• Pursuit of the Sage

    Pursuit of the Sage

    0 pages by RandomRuffian

    In a world of fantasies where mythical beings coexist and prosper in harmony, an unscrupulous thinker estranged by his civilization struggles to find his meaning. Against the obstinate flow of time, what mysteries will he unravel and fragments of truth will his journey recover? Despite of the future he will be led to, he has to find out first the dark history unbeknownst to the annals of time.

  • Blessed


    0 pages by DatHamster

    About 1500 AD: People with fantastical abilities start to appear in the world. Given the name Blessed by the population, the change in power overthrows the status quo. Soon, the protestant movement, revolutions and warlords throw the world in disarray.

    1645: Siegfried, our hero, hates his name, his village and pretty much everyone in it. But after a run in with the Vatican's Inquisition, our main character saves the villagers as a byproduct of protecting his remaining family. As one of the Blessed, he somehow makes his escape, but gets separated from his family. With a chatterbox and her merchant father in tow,  he tries to navigate the impeding war between catholics and protestants while finding his family and slowly growing as a person.

    [17+] strong language, violence, however, this is more of a placeholder for me, as I dont know how exactly things are going to evolve from the start.

    This is my first fiction, first time writing for recreation and first idea ever. What were to happen if suddenly people in medieval times got superpowers, instead of magic? Obviously, the results would differ greatly.
    Im not sure how this idea is going to evolve, but I have some ideas. I'm planning to release at minimum 1 chapter per week. So with this, enjoy (or not, I dont judge)

  • Stellar Shutdown

    Stellar Shutdown

    0 pages by Jun_

    This is a story about a Ruined world on the brink of collapse. Join the inhabitants of Vostri to find and recover archaic technologies of old, in order to recover from the loss of their home star. Will they be able to survive the cold, lawless wasteland that Vostri has become? Or shall they fall just like the star that they used to call their own? When the light fades, Only the darkness of the mind remains.

  • The Ruination of Normality

    The Ruination of Normality

    0 pages by Aitheruis

    It's normal to want to learn, to explore, to build, to destroy. It is due to this that humans evolve and grow, it is why we strive to reach beyond what is known and bravely wander into the darkness of the unknown.
    Crest Academy is a  prestigious institution located on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean. In this modern age, the Academy is home to the people who genius's would call genius.  It is the realm where the cutting edge in the outside world was something that is decades behind what is already discovered. Getting into this school means that one will have a life of luxury, and while the graduation percentage is low, anyone who graduates from the prestigious Academy will have a Masters Degree in their chosen field, and often times a Bachelor's in their 'hobbies'.

    Those who leave the island are welcomed by all governments, and are regarded as some of the most intelligent people in the world. Furthermore, anyone can join this place of learning, all you need is the invitation. Living arrangements and supplies are offered by the school in order to allow students to focus on their studies. Those who do not graduate do not do so out of failure, these people have changed their studies or are working on their Graduation exam. So some, all are welcome. We are confident in your ability to learn, so don't be discouraged by what you see- you'll soon be the ones making these inventions after all!


    -Welcome to Crest Academy Pamphlet Sent to _______

      The smooth, glossy pages of the Pamphlet are covered in blood, resting against a trash can as the wet liquid dribbles down the pages.

  • Of Gods and Men

    Of Gods and Men

    0 pages by skyye


    What would you do if suddenly life as you knew it came to an end? The world you were living in started dying and you were given a choice to change its fate. Would you fight to save the established order, your family, your friends? Or would you chose to abandon it all, starting everything over as a blank slate?

  • One-shots/Short term Archive

    One-shots/Short term Archive

    0 pages by Carterman

    Hello People Nothing much to say than what's in the title. I'm an aspiring writter since way back and have finally got a means of actually writting a proper work of fiction. This page will just be for random short term stories that take my fancy and the occasional one-shot as  an idea for a future story. I am posting here to have my work appraised by the community and grow as a writter, I figure it's better to get something down in written form than all up in my head (it's getting a little cluttered).

    I have no guarenteed release dates on anything i submit for the time being as i have not found a proper mental means of getting into that thought to text typing frame of mind yet so please bear with me.

    Oh and Topic wise for my tales.... Usually whatever is on my mind at the time. I'll try and get a main series going one day, just gotta de-clutter my noggin!



    P.S. if you see something that you like of my works go nuts these are short pieces designed to inspire myself and others go nuts!

  • The Journey of Edward? Or is it Allen?

    The Journey of Edward? Or is it Allen?

