• Tales of the Necromancer Supreme

    Tales of the Necromancer Supreme

    30 pages by LCSpartan051

    The universe is vast and filled with varied worlds and magics. Creatures who warp the fabric of reality and entities often mistaken for gods roam around going about with their lives. Witness the universe through the tales of one of the most powerful, yet absent-minded, beings: Kurt Ambrose, Necromancer Supreme.

    Hear how he caused Ragnarok as a part of a college prank, how he causes mass panic when he tries to go to dragoncon in the mortal world, and how his accidental actions shape the path the universe takes. All these and more are contained in this collection of tales relating to the Necromancer Supreme.


    Releases will be sporadic initially, but I will probably settle into a schedule soonish. Also the format is going to be like a series of short stories, at least for now. Some overarching plot elements will be present though. Also feel free to point out grammar errors. 

  • Multiverse Leaper [Dropped]

    Multiverse Leaper [Dropped]

    26 pages by ProcrastinatingPro
    Ever heard of the multiverse theory? Here we follow Aurora Lumen, a person with an appearance of a 16-17-year old adolescent but don't judge his outlook very quickly, he is way older than that. Aurora is quite intelligent, no other minds can compare to him. He is very experienced and well versed in the fields of science. Going back to multiverse theory, what if I told you that someone has managed to create a device which allows people to move between universes? Anything is possible at this point when there is a infinite number of universes to explore.

    *Author's Note*
    More tags may be included later on depending on the direction of the story. Just an amateur writer with barely no experience in making fictions.

  • Stranded Patriarch

    Stranded Patriarch

    10 pages by zecond

    A faaling star...

    A wish...

    And the concequences of it...

    This is the story of a Patriarch stranded far away from his people trying to survive and prsoper and a world not quite the others but same non the less.

    This is his story and all you have to do is witness it.

    P.S-This story will be updated atlest once amonth with 2-5k words depending on the time i have as i wil be catcing up with my other fictions.

    Have fun reading.

  • Black Ghost

    Black Ghost

    10 pages by LilPoro

    A boy that had suffered from an tragic accident spent the rest of his life in a hospital bed hovering between life and death. One day a mysterious figure appears before him and offers him a way to live life to the fullest again. Having had enough of staring the hospital ceiling, he unhesitantly takes the offer and then a new world of possibilities waits for him.

  • A Summoner

    A Summoner

    1 pages by Cancer

    A young commoner boy was tested for his main profession, and if he has a subclass. Watch as he shocks the world!

    (synopsis subject to change)

  • The White Wolf

    The White Wolf

    48 pages by Solknocker

    Lycan only wishes two thing in his life. He wants some quiet peace and safety of his mother. 


    All hell will break loose when his past comes haunting him down with a gentle knock on his door, and when I say that I mean literally past comes knocking on his door, or in his case past comes knocking down his mailbox!

    But what happened? Why all hell will break loose you ask?

    Because more than 1 million people from earth got their concisioness trapped within a game which he used to play in past. So there goes his dream of peace out of the window!

    Then comes a man in a back suit, threatening him with his mother's life, so safety of mother goes out of the window too!

    Now when he got himself stuck inside that game, which turned out to be a real world in different dimension, along with 1 million players, what's he going to do?

    He already know that he's a reincarnate individual with his memory sealed for some reason, and he also know that not only this other world is real but also have living and breathing demons and gods along with the mythical monsters! 

    But as if all of this was not enough to turn his already white hair into a colour which even he can't think of, he also know that this world is at brink of collapse because of ongoing war between gods and demon over an artifact call [The Amrit]

    But knowing all this won't solve anything and when he stop to think about all the ancient mysteries and myths of this world, the first and most important question he ask himself is...

    "Just what the hell I'm going to do?"

    Other Synopsis :

    Tales never die for they're passed down from generations to generation!

    Mostly because there are entertaining but partly because they are a little bundle of ideas, carefully packed into a gift parcel by our ancestors as a present for us future generations. They hoped to pass the torch, they hoped that we'll learn, they hoped that we'll understand what they meant even long after their mortal shells vanishes with a gust of wind along with scattered sand right into the river of time. The river which never stops for a male or for a female, not for a man or for a beast, neither for a living nor for the dead, even mythical gods and demons succumb under ruthless current of this heartless river of time.

    This is a story about a boy who picked such a tale from this river and the tale was about a wolf!

    The boy was so inspired by this tale that he thought like a wolf and fought like a wolf, until one day he himself turned into a wolf and eventually got his own tale called 'The White Wolf!'

  • Just a random Zodiac Book in the Internet

    Just a random Zodiac Book in the Internet

    32 pages by WierdG

    I really love the zodiac signs so I decided to write a book about them.

    Ps. This about what the zodiacs would do in certain situations. NOT THE PEOPLE WHO GOT CANCER OR VIRGO BUT IF THE SIGNS WERE HUMANS. So don't feel offended.

  • Lost Shield

    Lost Shield

    19 pages by Jester.The.Crazed

    He was a gamer and your average run-of-the-mill tank.

    But unlike your other tanks, he has money and enough to become a great p2w.

    But he never use money on them and he only uses it to support his daily life style.

    Then why does he merely find random parties to hunt with and makes his own guilds?

