• HOPE - A YA Novel

    HOPE - A YA Novel

    0 pages by Encanta

    Warnings: Nothing graphic. Based around mental health but not graphic.

    She took her life on the 15th April. And no one knows why.

    After the unexplained and sudden suicide of Hope Harwell, the world turns upside down for the people she left behind.
    Cheyenne Donovan and her classmates embark on to find out why she did it - only to discover that the story is a lot darker.
    HOPE follows the story of a girl who died too young and what's left behind after.


  • Nightmare?


    0 pages by Fantasy Dreamer

    Had a dream/nightmare that caused me to wake with goosebumps. Thought I'd share it.

    It's like a dark finale for Garfield.


    It's short enough that I may attempt to make it into a comic strip.

    (Cover image is not mine. Source.)

  • Polaris


    0 pages by Raigyo
  • High School Murder Anthology

    High School Murder Anthology

    0 pages by Inferno001

    In Washington High School the lives of its students burned like the brightest of stars, and yet even the brightest stars fight to be seen. On that day a star which had seemed to have lost its luster burned for the last time, it burned brightly and fell, dragging many of its fellows along with it. Such are the lives of humans, filled with light and casting shadows where ever they go. This is the story of the school mates who were robbed of their lives by the very star they unwittingly cast in the shadows. The stories were collected from the broken fragments of their souls moments before the faded into the dark nothingness. Read on for they had lived, and as such they deserve to be remembered for faults just as much as their positives.

  • Limitless World: Revere Strength

    Limitless World: Revere Strength

    0 pages by wardragon

    Due to the evolution of the world, the universe was a huge place. Besides the one's other people knew about, there were a lot more. They was divided into "Five Great Realm's" which was catergorized into different grades. First, was the earthly realm. Second, was the heavenly realm. Third, was the divine realm. Fourth, was the god realm. Fifth, was the ancestor realm. Each was boundless and countless. Many experts emerged and strength was the right to speak. They cultivated not just heaven's dao. There was the rule and law to it, including stages beyond that. These were divine, grand, true, world, celestial, genesis, deva, star, and primal. The later level's was the principal, order, etc. After, that it was completely new stage. The essence of the world is comprehended. Every level has different corresponding energy that is tyrannical. A boy named Sei was abandoned by the clan swear to get stronger and stand at the pinnacle of the all realms. No one was going to control his life. So, he decided to take a chance. Even though he was born with a very powerful mind and strong, but without a suitable body it was all in vain. With that, he took his luck in a place called "Sky Blood Mountain Range". He actually found a incomparable rare medincial plant that transformed his body into the toppest talent. Being reborn, he wasn't going to waste it.l



  • What I feel from you.

    What I feel from you.

    0 pages by Bhumirak

    Just my short emotional novel.

    Will take only a second of your time.

    Enjoy :D

    When I have time and inspiration. There will be more.

  • The secret

    The secret

    0 pages by BloodyArtist01

    This one paged story is about a young girl becoming a victim to a seriel killer.

    ( im still new so please leave comments!)

  • The Sword that Make

    The Sword that Make

    0 pages by andykhang

    While riding a bus on her way to a certain stronghold, Mirel Maxwell, a respective soldier and a sword-nut, encounter a group of bandits that is stopping the trip. While intending to fight them, the man she was conversing earlier jump out and demonstrating the unique sword style he create - The Making Blade. Enchanted by it, she decided to followed him as her master, while they're travelling all over the place for an adventure.

  • Before Time  (Temp Title)

    Before Time (Temp Title)

    0 pages by Kezdet

    Upon the First day, He said 'Let there be light'.  The universe was born. 7Days to create Life the Stars, the Heavens and Hells.   7 Days to create angels, demons, humans, fei, and monsters of all sorts... 

    But before the First day......





    /'{This will be my first written story.  I hope it will be enjoyed, critiques are welcome(and likely necessary)}'\

                                 (I have no titles (officially) =) ((yet))




  • Hey, You!

    Hey, You!

    0 pages by vsymmer
    Don’t ask, just listen.
    What I’m about to tell you,
    is a secret.

    So, listen closely...
  • Dreams of a Fire Hawk

    Dreams of a Fire Hawk

    0 pages by Argen Cainum

    Life lived by a dreamer often leaves one star struck.

  • Archon Assembly

    Archon Assembly

    0 pages by Talem

    Past is hidden. Present is in flux. Future is in peril.

    Experience first steps of humans on galactic stage.

    Group of people, hidden from public eye, is leading humanity on track Away from selfdestruction.

    Depleting resources. Global warming. Overpopulation. War. These all await us should we not prepare and adapt.


    First Story. First edition. Non-native speaker.

  • Death


    0 pages by 13mpty

    Different story each chapter, different life, different event... all leading to...

  • Gheed's hands of compassion and my love eternal

    Gheed's hands of compassion and my love eternal

    0 pages by Zenfacter

    Hmm lets say the life story of a little girl who takes the hand of a demon in one of the saddest and the hardest time of her life to save what little family she has left and pays the price for doing so. 

    Authors note: hello zenfacter here just thought I would give you all a little heads up and say that this is my first time ever writing a store and not to expect to much from this and not expect to much from me I am doing this to see if I can write something that can be read and injoyed by me and others comments are welcomed but don't expect me to read them and don't take it to seriously if I don't release date of chapters is not a set date I will be makeing them as I feel like it there will be spelling mistakes and little to no effort to fix them as of yet but may be in the future there will be tags for this story are open for your own personal interpretation all things in this  story are a figment of my imagination

    Ps. If you are still reading this and think you are not into gore, sex, children being turned into demons and evil yummy stuff then do not read this it is not a story of flowery words of sunshine and rainbows YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  • Bathroom bob joe

    Bathroom bob joe

    0 pages by Uncle Woody
    only bathrooms man
    you live
    you bathroom
    many loves from author
    i dont use japanese letter
  • The Laconic Tale of a Laconic Hero (Abridged)

    The Laconic Tale of a Laconic Hero (Abridged)

    0 pages by C. Pucilowski

    "Since brevity is the soul of Wit, (...) I will be brief." - Polonius, Hamlet Act 2-ii

    A Hero goes on a Journey.

  • Journey in JoJo's bizarre adventure

    Journey in JoJo's bizarre adventure

    0 pages by sorrypo_weak1

    A lone girl was sent from one universe to another until she arrived at a universe where her favorite manga characters came to life, she obtained one of the powers in that universe called a stand, on this universe she met a young man named Joseph Joestar amd Jotaro Kujo who recently defeated the vampire named DIO and she was told of a stand user that is capable of returning her to her original universe, just how will she manage on this world?

  • Son of a Chemist

    Son of a Chemist

    0 pages by yowilkat

    A girl brings a friend some flowers


  • Decisions


    0 pages by qvgwevm

    Ivy Rose is different. She's always been different. she's accepted it until life throws at her obsticals that derails her from her perspective. People start to tease her about her past, a past she finds haunting. She puts on a fake smile and pushes through, but what if enough...just isn't enough? One major decision will lead to one huge consiquence. will she be able to keep herself from doing that decision? 

  • Chronicle


    0 pages by duelcalibre

    The beginning of a story where two young men step into a realm they can change with a flick of a wrist. The names of these two are Darian and Jacob ,both are smart, funny, and sometimes cynical. This is where their story starts and the many adventures they have and the many exciting people they meet. The story starts off where these to are sucked into another realm and realise they have become gods.

    Darian who figures this out first comes up with the idea to start a new world of fantasy and fighting. Jacob just comes along for the ride while accompanying him in making worlds and all the people in it. This is there story and the stories of the people they create

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