• A wolf's helmet

    A wolf's helmet

    2 pages by jackob

    This story is a mix of mythology, mystic and my fantasy. It tells about a small group of unbeaten soldiers.

    What does immortality mean?

    What is death?

    There are also those philosophical questions and maybe you can find the answers of them by reading it.

    There also lots of symbols from mythology and poetry.

    If you love mystic, fantasy and philosophy, just try it.

  • The Remnant [ONESHOT]

    The Remnant [ONESHOT]

    2 pages by Balthazzar

    Well.... this is conjured out of boredom and it only has 500 words....

    and just like my last Short Story, im giving no description at all

  • The Moon That Embraces the Sun

    The Moon That Embraces the Sun

    2 pages by Suraking

    The man who lost everything due to the Gods.

    The Goddess who chooses to forsake her fellow deities.

    The Gods who have turned against humans.

    The Humans who retaliate against the Gods.

    Fate turns as the The fight for survival begins between The Heaven and Humans.


  • The World Without Ends

    The World Without Ends

    2 pages by M.J. Aguirre

    Moon-sized meteor strike has destroyed the world millennia ago, as we know it. Some of the greatest nations fall as humans almost wiped out. The year is 2214. Neo-Manila is a confining place ruled by fascists MNL Corporation who took over after the fall of Maharlikan government hundred years after the destruction of the planet and now ruling over the Maharlika for over a thousand years prior to the catastrophic event. MNLC pioneered all of technological advancement in Maharlika. It marks the beginning of New Maharlika, a heaven on earth when Makaya Nayon-Lahar fulfilled his vision of a better world, but the golden age of any civilisations doesn’t last forever.

  • A Knight's Duty

    A Knight's Duty

    2 pages by Nagi

    Henry Keiss, a knight of House Toris, is viewed only as a failure and a burden by his peers. With more losses than victories under his belt and a string of rumors that he is a "cursed" existence, Henry was the only surviving officer of the Battle at Blue Hill which took Lord Toris away from the world. Henry himself did not leave unscathed. 


    The new Lord Toris views Henry as a stain, but values the integrity of an honest knight. He allows Henry to keep his position but essentially robs him of any titles and status he once had by relegating him to an unofficial babysitting duty and "acquiring" his land for the purposes of recovery. Henry is left as the protector of the black sheep of Toris, it's one-eyed son.


    A bitter and weak noble child and the cynical failure of a knight that he blames for the death of his father. A combination that seems unlikely to cause anything but grief. The realm could not guess that these two would go on to do more than just lead the Toris into a new age. They would go on to change the realm itself. 


    This is the story of a Knight's Duty. 

  • The Horrors of Astoria

    The Horrors of Astoria

    2 pages by Joel_Yew

    A novel following the Ezra and a stranger initially, on their mission to exterminate horrors all across the kingdom of Astoria.

    Along the way they will encounter many friends, many enemies, many horrors and atrocities.

  • Coasten rise

    Coasten rise

    2 pages by JohnWillow

    This is my first time trying to write a book so I hope you will be lenient on me. O great readers.

    A tale of many things.

    Including a lot of people dying and the author struggling to tell a story. (The same author who has no idea on how to write descriptions at that!)

    I hope it will interest your kin. O great readers.

  • The Adventures Of Darnell Fink

    The Adventures Of Darnell Fink

    2 pages by Swofie

    Darnell is a half-orc soldier who is the sole survivor of a battle between two oposing sides. He now has to go on a journey to join up with the remaining forces of his side, facing various trials along the way. 

  • Random Fiction Writing #1

    Random Fiction Writing #1

    2 pages by TW3770

    Currently, I'm just writing random fiction. I want to see if people are interested at all in what I write, and if people are I'll continue stories I have previously worked on. This story follows a mysterious person who has schizoprenia, and has been given a 2 way prophecy. Currently no title.

  • Clarity


    2 pages by Kurini

    A normal guy experiences something abnormal. What does he do? He adapts of course. Except, this situation is a lot more complicated than it seems.

  • Being a spy isn't that hard, ......right?

