• The Formulist Record

    The Formulist Record

    0 pages by Linus Mark

    Humankind and other lifeforms are guided by magical energy known as Aether. Throughout the world, different ways to utilize such power come with a divisive social distinction. With a society of half consisting of magicians, their status or role come under threat from Formulation. Formulation is the usage of Aether through technology, rather than through innate ability from magicians. Many of whom who utilize them are non-magicians, thus often, their users be known as formulists. Our protagonist, a formulist coming from a magician background, will have to come to terms with his own aspirations in face of a war of a between a magician and formulist nation, the former being his own homeland. Facing those who share similar ideals as his, the consequences that will come of this conflict will be revolutionary.

  • Apocalypse number 1

    Apocalypse number 1

    0 pages by winningwinner

    The main character will die, this short story depicts a form of a Apocalypse.

  • An accident of Busses

    An accident of Busses

    0 pages by GaiusFromTheDune

    What happens when an accident happens and the result is the dead are given the chance to continue living in another world filled with magic and monsters. They get to start over with their names and memories but out of the total deaths one person has to be reincarnated as a monster that is the cost of them all being reincarnated by the goddesses. I may change the genres or content waring stuff if readers don't think it fits the story thx.

  • Sell-outs


    0 pages by nitronaut

    In his piece of flash fiction, there are sell-outs among us. You have all been warned.

  • A City of Glass

    A City of Glass

    0 pages by artemas91765

    The Avorius Wastelands once contained central traderoutes between Elkrak Kingdom and the Sunlight Thoreum. Yet after the Great Disaster, humans have not set foot in the sandy dunes in decades. Elriek plans on leading a group to explore the changed lands and settle these harsh lands, reopening ancient traderoutes as he grows his city. Yet nothing in the middlelands is the same and with next to no information about the wastelands, he must brave unknown challenges if he hopes to survive.

    Author Note: First time writing a story, will be rough around the edges but I hope you can bear with it as I get better

  • The Legend

    The Legend

    0 pages by darklordliz


    Legends, they are the apex of human existence. Stories that have been past down throughout the ages so long they are but fragments of the original. Legends have been in all cultures throughout all civilizations since man began to pass down tales. Humans have a yearning to be remembered, Legends are people who have not been forgotten.

    Let me tell you a story, a legend of sorts. About a man without emotions and a lady with a vengeance. Let me tell you a legend, the legend of a assassin who was breed to kill and lived to served. About a abounded little girl who grew to stand above all. 

    Let me tell you about Mari Fior Celo and her shadow Lazur Zegan.

  • Blood and Sand

    Blood and Sand

    0 pages by Lord Ares

    Ares often remembers his childhood his innocence… his naivety. How he longs to go back to those days. Alas that’s not what destiny has set in store for him, no. Destiny has something much more cruel set for him.

    He has a debt that must be paid.

    This is his story.

    A story of Blood and Sand.



    Hey, this is my first story.


    Heads up there is a tragedy tag, and there will be tragedy throughout this novel. However, I don't intend this story to be pure violence and depression. The main character will go through many stages of life, and thus the novel will also go through many different stages as well.


    Also I'm not going to comitt myself to a number of chapters per week, I have a busy schedule. I do intend to release as often as I can however.

  • Choose His Path

    Choose His Path

    0 pages by Palt

    i will be making up a story, and you will be commenting on what you want to happen. 


    oh, the overall plot? good queston. that the thing, ill just be making up some kind of plot, and you just comment what you want, simple, right?

    interested? then come here, and let us make a story.

  • World Of The Strong

    World Of The Strong

    0 pages by Cerberos

    Young man living on Ernius world of the strong trying to survive with all his might.

    Spening all his days scavenging for food he developed a greed for power and wealth so he would never again have to bow his head or go hungry.

    He steps outside of the safety of city walls to experience the world.

    Towards endless adventures.