    0 pages by mesterbot

    Hello there. My name's Edward, or rather it was, but you can still call me Edward or Eddie. I now go by the first name Allen. I've lived for far too long now, and life is getiing boring. No one else has emerged yet, since I did all those damn years ago. I wonder how Eldest Brother hasn't gone insane yet - he's been here a lot longer than me! Normally, when we're all bored, we go on trips to all kinds of places, but we've litterally experienced everything possible! If I didn't have my wonderful family I would have gone Insane long ago.  
    Anyways I am the fourth Brother - one of the most powerful beings in existence! Wanna hear the tale of the great me? How I came to be? Prepare for a long ride! 

  • Perfect Angel (Reviews Appreciated)

    Perfect Angel (Reviews Appreciated)

    0 pages by ChainFeeds

    10 Years ago a war broke out between "Humans", "Angels", and "Dark Angels" causing tremendous casualties and sorrow only to be stopped by "Soldiers". Since then, academies all around have formed to prevent such a tragedy from breaking out again by training students to master their natural born gifts and eventually move on to "Soldier". This story follows Ryuuji Usheta and his two siblings: Senji & Minori as they each unravel deeper and darker secrets about both their pasts, and the school's true intentions.

  • Soaring Against The Rulers

    Soaring Against The Rulers

    0 pages by Assassin

    A Person with No Qi...


    They call them...Failures Of The World…


    Abandoned By the Gods and Goddesses.


    And today…


    One of them Swore,He wouldn’t stay under their legs anymore!


    He decided,he would soar to the heavens!

  • Apocalyptic X

    Apocalyptic X

    0 pages by LengZai

    Lost in a world she once knew as home, now a apocalyptic wasteland filled with the undead. Jessica and her groups must learn how to survive or fall victim to the virus itself. Love, friendship, betrayal, and despair. Can Jessica and her group get pass these struggles?

  • Chronicles of Leu series (Pain: From One to Another)

    Chronicles of Leu series (Pain: From One to Another)

    0 pages by Memelord69360

    Pain is everywhere, it is what drives us and what makes us fear it. Leu was an orpahn boy who was taken in by a settled down merchant family in a small town of the border of a empire. One day tragedy hit and it had shaken and broken Leu's whole world. "Whoever caused this... pain will be paid in full no matter the cost" 

  • Forever Conceited

    Forever Conceited

    0 pages by Happiest Writer Of All Time

    Hey, pull back! Who do you think I am? Kneel down before me for I am your Divine Deity of Supreme Lord. Cower before me with your petty little legs and tremble before my very soul, for I am the greatest being of all time.

    I am the Greatest.

  • Fiery Dead Soul

    Fiery Dead Soul

    0 pages by Salamander101
    Ladies and gents, this is my first novel. This novel is messed up, it includes Rape, torture, kidnapping, main character deaths, and so on. If you have a light heart, you have been warned.
    English is not my first language, so don't JUDGE! Oh i almost forgot, THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT, WILL EDIT WHEN I REACH THE 10 CHAPTER RANGE!!!!.

    Aron Bulgheart lived a trashy but satisfying life. He has lived a despicable life, working for the mafia in Sicily, terrorizing innocent citizens worldwide. He met his end during one of his "escapades" with an innocent women. Will he mend his ways? or will he terrorize a new civilization?

    Not really good with intros to be honest, anyways like, rate, subscribe? I will update things later on when i get a hang on things. Till then,
    Salamander OUT
  • The Workshop

    The Workshop

    0 pages by BasicallyWhite
    I have a rather hard time of continuing stories that I have started so I decided to try something NEW! I will be taking prompts from the tumblr blog writing-prompt-s or prompts that people suggest, and writing short stories based off of them!
  • Just Another Story

    Just Another Story

    0 pages by Askaise
    Bennet Mitchel Kramer

    Son of Melissa Jameson Kramer and Lance Mitchel Kramer.
    A really interesting person, heir of the Kramer Corporate Group.
    Of course he had a wonderful life, like every single person on this world have, right?
  • Silas


    0 pages by Blovix
  • The Path

    The Path

    0 pages by herotutkun
    The tale of a guy who's been self aware since he was in his mother's womb.
  • The story of weasel

    The story of weasel

    0 pages by World_pessimist
  • Irregular Wing

    Irregular Wing

    0 pages by Dravileo
    He does not do it, but we do it.

    A magic circle is made by us, transport us to another realm, to start new life
  • Let's Get It Started!

    Let's Get It Started!

    0 pages by The Bus Lurker
    President? Do you have any idea how much power I'd have to give up to become President? I spent $75 Million dollars on a fake Presidential Campaign just to tick Super Seibamen off. President!?

    Wow, Dad sure can be scary sometimes. That faceless guy is gonna get fed to the sharks. Better leave now, Dad doesn't like it when I watch him at work.
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