    Being a spy isn't that hard, ......right?

    2 pages by Neox_X

     The normal boy Isetaki Futsume just wanted to buy something late at night, instead, he saw a spy, from a group, that isn't even known to goverment of japan.

    NOBODY, otherwise than the spies should know about the group.

    Isetaki has two options: he could join and become a spy, or die.......you can guess what he picks.

    Thats how his journey begins!




    2 pages by Toogood Toogood

    Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Samsara(Unedited)


    2 pages by entropicreversal

     A man wakes up in a wartorn land, enslaved and bereft of his memory. As he comes into his own he learns more about his new land


    , and will have to choose between destroying or saving it.

  • Dick's Life

    Dick's Life

    2 pages by Rooster Black

    Throughout the course of man's history, one has always sought after the meaning of life. The pinnacle of human thought, wherein the entirety of an individual's cognitive power is used to try and comprehend the reason for existing. Man has erected countless structures, all to aid in the endless search for the ultimate question. Yet failure always seems to be the outcome no matter what is done.

    One dashing young lad by the name of long decides that he will carve a name for himself, starting with the arduous task of satisfying the one question that has eluded satisfaction for an eternity. Armed with his thick and long sword he seeks for the truth. coupled with his unending stamina he steel's himself as he begins his journey.

    However as the saying goes "Life is like a box of chocolates, you'll never know what you'll get" the same holds true for our young hero, as temptation lies ahead no matter which path he may take. will he succumb to such worldly pleasures or will he temper himself and evade these distractions? Find out as long's life unfolds.

    Author's Note: This is my first story and english is not my main langauage, this means that there will be grammatical errors. The main reason why i decided to write a story and post it here is so that i can improve my writing, so please, if you find any sort of error be it grammar or spelling please inform me... also I pretty much got my style of writing from reading exterminatus's stories so similarities will be enevitable... a lot of similarities ;-;

  • The Church

    The Church

    2 pages by marcvolovic
    A small mission, military and unimportant, is almost disrupted by an unneeded church and its music. For what could so disrupt a mission as a musical intermission.
  • Those left behind

    Those left behind

    2 pages by StenDuring

    Transiting into a new world.

    Restarting your life.

    A second chance.

    But... what about those left behind?


    A Transition and Restart sideshow. Short story, completed at publication.

  • Crysopoeia - DROPPED

    Crysopoeia - DROPPED

    2 pages by JordOfTheNord

    Gold, it always starts with gold. to much and your a target, to little and you starve. gold is always a problem, but htt doesnt mean it won't draw you in.

    Ever since Lefwin and his con, alchemy has been a bit of a touchy subject, its greed, it for the power hungery. While for some that may hold truth for Torkel it about escaping, its about surpassing your fears and rising above them. it about finding your own strength in a world the heartless rule. In a place where his passion is deemed as a nuscince will Torkel be able to find his hope?

  • Tales of Death and Despair

    Tales of Death and Despair

    2 pages by Lord Greggo

    A collection of horror and supernatural stories, handwritten to entertain those who love death and gore.

  • Dark Prime (remake)

    Dark Prime (remake)

    2 pages by damongreed

    To be born is to live but live u have to struggle for every step that you may take. There is no short cuts only lost dreams welcome to my story rather you have enough courage to actually read...well I leave that to you. I am Damon Greed my story has just began 

  • From The Other Side - The Spine

    From The Other Side - The Spine

    2 pages by irriquietus vastator

    "The first thing man learned, was that they had strength.

    The first thing they asked, was how to use it.

    The last thing they wondered, was how to control it."

    Oh, dear. What drove you this far? How much deeper will you delve to search for your old answers to forgotten questions, in this fading land? Will you taint the living flesh? Dwell the Howling mists? Scourge the Hollows of Humanity? Seek out the Other Side?

    No... it matters not. Of course, it is only natural. Just... Just remember the three laws. would you?


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    And be sure to hold on to that humanity of yours, but know that monsters were granted this, too.

    Now, off you go.
    It is why you came, is it not?                                                                                                                                                          Is It not?



    (I do not own the cover)


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