  • The new Emperor in God's dimension

    The new Emperor in God's dimension

    0 pages by Br9k3n

    A legacy of all pantheon but cursed by his peer because of that is bullied at school neglected at home but he has insane imaginary that will help him on his journey on the god's dimension as the 4th special team : TEAM SOLO 

    A team made by only one player with some advantage because he is the only one on his team

    Follow closely how the young legacy  of all the pantheon will grow and to cure his curse

    ENGLISH IS NOT MY NATIVE LANGUAGE but point me the grammar error

    A Terror Infinity fanfic


  • Short stories

    Short stories

    0 pages by Voidwolf

     THis is a Collection of my short stories 

    this is a filler ..........................................

  • Beyond the Limits

    Beyond the Limits

    0 pages by mighetto

    2362 AD, a small PSR trade shuttle is making its way through the vast swathes of space between Sol system and Zephlon VII, carrying a valuable cargo of metallic hydrogen, to be used as a fuel source and materials for the newly formed colony. 

    A small crew of ten has been placed on the shuttle to maintain the ship during its 6-month long journey.

    Little do they know, there's something different about this trip...

    Inspired by Becky Thomas's Abantey

  • Crowns Beckoning

    Crowns Beckoning

    0 pages by Paperclip1

    The Crown beckons a new ruler, for the new has become rotten.

    Voice Faross, the eldest of the Faross family is forced to coerce with with a rival family when his father was assassinated. With no room to grief, he plans a way to save his family.

  • The Last Deeds

    The Last Deeds

    0 pages by Mazik

    So It all started when I was 12 years old I used to be a show-off. When teacher says any work to other I say that I will do it but I did not know why the others were always looked me in way like they were gonna kill me, when I asked one day that " you have nothing do all the work will be done by your mother you just show off your self as like you did it by your own but as we always do it by yourself our mother never helped us for doing our projects".It gave me a small shock that they hate me because for this but I didn't take it to my heart and been natural like always and I continued and when I was 13 years old there was a natural disaster which made my school close for 2 months or something like that in that holidays it made me addict of taking holiday I always put some drama not to go school practically every day I did the same but one day came to my class everyone sawed that I was acting I must accept it ruined my image a lot as you know that I sed to take a lot of hooliday I used to be incomplete at my works so I used to say that my note is lost so the teacher can give me time but it did not take a lot of time to figure them out that I was lying but when I taught I cant take it anyomore I changed my school but still some old classmates joined the same school which I joined and it did not take long that they made everyone opposed me it was tough me still I seek people talk to me again like a normal person like old days but I guess it will never happen. Did I forgot to say my name its Yuuta

  • Your future Thoughts

    Your future Thoughts

    0 pages by bluebug

    Who are you?

    You certainly are not you yourself.

    Forget that own man as you read the thoughts you will have to confront.



    0 pages by dylan chen

    "We are stuck, Right?" "Think so!" 

    A funny, Adventrous story starts like this!

  • HOPE - A YA Novel

    HOPE - A YA Novel

    0 pages by Encanta

    Warnings: Nothing graphic. Based around mental health but not graphic.

    She took her life on the 15th April. And no one knows why.

    After the unexplained and sudden suicide of Hope Harwell, the world turns upside down for the people she left behind.
    Cheyenne Donovan and her classmates embark on to find out why she did it - only to discover that the story is a lot darker.
    HOPE follows the story of a girl who died too young and what's left behind after.


  • Nightmare?


    0 pages by Fantasy Dreamer

    Had a dream/nightmare that caused me to wake with goosebumps. Thought I'd share it.

    It's like a dark finale for Garfield.


    It's short enough that I may attempt to make it into a comic strip.

    (Cover image is not mine. Source.)

  • Rayford of Karvondale

    Rayford of Karvondale

    0 pages by V.R.L. Wolfclas

    Rayford Hanscom has been living in a normal life until he had an accident somewhere in Karvondale, Rainne.

  • Polaris


    0 pages by Raigyo
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