• The story of weasel

    The story of weasel

    0 pages by World_pessimist
  • Irregular Wing

    Irregular Wing

    0 pages by Dravileo
    He does not do it, but we do it.

    A magic circle is made by us, transport us to another realm, to start new life
  • Let's Get It Started!

    Let's Get It Started!

    0 pages by The Bus Lurker
    President? Do you have any idea how much power I'd have to give up to become President? I spent $75 Million dollars on a fake Presidential Campaign just to tick Super Seibamen off. President!?

    Wow, Dad sure can be scary sometimes. That faceless guy is gonna get fed to the sharks. Better leave now, Dad doesn't like it when I watch him at work.
  • Broken World

    Broken World

    0 pages by LordZero
    On that fateful day that Earth became a dumping ground for Demons, Dragons and every beast immaginable. Humanity was gifted with a blue screen, in this broken world that turned into an rpg Humanity stubbornly strives for survival.

    Author note: This story has three main "Groups" that will serve as the pov, although there is at least one protagonist in each group there will also be outsider and side character povs, if it helps think of game of thrones this is similar.

    Ps: i realize this may irritate people but i make a Lot of mistakes and my writing is far from spectacular but please go easy on me.

  • The Secret life of the Thorne Family

    The Secret life of the Thorne Family

    0 pages by renzmarrion2012
    This is my first fanfic story. I would like hear your feedback on how to improve the story. thank you.
  • Acaslaria


    0 pages by Crypto
    This is a story I am currently experimenting with. it will be a one shot
    and ony the prologue to an eventually story that I´ll create after my first book of Equilibrium.
    feel free to read this, it will contain up to 9 chapter. But can only be counted as one book.
    will contain splatter

    Shi Han and his Army have gathered to fight against the large Beast spirit army and they must be glorious in order to remain humankind and not let millions of lives dissapear.
    But unfortunally many obstacles appear and the humankind becomes a mysterious enemy of itself. Can the Guardian defend humankind?
  • Am I Making A Deal With A Devil Or A God?

    Am I Making A Deal With A Devil Or A God?

    12 pages by Inarashi

    Dante is a young man plagued with misfortune throughout his childhood. After turning 18, the only person held dear to him is dealt an unfortunate fate which forces him to contemplate making a deal with the same type of entity that took his beloved friend from him. In a journey fueled by vengance, Dante uncovers the existence of a world he never knew existed and learns the truth of the own world he lives in.



    2 pages by StigmAlpha

    Contains Incest Relationships.

    In a parallel world, four Races rule the world among humans. Hiding their presence within their kingdoms, they conspire in the dark. Rudra, an otherworlder, reincarnated into a Pure Blood Prince and fought for his people.With conspiring Races and an even stronger unknown enemy, a new adventure awaits him.

  • The Vacuous Stranger

    The Vacuous Stranger

    182 pages by MajorTom

    It was foretold that knowledge would bring the world to ruin. Hungry for insights, fuelled by pride and strife, mages of kingdoms developed new magic everyday, their destructive power knew no bound. The prediction proved correct, but in a way no one could have foreseen. The world was wiped out by a mysterious cataclysm of pure comprehension...


    But life continued on. Nearly a century later, the order of old long gone, the names of the lands forgotten. In this new shattered world, a pair of twins discovered a Stranger with a big iron on her hip.


    *participant in the NaNoWriMo Royal Road challenge

  • Transition and Restart, book six: Secrets unveiling

    Transition and Restart, book six: Secrets unveiling

    237 pages by StenDuring

    The secret of the arrivals. One that Ulf Hammargren had searched for since he became one of them but also one that was kept from the public.

    As more secrets unveil he unwillingly accepts why they have to be kept hidden, but when Principal Kareyoshi starts hurting his friends Ulf is caught in a moral dilemma as Christina Agerman uses her fame to bring down anyone would harm those they love.

    Warning: mature content. This volume shifts from the shounen / shoujo category to seinen / josei, and most definitely not in a nice way. I'm not referring to porn, which I personally wouldn't consider R-rated. Once again, you have been warned.

  • Eternia Memories: 1

    Eternia Memories: 1

    142 pages by tickles

    Kato and his two sisters, finally finished with their lifelong training, begin their final year of secondary school free from their duties for Eternia. However, not only are their Eternian overseers still watching over them, their friends and classmates can already see war with the other third-year classes looming on the horizon from day one. Without much choice, they will bring their gang together like they always do to lead their class to victory.

