one of the cell bars with one hand. The man chained to the wall did not respond. He hung his head and stared at the floor.

    "I hope you're happy. Their armies are here now. They stretch as far as the eye can see. No one will help us. They might march down here and gut you too despite all the good you did them," the Jailor continued into the silence. He carefully placed the bowl between himself and his friend.

    The chained man made no move to take it or even indicate that he noticed. The jailor sighed and exited the cell. The door squeaked as he swung it shut behind him. The key slid into the lock with a metallic clink.

    The jailor walked back to the stairs and grabbed the torch from its holder. He sighed turning to face the chained man once more. "I know he was like a brother to you. I know you would have - did - go to hell and back for him, but he wasn't the man you grew up with."

    “You knew what would happen,” The chained man’s voice rattled and scratched. “You knew how I would feel.” Anger creeped into the unsettling mixture that was his voice.

    “You’re right. I knew what you would do the day the King died. I just wish -”

    The chained man laughed at the remorse he heard. At least it seemed to be a laugh, but the grating sound could easilly be misinterpreted as choking. “I wish," the jailor continued to the man's rasping laugh, "you could know what I know, see what I have seen.” 

    “You wish you had killed me when you had the chance!” The chained man bellowed suddenly straining against his chains. His captor turned away and his shoulders drooped as he started back up the stairs, his footsteps heavier than when they had come.

  • Woven in Fate

    Woven in Fate

    7 pages by Elijah Lawson

    Arzen Therdain, a young acolyte of the Tindari Church, watches his entire people change in an instant. His friends and family hunt in down as he attempts to escape the grasps of whatever ethereal party has claimed their bodies. The Threads that weave together all things lend their aid to Arzen, and he uses that to push himself to the extreme in his attempt to free his nation.

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