• Splintered


    15 pages by Kuroyuki
    Guy wakes up =) read the prologue for more =) The prologue is important to the story as it sets up the basics of the MC =)
  • The cure for insanity

    The cure for insanity

    13 pages by mairim2

    Emma is a slightly insane teen, and when a new cure for madness gets tested on her, her life is changed forever. No longer crazy, she is now taller, stronger and smarter. Oh, yeah. She has magic now, too. Is she going mad again?

  • A Shade's Joy

    A Shade's Joy

    9 pages by Mad Jester
    Nimbus Clearsky's life seems to be as grey as the stormy clouds above. He longed for the lightning that not only illuminated the sky, but the one that pierced through the grey existence. The rain pounded upon the gazebo as he closed his empty eyes. When he opened them once more, he sat upon a vast plain, no longer in the world he once knew.

    (Citation: The cover photo is from Paranormal.com. I claim no ownership of the picture)
  • The Adventures of Alexis

    The Adventures of Alexis

    9 pages by jbarth127
    This is the story of Alexis. Alexis is the reincarnation of a women from earth who lived a fairly normal life and died a fairly normal death. Her only complaint was that her life was just a little too boring. In her new life Alexis will remedy that.

    Authors Note: This is my first attempt at writing, but my first (and only) language is English so have fun grammar nazi's as I want and need the corrections to better my writing.
  • The Choice We Made

    The Choice We Made

    7 pages by ldyrdy
    What if you could decide the fate of the MC?

    What if you could decide what he's going to do?

    What if you're the one who decided it, not the MC?

    Your choice will decided how the story goes and how the MC will act..
  • Demon in my head

    Demon in my head

    3 pages by Tetrise

    what Happens when you are pulled away from your world with no way back and you are to young and week to protect yourself well you die. But if your lucky you’ll find some one to rely on and to gain strength from until your strong enough to protect yourself.

    ps. As it’s my first story and I’m not the best writer there will be gramer errors. If you could be nice and point them out it would help me out a lot but please don’t be a jerk about it

  • Fourth Dungeon of Ke Kahi Uila

    Fourth Dungeon of Ke Kahi Uila

    1 pages by Dragon_Goddess

    I was a living weapon for my country that got too powerful. The countries and Gods of my world tried to suppress me and kill me, but I escaped. I wandered world after world then was pulled into the world of Ke Kahi Uila as a dungeon core. 

  • Blue Utopia

    Blue Utopia

    0 pages by haplosexual

    Annabelle is a subject-status 17-year-old living in the post-new-era world America of 2310. By this time, humans are living in Utopian Domes under a virtual reality sky, an egalitarian apartment-style housing system, and a socialist world order dedicated to maximize the welfare of humanity. Under the specially-dedicated testing dome of Blue Utopia, Annabelle battles with her disillusionment with the post-new-era and with realities of her subject status. She has been genetically engineered to constantly suffer from severe depression, and has been put through trials of medication regimes her entire adolescent life for the sake of psychiatric research. Science and technology dominate. Order is maintained through an AI algorithm. Geniocrats rule society, and everyone is subject to a hierarchy based on intelligence and eugenics. Can she make it?

  • Hot Guy Cold Guy

    Hot Guy Cold Guy

    49 pages by J. Elias Epp

    Two exiles are forced by circumstances to travel together. Well, or one forces the other to follow. Hmm, no. One chooses to follow the other. Ah, forget it. It depends. Anyway, life is an adventure. Life in fantasy much more so. But, as in real life, some characters just seem to bumble foolishly along. Skah is one of those people. Meanwhile, others take it too seriously. The clash that comes from forcing these two people together can only be described as an adventure.