  • Daylily


    139 pages by BugDevil

    This is the tale of two sisters, Lis and Rafflesia, whose lives are tainted by obsession and the sin of charisma. Lis is known as the "Daylily", a courtesan of love for just a single day. Her sister Rafflesia is a girl with a dark secret.

    Their daily life slowly spirals out of control and reaches an unknown frontier of the forbidden unseen world.

    What is freedom without love? What is love without freedom?



  • Shadows in the Wasteland

    Shadows in the Wasteland

    88 pages by hazelnutbrew

    A League of Legends fanfiction. COMPLETE.

    "Such a disappointment. He would have loved to keep this one's soul, lock it tight into a special lantern where she would spend the rest of eternity with him and clip her wings."

  • Fallen Stars

    Fallen Stars

    81 pages by KingofMayhem

    Jedi Master Terus Neeman, master to the young Twi'lek Padawan Yisheera Daal is present on Alderaan when the planetwide communications blackout occurs. As a result, the young padawan back on Coruscant finds herself plagued by a deeply rooted dread. Despite her insistance that something has gone terribly wrong, it seems that neither the Jedi or the Republic will believe her. She decides that if no-one else will act, than the responsibility of saving her master falls to her and her most loyal friend, Kayle Mattuk.

    But the two padawans soon find themselves in over their heads, facing overwhelming and continuously mounting odds. Now their only hope is to find and rescue Yisheera's master, because he may well be the only chance they have of getting home alive.

  • The Tomb of Potter

    The Tomb of Potter

    47 pages by C August


            Renowned and powerful wizards descend upon the mysterious and fabled burial ground of Harry Potter. A 10-chapter story that focuses on multiple characters, those who covet power, those seeking adventure, and the one that focuses beyond. They all converge, seeking an artifact only written in legends. 


  • Open Heart, Open World

    Open Heart, Open World

    35 pages by Sami-Fire

    Kelves Weaver is the last of his Caprimet clan after a war between humans and the Magicant people resulted in all Magicants being sent to a dimension called the Sealed World. He lives a depressing life alone in the wintry region of Winstead, keeping to himself and indulging in his vices to pass the days. When Geralt, a Caprimet from a different clan, finds Kelves and invites him to meet his sister, Kelves's journey to opening his heart suddenly begins. Everyone finds themselves getting a bit more than they bargained for, but that's not always a bad thing, is it?

    Prequel to Because This World is Loved and the Medlia series.

  • The World No One Knew About

    The World No One Knew About

    46 pages by DARK MIRAGE

    This is the time when humans lived with vampires and werewolves. They lived in harmony.The world which linked to a different dimension which should have never existed. It goes back to past which is a dark age. 

  • Bitzy's Shorts

    Bitzy's Shorts

    41 pages by BitzyB

    Each post is a self contained story, though some may be set in similar universes. Please check the author notes as they will cover any content warnings that apply to that story.

  • The Girl and Her Whale(Completed)

    The Girl and Her Whale(Completed)

    26 pages by Sarah

    Jenessa has always loved Killer Whales and only days before she goes to college she gets special access to see all the Killer Whales at an aquarium. Just before the end of her backstage tour, she gets to met a whale named Agent.  Agent was know for being mischievous and not listening. But when Jenessa meets him both of their world's will be changed forever.

  • Milky Way: Story of Eden

    Milky Way: Story of Eden

    21 pages by Blizzard501

    In the year 5016, THE MILKY WAY FEDERATION has expanded research facilities and space colonies throughout the Galaxy. The dastardly ABRENO REGIME has sent spies into Federation Controlled science facilities in deep space. 

    On the edge of the Vakkaro Star System, a lowly dwarf star gives light to a single small ice planet. This solar system is restricted allowing only FEDERATION ships to enter. On the small planet of FC-1293-Keta, resides a large science base for the INTERGALACTIC SOCIETY OF SCIENCE dubbed THE EDEN SCIENCE COLONY by the organization.

    While the possibility of a spy is low, tensions are high. Scientists work every hour in this colony on advanced experiments in order to better life in the Galaxy and for THE FEDERATION.

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