    That is because he wants a place in the gaming world.

    Then why learn about him?

    There are millions of gamers who reach for that goal.

    So theres no reason to learn because he doesn't relate to you right?

    He doesn't hold power nor does he have friends.

    So he enters the game world 'Unexplored Shadowlands' to explore a new world full of hidden classes and quests.

    Maybe here he will find his place in the world. 

  • Kingdom of Rebirth

    Kingdom of Rebirth

    14 pages by perseuswl
    Kyle Schwarz a teenager and avid gamer is about to embark on his adventure in the first ever VRMMO game made, joined by his sister he explores the world and discovers the secrets of this new world as well as compete against the many players with unique and legendary classes found in the game.
  • The March of Warriors

    The March of Warriors

    11 pages by herjoh

    When the rule of kings falter. 

    When the gods are silent. Men turn aganist men. 

    Fighting under the blood red sky. Dying the ground red with blood. 

    Let the rivers of blood freely flow. Let father and son part way to fight for their right.

    Here are no gods. There are only demons and men.

    Men who seeks power and demon who seeks blood.

    This is a new era.

    The Era of Chaos.

  • Unchained


    5 pages by savagebunbun3

    Bound by the chains that have caged him in darkness for several millennia, he waited for an opportunity to break himself free.

    With his life waning, he, Emperor Lang, escaped at the cost of damaging his already frail soul.

    With little hope, he encountered a chance to fuse his damaged soul with another incomplete soul in hopes of survival.


    Every chapter is 1,000-1,500 words.

    Story doesn’t start when Emperor Lang escapes but instead from the very beginning of his path to become who he is in the prologue, Emperor Lang.


    1x every week. 

  • Reincarnated Wolf

    Reincarnated Wolf

    5 pages by JamieJJH
    First FF ever and i don't think I'll get that into writing Story's so just enjoy this one chapter if you do decide to read it.

    The title says what I was going to do at first but now It's different and I'm still not gonna reveal anything else about this story.
  • I shall be Emperor!

    I shall be Emperor!

    3 pages by PengoTheWriter

            I shall be Emperor! In my past lives I was scorned and ridiculed. I shall get back against this world and everyone shall worship me! Then I shall create a army so huge it will topple the heavens! For I am the Emperor, and with this System I will become Emperor. - Emperor Chu Year 648

  • The Titan's Bow

    The Titan's Bow

    0 pages by Daniel Scheffe

               Jack wants to become a warrior. He and his friend Zack have been waiting to train forever, but the waiting list was a mile long to get a master, and seeing that Jack has very few physical attributes, other than basic archery, it was also very unlikely that he would get a spot. He also has basic Spell casting, but only can use the simplest of spells. Meanwhile, The ancient titans seem to be rising again, and entire castles are going missing!!! What will Jack do if he isn't accepted? Who will stop the titans? And where in the world is that Castle? One wisend old wizard suspects that they're all related, and he may just be right...

  • Agent Lightning: Operation Angel Arms

    Agent Lightning: Operation Angel Arms

    130 pages by Coocoo for books

    Luke Sared was an average kid. That all changed when he discovered his strange abilities  and got introduced to Lazarus, an organization of mages that stops magical beings from being known to the general public. Before Luke’s training can even be finished, he gets blackmailed into investigating a strange orphanage called Angel Arms  where a previous agent dissapeared without a trace.  Despite the name the orphanage appears to be anything but holy. In fact it’s more demonic in nature. What initially starts off simple and spooky for Luke, quickly branches off into a sinister plan that if successful, would doom all of New York.

    Spoiler: Spoiler




    60 pages by DarklorZarnish

    Who or what is a god? A god is a being of infinite power that sees to the activities of their affiliations. But what happens when a god gets bored of his role? What happens if the god wants to experience something new?

    In this story, a young reckless god, tired of his seemingly endless routine sets out on an adventure in a new world unlike any other.

    I already posted this on mangaraiders, my username: IndecisiveChild. 


  • I'am not a hero: My adventure in another world

    I'am not a hero: My adventure in another world

    19 pages by Royhan nulloh

    Robin accidentally moved to a world he had never seen before. He tried to return to his home world.

    At that time he met people who came from other worlds like him. Called as a hero to defeat the demon god. But Robin is not a hero.

    Without strength like a hero. Together with the hero, Robin is looking for ways to return to the world of origin.

  • Chaotic Duality

    Chaotic Duality

    17 pages by Cosmicviles

    One pair of twins with powers unknown in them and an unpredictable fate that lies ahead of them, they go against the set paths of life forging their own way in the universe one step at a time with all kinds of people they meet along the way. 

  • Reincarnation


    16 pages by TheDesertWindUnderTheMoonLight

    A man run over by a truck.

    Opening one's eyes to a new world, a new life, and redemption. 

  • Internet cultivation

    Internet cultivation

    14 pages by Lore Keeper

    Thousands of years ago a great cataclysm befell the earth. demons rose from the earth and dragons ripped throuh the sky. Worlds collided and ancient gods awoke. 

    The human race was on the edge of complete annihilation when a group of humans discovered a strange new energy source that gave them the power to shatter mountains and drain seas. These cultivators created vast and powerfull techniques to harness this energy and fight back against the monsters that invaded the earth. 

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