  • Soul Forger

    Soul Forger

    31 pages by Cuckold_Gu

    Young Solana's life has gone the wrong way since the beginning. As soon as he was born, the demon moved into his body, so he lost his hand, then a "happy" childhood with daily injuries... The only thing left to do is to lose the family forge because of the many debts. Will he let that happen? Oh, yeah, of course. He doesn't really care about the forge. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. He is looking for the power to wrap the world around his feet and to do nothing in a small port town with such desires.

  • The Spectator

    The Spectator

    22 pages by Mr Salfredolph

    Doing requires effort and it has two outcomes success and failure either way there's a RISK and you will learn this I GRANT YOU EXISTENCE AND YOU'RE NAME SHALL B- *butter fingers drops em* ShhhRRIP *Tearing sound* OWWWW OW SHIT ow mother F- caaalm down *Phew* wow real smooth god good job well done you've dumped em into existence without a name, whatever they'll learn or get one later and all is well yes they will live.  .  .  . or die  heh heha HeHAH-wait *checks face* its gone? m my beard? *a tear is shed*

  • The bound weapon's master

    The bound weapon's master

    20 pages by Rreelentless
    follow the story of ember as he tries to take his created class to the top of the first of it's kind the VRMMO new frontier.
  • The Tower Defender

    The Tower Defender

    12 pages by DownSyndromeShadowAssassin

    A unique idea for a novel!. Check it out! RPG, Blue Screens, Level Up, Skills, Magic, Monsters, Questing,

    and most of all, Tower Defending.

  • phenris


    7 pages by manfin
    phenris is a girl who reincarnated into another world after the destruction of the earth.
    watch as she live her new live

    PS: this story is just one that i do to pass time. so, don't expect anything
  • Dropped


    0 pages by IReadBooksForALiving


  • battle royale

    battle royale

    0 pages by arata

    in this story just like the other novel our mc/Main Character will once again go through reincarnation with the reason of being bored. this new world that he is born to is a modern world that means the same world we're currently living in except there is both cultivation and magic there.

  • Lustful Obidience

    Lustful Obidience

    51 pages by Connection SQ

    Lovre is nothing but a common thief for the time he was alive. At one point he got summoned to the main capital's castle and was deemed one of the four heroes. The heroes are tasked to end the war that has been going on for years against the demonic beings. Lovre finds no interest in such things and ignored the decree. He then found out how the demonic beings are a threat not just to the world but also those whom he cares about. He must venture forth and put a stop to this war not for the world but to save the people he loves.

  • Amunation


    18 pages by starlaise

    Finn Willow the world greatest gunsmith, the most hated man , and the detroyer are some of the many names his been given by the world  finds him self dead a heart attack caused by a bullet he created. Finds himself reborn has The first prince on a new world what will he do now.

  • Rule's? what are those?

    Rule's? what are those?

    15 pages by anime_is_life

    welcome one and all to a world that is far from where you live, in this world the place's are like a jigsaw here is a scorching hot desert and right beside it is a freezeing tundra where hot water turns to snow, its each tribe for itself and there is no rules other than if your strongest you decide.


    we will follow our mc a women who is from our world and has one of the darkest souls here, she "somehow" dies and gets "sent" to this world born as well you will find out wont you?


    hi i am writting this for when i can't write my other novel as i am not in the mindset for it, that one is ment to be loony and funny and this one i have no idea other than no rules other than you strong you boss. and i am the ruler of this world so i can make things happen for the fun of it.


    now as a head's up there are right down perverted people in this novel, here is a for instance might or might not be in the story.

    physical pain/rape, force, death, perverted monster's.(imagine orc's but alot of monster's are like this) are just some of of the things in it, now because some are obvious not right i wont explain them but yeah

  • Dark legacy of Ren Fen

    Dark legacy of Ren Fen

    13 pages by FreeNlazzy
    Killed by your own father *WTF*
    Resurrected by someone you don't know * what the hell*
    Found out that you don't remember anything and wakeup while felling unfamiliar with your own body * it sucks man *

    Find out about a journey of our mc uncover the truth about himself and the new world that awaits him.
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